January 17th 12:14pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

Here is Terrence J and Lil Wayne partying in Miami this weekend for Lil Twist’s birthday.

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January 17th 12:03pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Upgraded To “Serious Condition”

Psycho Jared Loughner’s main target in the Arizona mass shooting is beginning to recover from her injuries as families continue to grieve and ask why.

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January 17th 12:00pm

Rumor Control: R.I.P Snooki??? Say It Ain’t So…

Damn, looks like the pint-sized ‘Jersey Shore’ star is on the rise! Anytime rumors of a person dying start to circulate then you KNOW that person has people’s full attention.

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January 17th 11:38am

Bugsy Cleans Up Nicely For The HBO Golden Globes Afterparty

The fellas were in the building last night for HBO’s Golden Globes after party, and your boy 50 Cent

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January 17th 11:17am

Question Of The Day: How Close Are We To Living Martin Luther King’s “Dream”???

The permed up Rev. Al Sharpton wrote an article today speaking on race relations in America and how far we’ve come since the sit-ins, protests, and fire hoses.

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January 17th 11:17am

“Brand” New World: The Truth About Corporate Logos and Branding

Interestingly, it’s not mere coincidence that people—namely those with limited willpower—have a hard time avoiding the McDonald’s drive-thru when they see those famous golden arches looming ahead. When the omnipresent red and gold carton of french fries appear within eyesight, all diet bets are off.

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January 17th 11:00am

Who The Hell Wants To See These Broads Naked??

This is gross and pathetic: Two women – seemingly quite drunk – were arrested after they allegedly exposed

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January 17th 10:43am

Fox News Anchor Files Lawsuit To Defend His Right To Use The N-Word

A Fox 5 news anchor is scheduled to appear in court to defend his use of the N-Word in a meeting. Apparently, he was punished for using the dreaded word while his African American co-workers were not.

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January 17th 10:20am

More Details Emerge About Jared Loughner’s Crazy Azz And His Last Hours Before Arizona Shooting Spree

Last week it was reported that Jared Loughner had pictures developed of him in a red g-string holding a Glock. This week a stranger report of this psychopath’s final hours before his Arizona shooting spree. Jared Loughner checked into a down-and-out motel. He picked up photos showing him holding a Glock 19 while wearing only…

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January 17th 10:18am

Celebrities Who Work Their “Interesting” Features

Sometimes we look at celebrities and life just doesn’t seem fair.

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January 17th 9:55am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Venus Williams Killin It In Australian Open

We see you Venus!! Venus Williams sent out a warning Monday as she outshone

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January 17th 9:37am

End Of Days: Biblical ‘ARkStorm’ To Hit California With Feet (Not Inches) Of Rain??

SMH: Scientists are now warning Californians that the long-awaited ‘big one’ earthquake could be the least of their environmental concerns.

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January 17th 9:25am

Man Slams 5 Year Old Son On Car Over Missed Jets Game

Some wack job went bananas and started ranting about 9/11 and a missed Jets game. In the midst of his tirade, he scooped up his 5 year old son and spiked him on the hood of a nearby car.

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January 17th 9:18am

Who Owned It: Best (And Worst) Dresses On The Golden Globes Red Carpet

For the most part, when it comes to red carpet fashions, the ladies of Hollyweird knows to bring its A-game to the Golden Globes.

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January 17th 9:07am

Sandra Bullock’s Ex-Husband Jesse James Is Boo’ed Up All Crazy On Twitter With Tatted Pasty Pop-Tart Kat Von D

Papa’s got a brand new bag, a hoe-bag, and he’s on Twitter talkin’ all mushy to his boobie-cakes ‘L.A. Ink’ star Kat Von D…

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