January 5th 1:12pm

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Meagan Good Officially Joining Cast Of BET’s “The Game” (GO) Snoop Dogg — Wins $20K Bet, Still Flies Southwest (GO) Kate Plus 8 Has a Vagina Tattoo (GO) Missouri Teen Banned From Basketball Court For Wearing Dreadlocks (GO) Recent Study Says NFL’s Rooney Rule Does Little To Increase Minority Hiring (GO) Security Guard Describes Michael…

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January 5th 1:12pm

Hard-Working Men: 10 Celebrity Single Dads

Yesterday, we gave single moms some love. You didn’t think we’d forgotten about the men out there raising kids on their own. Here are 10 celebrity single dads that deserve a high five.

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January 5th 12:24pm

Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis Re-ups For Them Stacks, Are T.O. And Ochocinco Out???

Although Bengals fans endured a tough season full of injuries, controversy, and questions, their head coach Marvin Lewis has signed a new, unspecified extension and he’s made it clear that he’s keeping his injury-prone quarterback Carson Palmer with him.

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January 5th 11:59am

The Epitome Of A Bad Mother

Meet Niosha Latrice Kelly. Not only is Niosha an ugly muhfugga, she’s also a drunk who does horrible things to children: A 27-year-old mother is charged

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January 5th 11:41am

Some Brotherly Suspect

Here are Shawn and Marlon Wayans limp-wrist, pretty boy swaggin’ on the beach.

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January 5th 11:10am

“Major” Atlanta Groupie “Party Promoter” Popped For…Bank Robbery???

Now we all know that Atlanta is “Black Hollywood” and a lot of people spend their time frontin’, flodgin’, and fakin’ jacks, but clearly this lil heffa was living a double-life.

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January 5th 10:55am

Grizzlies Catch Fade: NBA Players O.J. Mayo & Tony Allen Separated On Flight For Fighting Over “Boo-Ray”

Why are these grown a$s men fighting over a card game??? After a card game gone awry, Memphis Grizzlies teammates O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen had to be separated

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January 5th 10:37am

Where Is Your Prince Charming And That White Horse

As young girls we visualized being swept off of our feet by our Prince Charmings. Oh how times have changed.

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January 5th 10:29am

The Little White Weather Woman Who Cried Rape Faces Charges

Looks like this lying wheffah is sh*t out of luck now: Out-in-the-cold TV meteorologist Heidi Jones is due at a Manhattan courthouse Tuesday on charges

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January 5th 10:21am

SMH: “Kinky” Keri Hilson Even Makes Half-Nekked Attention Whoring Look Boring

It’s okay Keri: you can put your clothes back on now. No one cares anymore.

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January 5th 10:17am

Are You Feelin Bey Bey’s Get Up??

Good day, stans. Here is your holier than thou Beyonce rockin’ an “edgy” fit

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January 5th 9:55am

Lindsay “Can’t Get Right” Blohan Might Already Be Headed Back To Lockup

Poor thang! Did Little LiHo really think that quoting Gandi and taking horrible old-lady photos was gonna make folks forget she was in rehab violating?

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January 5th 9:46am

Random Ridiculousness: Desperate Woman Calls 911 In An Attempt To Get Police To “Force” Her Boyfriend To Marry Her

This is PURE COMEDY: A woman from Chicago’s Northwest Side wanted to start the New Year with a marriage proposal, with help from police.

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January 5th 9:27am

What The Hell?? Baby Brother And Sister “Twiblings” Born Days Apart In Separate Wombs

Wow, folks are getting extremely creative these days with the baby-making process: They are calling them the ‘twiblings’- a baby brother and sister born just days apart from DIFFERENT wombs.

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