January 7th 9:13am

Poor Thang: Tiger “Skanky Becky Lovin” Woods Loses Another Endorsement

Lil Cheetah has lost another one: Tiger Woods has one less endorsement deal

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January 7th 9:13am

Name The “Gun-Tottin’” Starlet

Considering one of her most controversial songs, we don’t know how we feel about this chick walking around Hollyweird with a gun… even if it’s pretend. Can you guess who it is? Here’s a hint: she should have learned about controversial neck pieces from her own experiences. And her ex’s.

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January 7th 8:59am

SMH: Another “Freakazoid” Teacher Popped For Doing The Nasty With A Student In Her Car

Wow. She was caught fawking a 16-year-old in her whip in the Kohl’s parking lot???

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January 7th 8:44am

John Edwards Ain’t Sh*t!! He Allegedly Proposed To His Side Piece/Jumpoff/Baby Mama After Wife Passed

SMH: John Edwards has asked his mistress and baby mama, Rielle Hunter, to marry him—just weeks after burying his wife

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January 7th 8:43am

Swirly Matrimony-Dom: Kendra And Can’t-Keep-A-Job Hank Are Officially Back Under The Same Roof

And the tabloids said they’re love couldn’t last postpartum depression and living almost 2,000 miles apart.

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January 7th 8:30am

Lollipop Lovers: A History Of Women Lil Wayne Has Chopped Down

Weezy loves the ladies. He’s already told you he wants to fornicate with every girl in the world…if they’re light-skinned. But is that true?

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January 7th 7:59am

Give Tiny A Hand!!! She’s Not Going To Jail!!!

The world was so caught up with Tiny’s jail house handy work yesterday, that we almost missed the best news the Harris kids have heard in months.

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January 7th 6:17am

7 Bad Habits That Make You Fat: If Your Food Doesn’t Go Bad, Then It’s Bad For You…

It’s that time of year again, where people plan to get in shape by getting trainers, gym memberships and trying every diet that exist.

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January 7th 5:44am

Miguel Takes The Futuristic Suspect Oufit Route For New Video “Sure Thing”

After opening up for Trey Songz and Usher on the OMG Tour, Miguel has officially released his second single “SURE THING”. Being a new artist is never easy, but having a hit song with new comer J. Cole helps a lot… Until you show up in your video rocking pieces that look a little susssss—-…

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January 7th 5:32am

Things That Make You Go HMMMM: Slim Thug Thinks It’s Funny To Place An Ad On Craigslist So He Can Get Laid

Slim Thug likes to give the world a laugh and he doesn’t care whether it makes him look dumb, stupid or desperate.

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January 6th 7:56pm

Women Want Their _________ To Be More Like J. Lo, Kimmy Cakes And Bey’s. And It’s Not What You Think

For the 14th year in a row, a couple of Hollyweird plastic surgeons have compiled a list of the most desired celebrity body parts.

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January 6th 6:42pm

Give The New Year A Healthy Start

When making your new years resolutions this year, why not add a healthier lifestyle to your list? Kick off 2011 with a healthier lifestyle and your mind and body will reap the benefits. Here are some basic tips that will get you started towards the new, healthier you: Set 2011 Goals – Do you need…

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January 6th 6:36pm

Dirty Dog Diaries: Eddie Cibrian Was Too Broke For Child Support, But Not LeAnn Rimes’ $85K Engagement Rock

We wanted to feel these two homewreckers and their “you can’t help who you fall in love with” crap. But this is ridiculous.

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January 6th 6:13pm

10 Ways To End “Black Woman” Stereotypes

Every race has its stereotypes. And we’re all aware of the stereotypes directed at black women.

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