March 16th 5:09am

Who’s My Daddy?!?!?

Who’s My Daddy?!?? This little girl is no stranger to the limelight. Her dad has been throwing her names in songs since she was a little girl. The mother and father went through a very rough break up to make up period and there is a movie based on how her father made it big……

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March 15th 6:10pm

Fountain Of Youth Flow: Celebrities Who Don’t Age

While some celebs pay money for botox and plastic surgery to maintain their youthful appearance some are naturally blessed with baby faces and good genes.

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March 15th 5:58pm

Quote Of The Day: Adrian Peterson Compares NFL Labor Situation To Modern Day Slavery

The NFL labor situation is “modern-day slavery,” according to Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson.

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March 15th 5:41pm

Fellas, Would You Hit This???

Ke$ha was spotted frolicking on the beach in Australia looking like “Sponge Bob Square Body” in a kini.

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March 15th 5:08pm

Jet Beauty Of The Week

Nia Long and her naturally-beautiful-always-classy 40-Year-Old banger self is on the cover of Jet Magazine.

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March 15th 5:04pm

Some Afternoon Smut

Maliah Michel and other caked up “models” have their backsall the way on blast

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March 15th 4:25pm

How To Let Him Know You’re Not Interested

So you’ve met him. He’s charming, funny, smart excellent. The only problem is you’re not attracted to him.

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