January 18th 8:19am

R.I.P.: Miracle 9/11 Survivor Josephine Harris Dies At Home

Just shy of ten years after miraculously surviving the collapse of 1 World Trade Center on September 11, Josephine Harris was found dead in her Brooklyn home last week.

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January 18th 8:10am

Total Disrespect! Homewreckin’ Bustdown Michelle ‘Adolf’ McGee Posts Offensive Pic Of Sandra Bullock

As if it ain’t bad enough that she is using the media to rub her sordid affair with Sandra’s husband in her face, Michelle ‘Adolf’ McGee has posted one of the most offensive pics we’ve seen in a minute… even by the Fuhrer’s standards.

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January 18th 7:51am

Move Over Cher & Madonna: Breezy’s New Joint Is The Rainbow Anthem Of The Year

Chris Brown just dropped the next track from F.A.M.E. and we already see which demographic is gonna make “Beautiful People” a hit.

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January 18th 7:41am

Halle Berry Declines Aretha’s Request To Star In Biopic Movie

Aretha Franklin may have her mind made up on who she wants to play her in a biopic, but it appears that Halle Berry is “respectfully” declining because she’s practically tone deaf.

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January 18th 7:35am

True Or False: Is NeNe Leakes Ready To Leave ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’??

NeNe Leakes has emerged as the messiest of Bravo’s Atlanta ‘Housewives.’ But apparently, NeNe is through with sharing the spotlight with Dwight and those other five b*tches on the show.

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January 18th 7:17am

Tragic Irony: Housing Projects Named After MLK Show Sharp Increases In Violence

What do you get when you cross Dr. Martin Luther King with Malcom X? A street you can’t walk down. Only a day after celebrating the vision and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, a new study has been released showing that peace is hard to come by on streets named after the icon.

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January 18th 6:49am

Maid Says Kelis’ Moneygrubbin’ Azz Won’t Pay Her For Services Rendered

Kelis must be spending that $25,000 a month in child support on tacky outfits cuz she sure ain’t using it to pay her bills. Her former maid claims the moneygrubbin’ musician failed to pay her for cleaning her house and took advantage of her immigration status to skip out on the bill.

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January 17th 8:48pm

Hoy In Mi Gente News: Sammy Sosa Is Still Trying To Pass

Sammy Sosa – the Light Bright edition – was spotted at Club Play in Miami for Pitbull’s 30th birthday shindig.

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