July 19th 8:27am

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

Here is Lil Miss Sunshine Rihanna live in concert

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July 18th 8:11pm

Exclusive: Killer Mike Explains The Video BET Doesn’t Want Our Youth To See [Video]

If you haven’t heard Killer Mike’s song “Burn,” it is exactly the kind of protest song everybody always says today’s young Hip-Hop fans need to hear more often.

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July 18th 6:31pm

Confused or Stringing You Along: What’s Behind the Mixed Signals

One minute he acts as if he wants to be with you. The next minute he acts as if he barely knows you.

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July 18th 6:22pm

Who Woulda Thought? Paris Hilton Poses For V Magazine And Looks Halfway Classy For A Change

Well, it looks like Paris Hilton tried to doll herself up quite nice, but how long is this gonna last?

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July 18th 5:30pm

Who Says Money Can’t Change You: Celebrities Before & After The Fame

Several artists in Hip-Hop changed over the years from Lil Kim, to Jay-Z to Diddy. Some toned down, others toned up and others came up both in appearance and in their pockets

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July 18th 4:56pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

What the hell are they “celebrating”??? Didn’t this dude just get convicted of pushin’ dope?

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