June 15th 9:17am

Bolitics: President Obama Will Have To Up The Ante To Get Re-Elected In 2012

Will his message of “Hope” and “Change” be enough to win another 4 years on Pennsylvania Ave.??

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June 15th 9:16am

Are You Feelin’ Curtis Jackson’s Juices And Berries Swag???

We’re guessin’ Curtis just wanted to let his “Soul Glow” for the premiere of his film “Things Fall Apart” at Aruba’s International Film Festival.

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June 15th 9:15am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Shoots 12-Year-Old For What?

It’s summertime … and kids a bored, right? So, what do they do?

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June 15th 8:56am

Who Is My Motown “Legend” Daddy?

This kid is a member of the most famous soul singing family in the music business — can you guess who his pops is?

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June 15th 8:55am

5 Pakistani Informants Popped For Helping CIA Find Osama bin Laden’s Little Lair

Damn, homies…in America these cats would be the man, homie…

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June 15th 8:46am

The Not-So-Big Three Eat Some Humble Pie And Little Baby Bron Bron Apologizes For Being All In His Feelings

After taking a day or so to cool off, LeBaby took advantage of the Miami Heat’s exit meetings on Tuesday to clarify his statement about his critics and their still-sh*ty lives.

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June 15th 8:19am

For The Stans: Beyonce Admits She’s A Control Freak Who Doesn’t Really Believe Girls Run The World

In addition to getting all “wild and crazy” for Dazed And Confused Magazine’s “Pop vs. Life” issue, Beyonce allowed the designers who created those looks to pick her brain about the really important matters.

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June 15th 7:46am

New Birth Issues A Statement: Bishop Eddie Long Strokey Poke’s Wife Is Still Down For The Okey Doke

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church thinks the rumors about Bishop Eddie Long’s wife Vanessa leaving him are so ridiculous

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