January 21st 3:28pm

Can You Ever Tell Your Friend What You Really Think About Their Relationship?

Hands up if you have sat, sympathetic look on your face, trying really hard to say something comforting to a friend who is dealing with what, the way she describes it, is a relationship problem as catastrophic as the sinking of the Titanic and as historically important as September 11?

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January 21st 2:50pm

Reverse Racism In NFL?: Peyton Hillis White RB “Every Team Made Fun Of Me For Being White!”

The white bowling ball of the NFL opens up about being heckled by opposing teams: “Every team did it,” he said. “They’ll say, ‘You white boy, you ain’t gonna

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January 21st 2:45pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here’s a screen shot of an ad on Nickelodeon’s website.

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January 21st 1:44pm

Ladies, Would You Hit This???

We already know 63-year-old rocker Iggy Pop loves the sistahs.

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January 21st 1:07pm

Nine Signs That You’re With The Wrong Guy

Relationships may seem elusive or few and far between.

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January 21st 12:46pm

Certified Links

Queen Latifah Inducted Into New Jersey Hall of Fame (GO) Lindsay Lohan Made Photo Deal With Betty Ford Chick (GO) Sofia Vergara Flashing Some A$$ of the Day (GO) Warner Music Looking for Potential Buyers (GO) The Decline Of Lauryn Hill (GO) Hair Dye To The Chief? President Obama’s Hair Mysteriously Darkens On Big Day…

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January 21st 12:20pm

Dueling Attention Whores: T.O. Steals The Spotlight At OchoCinco’s 33rd Birthday Party

When Chad Ochocinco planned his 33rd birthday party, which went down in Miami last night, we’re pretty sure he didn’t expect it to become the T.O. Show.

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January 21st 12:12pm

Reason #235 Why Sasha Obama Is Cooler Than Your Kid

Not only is nine year old Sasha Obama cooler than your kid, she’s got more skills than you!

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January 21st 12:09pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Antoine Dodson Is Your Next Reality Star!

Now Antoine Dodson joins the legitimately famous along with Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Toya Cater, and Kendra Wilkinson.

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January 21st 11:30am

Farrah Gray Talks Publishing Company and Business Rules To Live By

When Farrah Gray was just 6 years old, he was already a “working man”. He held down a job selling lotion door to door for $1.50 a bottle. That same initiative led to him become an entrepreneur and, eventually, a millionaire by his 14th birthday. Now 26 years old, Gray has built on the solid…

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January 21st 10:58am

DAYUUUUUUM!!! Robert DeNiro Owes His Nanny 750 Hours Of Overtime Pay!!

How does a man with a net worth of $185 Million fail to pay the most important employee he has: the woman taking care of his kids???

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January 21st 10:52am

Bangers: Keisha Knight Pulliam Talks About Relationships…”I Don’t Know If There Is A Lack Of Good Black Men”

Lil banger Keisha Knight Pulliam recently shared her thoughts on dating, good men, and relationships:

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January 21st 10:51am

Some Morning Swirl, Jim Carrey Chops Down Former ‘ANTM’ Contestant Anchal Joseph!

Jim Carrey’s entered the world of swirled up couple-dom!

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January 21st 10:44am

Gabrielle Giffords Moves To Rehab Center As She Attempts To Make A Full Recovery

The road to recovery has begun for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and today she’ll take the next step to getting back to her former self.

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