July 29th 8:46am

Unemployment In Black America Is Real…Folks Are Calling It “Great Depression” Instead Of Recession

This isht is getting way out of hand: The unemployment situation across America is bad, no doubt. But for African-Americans in some cities, this is not the great recession. It’s the Great Depression.

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July 29th 8:25am

Was Justice Served?: Malcolm X’s Daughter Malikah Shabazz Only Sentenced To Probation For Identity Theft

Sounds like Malikah got the benefit of her father’s legacy on this one…

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July 29th 8:24am

Would You Hit It???

Here’s Not-So-Fat Joe still living that Miami life, probably because he thinks that’s what his smaller self needs to be about.

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July 29th 8:16am

Kush Chronicles: 11 Men Popped For Pushing That “Ya Mean” Out Of A Harlem Furniture Store

SMH at this guy’s shirt: Authorities have harshed the alleged buzz of 11 men accused of wholesaling marijuana out of a Harlem furniture store

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July 29th 7:57am

Still Ballin’ On Vacay: Chris Bosh And Mini-Wife Stroll The Streets Of St. Tropez

Chrissy Bosh and the lil missus were spotted still taking in the sights of St. Tropez Thursday.

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July 29th 7:00am

Keeping The Peace: The (Very Short) List Of Rappers That Haven’t Really Had Any Beef

Rappers and beef go together like rappers and Amber Rose. But somehow, these classy fellas have managed to stay away from the beef (for the most part) and continue making their own music. Kind of a tough task, it seems.

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July 29th 12:52am

Lance Gross Skydives With His New Girlfriend… Who? [Video]

The new girl in Lance’s dark eye is named…

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July 29th 12:14am

Beyonce Destroys The View Performing 1+1, Talks Directing & Living Normal Life, Being A Jay-Z Groupie And More! [Video]

This Is Beyonce Talking About Living A Normal Life! Turn The Page To See Bey Talking About Directing!

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July 28th 6:08pm

Some Vacation Inspiration: The World’s Most Amazing Hotel Pools

The dog days of summer are upon us. Which means, your immediate future involves sitting in traffic in the heat… or walking to the train in the heat. Or finding someway to cope with the heat.

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