January 19th 11:46pm

Khloe Kardashian Gets Edgy And Stuff For YRB

Here is Khloe Kardashian-Odom on the cover of YRB magazine.

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January 19th 8:50pm

If Snooki Wasn’t On Jersey Shore, She’d Be __________

If it wasn’t for the unexplainable phenomenon that is Snooki, none of us would have been blessed with Nicole Polizzi’s New York Times Bestselling authoring talents.

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January 19th 8:29pm

Lil’ Kim’s Cousin/Business Partner Is A Shady B*tch With The Rap Sheet To Prove It

Earlier this month, one of the employees at Lil’ Kim‘s North Carolina business venture, Salon Se Swa, sent out an open layer accusing Kim’s cousin Katrise of being a shady boss.

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January 19th 8:05pm

Some Evening Preciousness: Look At Little Hank Sippin’ And Pimpin’!!!

Kendra Wilkinson’s son, Hank Baskett IV, is barely a year old, but already he’s experienced an important rite of manhood—the acquisition of his first pimp cup.

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January 19th 7:21pm

“I’ve Been Cheating On My Husband With His Best Friend”

Dear Gay Best Friend, Okay, I have been seeing this guy off and on for about 5 years and I’m trying to break it off but it is hard. The thing is that I’m married

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January 19th 6:39pm

Cry Me A River: Raz B And Ricky Romance Claim They Got Beat Up By Who???

Raz B and Ricky Romance have a new story to tell. And it starts with a Raz B performance, which makes us a little skeptical.

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January 19th 6:23pm

Lil Romeo Joins Cast Of NBC Superhero Drama “The Cape”

Heir To The No Limit Throne, Romeo, has been cast on NBC’s new super-hero drama “The Cape” which premiered this month. Romeo will play “Lil Z,” a wise cracking side-kick to Michael Irby’s character “Pokerface,” who was also just added to the show. They both play underlings to the main nemesis on the show “Chess,”…

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January 19th 6:04pm

WTF!?!?!? Burglar Junkies Break In House, Steal Dead Father’s Ashes, And SNORT THEM!!

What a bunch of a**holes. Some teens in Florida (natch) recently robbed a woman’s home, taking, among other things, the ashes of her father and two Great Danes. Hungry for drugs, they snorted them. Upon realizing their mistake, they threw the ashes in a lake. What has your life become when THIS is the type…

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January 19th 5:08pm

J.Lo To Ricky Gervais: ‘Im From New York And I Will F**king Kill You!’

Jennifer Lopez had to revert to Jenny From The Block for a couple of minutes backstage at the Golden Globes

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January 19th 4:46pm

“The Game” Puts A Lid On The Drama

After a drama-filled season premiere , “The Game” fans were given a moment to blink, without missing something, during last night’s episode. Episode two put a lid on most of the over-flowing drama and provided fans with a few reminiscent moments and phrases for old times’ sake. Check out the highlights at MadameNoire.com!

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January 19th 3:40pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Fabolous Disses Natalie Nunn: “Girls Is Fawking’ For Turkey Burgers” (GO) Christina Aguilera Passed Out Drunk at Jeremy Renner’s House (GO) Parenting By Gays More Common In The South (GO) Drake Says He’s Influenced By Winnie The Pooh (GO) Mel B Rocks a Bikini in Chilly Utah (GO) Based in New York: A Day in…

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January 19th 3:21pm

Touchdown: 10 NFL Players That Score Off The Sidelines

While NFL players are usually praised for their talent and skill, a select few can get by on their good looks alone. With the Super Bowl around the corner, we’ve collected a list of NFL stars who whether their team wins or loses, still manage to score off the sidelines with the ladies. From Devin…

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January 19th 3:09pm

10 Hot Franchise Opportunities

Say you want to start your own restaurant business but don’t want to risk too much on developing a new idea. For the entrepreneur who wants a safe bet and who likes to follow rules, buying a franchise operation can prove to be a worthwhile option.

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January 19th 3:08pm

Some More Humpday Toplessness: Breezy Shows Off His Tatted Chest And Arms

Another shirtless “yellowbone” boy for your viewing pleasure this fine Wednesday…

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