July 30th 9:51am

Breezy Drops Cold Music Video “All About You” [Video]

This new Chris Brown video is pretty clean. The song is dope! That fur should piss off Peta, though.

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July 30th 9:14am

Let’s Talk About Jump-Offs

This will not be your ordinary jump off bashing post

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July 30th 7:00am

Gone Too Soon: Stars We Lost Before The Age Of 30

The recent Amy Winehouse tragedy has caused many to look at stars that died at 27, but unfortunately there’s a longer list of stars that died before they saw their 30th birthdays.

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July 29th 5:42pm

Watch The Throne: The Best Photos Of Jay-Z & Kanye West

Let’s be clear, just because Jay-Z and Kanye West decided to name their album “Watch The Throne,” doesn’t mean we just started watching them.

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July 29th 5:36pm

Pimpin’ All Over The World Pt. 2: The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

Nowadays, most people are just one “Kayak” search away from finding the dopest, posh-est hotels anywhere for dirt cheap.

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July 29th 4:59pm

The Boombox Edition: The King’s Court Edition

New Music Bridget Kelly, Huge, K.Koke, Rita Ora and Alexis Jordan

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