August 22nd 2:28pm

Who Needs An NBA Season? Kevin Durant Is Headed To Hollyweird To Be A Movie Star

Looks like Kevin Durant is about to be the next global icon.

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August 22nd 2:01pm

What The Hell??? Angelina Jolie Says She Was Shacking Up With Some Boy In Her Mama’s House At 14

Oh, it’s all starting to make so much sense… and frighten us a little…

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August 22nd 1:47pm

When The Checks Start Coming In: Trainer Freddie Roach Says Manny Pacquiao Is Broke As A Joke!

What the hell Pac-Man been doin’ broke with all that money he made?!

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August 22nd 1:16pm

The Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs Requiring a Two Year Degree

There are many lucrative careers for which qualified applicants will be in high demand in the coming years, which only require a two-year degree or vocational training. Here are some of the highest paying jobs that require only an associate degree according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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August 22nd 12:48pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere on the web…

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August 22nd 12:26pm

Lil Wayne Has A “Brilliant” Idea: He’s Releasing ‘Carter IV’ Digitallly First…But When?!

Weezy is trying to do anything he can these days to get people excited about his album.

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August 22nd 11:55am

Who Is My Gangsta Rapping Daddy???

Aw look whose wittle chubby lumpkins is gettin’ so big… It shouldn’t be hard to guess which rapper spawned this lil Princess, she looks so much like him.

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August 22nd 11:33am

Got Prozac??? The 10 Most Depressing States In America

While some states are known for their cheery residents with smiling faces and a pleasant demeanor, other states are full of pessimists, sob stories and downright Debbie Downers.

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