August 16th 5:58pm

Coupled Up: Michael Jordan Out Sportin’ His Lil Cuban Boo Yvette Prieto On Vacation In Sardinia

Michael Jordan and his girlfriend Yvette Prieto were spotted in Sardinia spending up MJ’s scrilla at the Porto Cervo Sardinia Square. At least Mike ain’t out there rockin his crazy “old man jeans” steez for Peete’s sake…more pics below: Fame Pictures

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August 16th 5:34pm

Race Matters: Natural Haired Black Women Complain About Racial Bias During TSA Hair Pat Down

SMH at TSA: Timery Shante Nance is an African-American woman who has a thing about her hair.

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August 16th 5:29pm

Celebs Who Should Have Put The Mic Down

When you were a little kid, did you want to be like fifteen different things when you got older?

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August 16th 5:13pm

The Princes And Princesses Of Paper: A List Of Hollyweird Teens Making It Rain

If those student loan payments have got you down, you might not want to read this… cuz these kids are all millionaires and none of them have even been to college.

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