July 26th 8:40pm

Ballers And Their “Actual Wives” On Vacay: Tyson Chandler And Chrissy Bosh Take It To St. Tropez

NBA champ Tyson Chandler of the Dallas Mavericks was spotted vacationing with his wife Kimberly in St. Tropez.

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July 26th 8:19pm

“Breaking News”: Lauryn Hill Confirms That Rohan Marley Is NOT The Father Of Her Newborn Baby!!!

Looks like Lauryn Hill seed numero seis doesn’t belong to that shady Rohan after all…

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July 26th 8:01pm

Some Evening Justice: Woman Who Was Convicted In Her Son’s Jaywalking Death Gets A New Trial

Finally! Something to give us a little confidence in our legal system!

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July 26th 7:02pm

Reality Romances That Got Cancelled

Common said it best, “relationships can be dead but look live to us.”

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July 26th 6:23pm

Health Tip: 10 Habits You Do That Make You Fat

Calories make you fat, and most “low-fat” or “fat-free” foods actually have just as many calories as their full-fat versions, because of added sugar and chemicals.

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July 26th 6:19pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Will Smith, Tyrese, Terrence J, Michael Vick And More Put On For Peace In Philly

For the eight year in a row, sports and entertainment insider and Will Smith’s homie Charles “Charlie Mack” Alston brought out the best of Black Hollyweird for his “Party 4 Peace Weekend” in Philly.

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July 26th 5:28pm

In White Folks With Black Kids News: Mariska Hargitay Totin’ Her Precious Lil’ Daughter Amaya

Mariska Hargitay’s lil bundle of joy Amaya Josephine is getting big so fast!

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July 26th 5:23pm

Acting White…But What About Acting Too Black?

There are some black folks in the world who really hate what they see in the mirror. I think the first instance I realized that some black folks have a general self-loathing was around the time when my supervisor, a pretty, brown-skinned professional black woman, was overly concerned with pronunciation.

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July 26th 5:18pm

The Music Won’t Sell Itself: Kelly Gets Nekked For New Vibe, Talks Beefing With Mathew Knowles, Being A Freak And European Love

Far be it for the forces behind Kelly to risk letting “Here I Am” move units without a scandal.

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