January 11th 9:28am

Rihanna Admits That She Can’t Keep Her Hands Off Of Nicki Minaj’s Fat A$s & T*tties

Rihanna has confessed that she “can’t keep her hands off” rapper Nicki Minaj.

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January 11th 9:08am

Congratulations Cam Newton: You Lived Up To The Hype!! Auburn Wins BCS Championship

With all the attention Cam Newton and his Heisman saga, we knew Auburn University making it to the BCS Bowl was gonna turn into some extra ish.

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January 11th 8:58am

Mario Winans’ Baby’s Mama Says He Ain’t Sheeeettt!!

SMH: Tongue-lashing and legal battles between music producer and R&B singer Mario Winans and his baby’s mother

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January 11th 8:27am

Obama Heads To Arizona For Memorial For Shooting Victims Harmed By Crazy White Folks Saturday

In the aftermath of the Arizona shootings, President Obama ordered that American flags

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January 11th 4:55am

What The Hell???: Fake Lawyer Charges Clients & Tries 60 Cases Before Getting Caught!!!

Now, we have heard of people impersonating police officers but lawyers… not so much!!! 47 year-old, Tahir Malik has been acting as a lawyer for the past five years in Skokie, IL. He has tried 60 cases and got paid for each one ranging from $500 to $4,500. Tahir Malik has never stepped in any…

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January 11th 4:26am

Kelly Rowland Is Finally Twerking It Out With Her Short Cut!!!

Since Kelly Rowland started rockin’ this short cut, it doesn’t always look the greatest. In a photo shoot with Rob Ector, who’s based in Atlanta, she finally got it right. Take a peek at Kelly’s new pics… Looks like she’s finally coming into her own!!!

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January 11th 4:11am

What’s Wrong With This Picture???

Ginuwine and Sole stepped out for a night of for fun their daughter’s, Cypress Lee, Sweet 16 party.

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January 11th 1:18am

Best I Ever Had: A History Of The Women Who Have Loved Drizzy Drake

Drizzy’s got a colorful assortment of chocolate women under his Canadian belt… or so he says.

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January 10th 8:39pm

Which One Would You Hit: Jennifer Hudson Vs. Herself

Today, Weight Watchers brought us another “Look how skinny I am” moment with Jennifer Hudson via the cover of the latest issue of WW’s magazine.

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January 10th 7:06pm

Pure Comedy: Man Goes Through Burger King Drive-Thru Pantless, Asks Employee To “Hold His Whopper”

PSA: drugs – including alcohol – can make you do some pretty stupid things.

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