May 25th 9:43am

Kourtney’s Implants Are ‘Not A Secret’ But Kim Claims She’s Only ‘Tried Botox’…

Those Kardashian broads – Kim, Khloe Kourtney and their pushy excuse for a mother went on “Nightline” Monday night to talk about all that plastic surgery they swear they haven’t had. Pop the hood for details.

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May 25th 9:30am

Random Ridiculousness: Former Security Guard At Juvenile Detention Center Spills Nasty Sex Orgy Beans

We have truly seen just about everything now. A former juvey hall security guard has exposed some crazy a$s ish!! Apparently at the Goshen Secure Center for teens in NY, inmates are rewarded for good behavior with hookers and sex orgies. WTF???

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May 25th 9:21am

Pure Comedy: Beetlejuice Flies Into Luda’s Mouth And He Swallows It!!!

In a recent interview with Fox 5 News, Ludacris was speaking on his foundation and in the midst of speaking, a bug flew straight into his mouth. This reminds us of when it happen to the news reporter in Augusta. Pop the Top for a Peek

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May 25th 9:13am

Supermodel Beef: Jessica White Banned From Blood Diamond Naomi’s Birthday Bash

We all know that Naomi Campbell has beef with other black supermodels (remember that crazy beef with Tyra back in the day)…poor thang Jessica White is her latest victim:

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May 25th 8:52am

Dog Lady Kelis Should Be Ecstatic…Divorce Is Officially Final!!

Kelis is officially no longer Mrs. Jones. The crazy divorce between her and Nasir has been finalized, but they still have to work out all that child/spousal support bullshyte. Details on the flip…

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May 25th 8:42am

New Video: Rihanna’s Back In School… “Rockstar 101″ And Illuminati 301

In Rihanna’s new video she pulls out all the moves for “Rockstar 101″… black lipstick, booties, c**chie cutters and having a shirt that looks like it belongs to Tina Turner. As wild as her life has been in the past 12 months, Rihanna’s not ready to graduate from “Rockstar 101″ but has passed Illuminati 301…

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May 24th 11:15pm

Two Words…”You’re Fired!!!”

It’s official–Mike Brown is “dunnzo”, “outta here” just plain “ghost” as the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers! Pop the hood for details!

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May 24th 6:33pm

All She Ever Wanted Was To “Be Happy”… Does Mary Look Like She Got Her Wish?

Mary J. Blige is pictured leaving a party with her husband Kendu Isaacs the last night of the Cannes Film Festival in France. Mary is all smiles in this shot. Pop hood for more

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May 24th 6:16pm

Nas Speaks On The Problem In Hip-Hop: “It Ain’t The Record Labels… It’s These Rappers Putting Out Garbage!”

Nas decided to tell the real about today’s Hip-Hop and took the blame off of “the business,” placing it where it belongs… at these bumpkin rappers feet. Click Here For The Video On

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May 24th 6:09pm

First Of Six Defendants Found Guilty In Execution-Style Killings Of Three College Students

Rodolfo Godinez was convicted today in the killing of three college students in the high-profile schoolyard slayings nearly three years ago.

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May 24th 5:12pm

Snoop Dogg Is Officially An “Old Head,” His Son Just Turned 16

Happy Birthday to Corde Broadus, Snoop’s oldest son, who had an “80′s Style” Birthday party this weekend to celebrate turning 16. Pop the hood for more shots

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May 24th 4:04pm

Brandy And Ray J’s Brother Takes A DNA Test To Prove He’s Their Father’s Son

Brandy and Ray J’s illegitimate brother Danyelle “C-Dove” Brown took his DNA test this weekend to prove once and for all that Big Willie Norwood is indeed his father. Continue

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May 24th 3:25pm

Some Afternoon Preciousness

His hair is still a little out of control, but Heidi Klum and hubby Seal’s oldest boy Henry Samuel seems to be growing up fast! Must be hard having paparazzi all in your face at that age when you are just trying to get to your martial arts class. SMH. Pop the hood for another…

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May 24th 2:54pm

*Exclusive Pics* Where Are Our Sponsors? Amber And Dez Hit The Track  Grove

You can always tell when Amber and Yeezy “take a break” because she goes back to wearing the tackiest ish in her closet. Her ‘sister’ BFF Dez doesn’t exactly scream class with that uniform either. Pop the hood for more shots

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May 24th 12:27pm

Guess Who Was Caught Leaving The Club Wasted And Her Mother Laughed At Her The Whole Time???

We always see Rihanna walking out the club straight wasted but this time we caught someone else. This little lady was seen leaving a Russell Simmon’s party and it looks like her mother is laughing at her… Pop the Top for a Peek

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