June 11th 11:47am

Ciara’s New “Ride” Remix Is Jammin’ Featuring Andre 3000 And Bei Maejor

Ciara has FINALLY hit the jackpot and is giving us something to ride out too during the summer. She remixed her new jawn “RIDE” and threw Bei Maejor and the Great Andre 3000 on the track. As long as she doesn’t make another bone friction video…. We think she has recreated a hit!!! Tell Us…

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June 11th 11:43am

Officer To Be Fired For Police Brutality In Indiana

An Indiana policeman may lose his job after authorities say that he unnecessarily struck a teenager while he was being arrested and subdued by other officers. Continue…

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June 11th 11:40am

Macy Gray Wants To Know How Does A 40-Year-Old Get A Song On The Radio… Botox, Hair Dye, Face Lifts???

Macy Gray says the record industry acts like they’re ready to contract her a*s to a nursing home by basically sending the message that she’s TOO OLD for another album. Check the story out after the jump.

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June 11th 11:05am

Are You Feelin’ Usher’s Scarfed Up Swag?

Usher has gone and joined the Trenchcoat Mafia!!! Just jokes but what is with the scarf and jacket inside the club in JUNE? Pop the hood for more shots of Usher, AJ and the Playboy bunnies at the Playboy Club/Playboy Bunny 50th Anniversary

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June 11th 11:04am

Certified Links

Soulja Boy Premieres Animated Series [Video] (GO) Gary Coleman to Wife: All You Care About is Money (GO) Heidi Klum Mom Body is Half Naked in GQ of the Day (GO) Anthony Castoro Talks Online Gaming, Platinum Life (GO) Debunking the Golddigger Myth (GO) Lil Kim Explains Her Beef With Nicki Minaj [Audio] (GO) EXCLUSIVE:…

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June 11th 11:02am

Suge “Sugar Bear” Knight Gets Off Easy…Again

Looks like Suge Knight won’t be charged for assaulting people with deadly weapons:

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June 11th 10:11am

Lady Gaga Is Such A Lady: Guzzling Brew, Flipping Birds, And Walking Around Half-Naked At The Mets Game

Lady Gaga attended the Mets game wearing this bullsh*t up top. Now we all know that Gaga never wears pants and tries very hard to be this crazy freak of nature type creature artist thingie, but this is just wack. Pop the hatch to see more images of her flipping off the paps and looking…

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June 11th 10:06am

Nelson Mandela’s Great-Granddaughter Killed By Drunk Driver, South African Leader In Mourning As World Cup Kicks Off

Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s former president and great icon, is mourning today following the death of his 13-year-old great granddaughter Zenani, who was killed in a car accident on the way home from a World Cup concert in Soweto Thursday night. Details when you …

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June 11th 10:03am

Omarosa Has Beef with New York Housewife Bethenny Frankel

Omarosa stay talkin’ isht. This time she’s attacking Real Housewives Of New York cast member, Bethenny Frankel.

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June 11th 10:02am

Kenya Moore Is The Former Miss USA And All She Ever Does Is Take Her Freakin’ Clothes Off… GET A LIFE!!!

Kenya Moore rocked the crown for Miss USA back in 1993 but she must be dumb or something because all she ever does is take pics in bikinis with her cakes exposed. Granted, she has made some TV appearances here and there but… C’MON SON!!! Oh Yeah… You can’t forget about the FAKE Sex-Tape she…

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June 11th 9:46am

Some Morning Cakes

Suelyn Medeiros, Avonte, Rosa Acosta, and Shakur kicked it in Miami to celebrate at the prestigious Black Men Magazine party. Damn, that a lot of cake action going on here. More pics on the flippy…

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June 11th 9:17am

Guess Who Was Spotted Stuntin’ On This Yacht??

Some ballin’ outta control folks were spotted relaxing on this yacht on vacation. Pop the hatch to find out who…

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June 11th 8:47am

Update: Abby Sunderland Found Alive And Well

Abby Sunderland is no longer lost at sea, the 16-year-old sailor is alive and doing just fine:

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June 11th 12:06am

Chocolate Men Everywhere, Which One Do You Think Is Packin’???

Jermaine Dupri celebrated at the Gold Room in Atlanta after the VH1 Hip Hop Honors aired Monday night. There was a nice size group of chocolate men in the building partying up and out of Jermaine Dupri, Brian Michael Cox, Jamal Anderson, Dallas Austin, Orlando Magics Dwight Howard, Larenz Tate, Atlanta Hawks Josh Smith and…

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June 10th 8:30pm

Colts Wide Receiver Reggie Wayne Sues Mistress For Spending $93K After Wife Caught Him Cheating!!!

Reggie Wayne is feeling the pain right about now. After Reggie Wayne’s wife found out that he was cheating, Reggie turns around and sues his mistress Natasha McKenzie for $93,000 after he gave her the credit card number through a text message… What the Hell?!?!

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