January 13th 3:42pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Nicki Minaj Takes Top Rap Spot On Billboard, Calls Out Weak A** B*tches” On Twitter (GO) Old School: Nas Ft. Q-Tip – One Love (Official Video) (GO) Rush Limbaugh Criticized For ‘Straight Shooter’ Billboard Near Arizona Shooting (GO) Sandra Bullock & Baby Louis Brave the Snow (PHOTOS) (GO) Rare Footage Shows Kanye West With Rhymefest…

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January 13th 3:06pm

How To Grow Long African-American Hair

Earlier this month in my Biggest Myths about African American Hair piece, I mentioned that African American hair has the ability to grow as long as other races or ethnicities.

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January 13th 2:57pm

Camel’s Newest Acquisition Cher Lloyd Meets And Tweets With Lil Wayne

RocNation new signee Cher Lloyd bumped into Weezy F. Baby at the studio last night and hopped on Twitter to show us the goods. Hopefully all that contact with Wayne didn’t get that young girl pregnant…

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January 13th 1:35pm

From Hero To Zero: Celebrities Who’ve Gone Bankrupt

Although many celebrities seem to be on top of the world during their time as superstars, many of them struggle to maintain their finances while living the expensive lifestyle. Celebrities have shown us no matter how much money you’ve made, many people have an easier time losing it than they did making it. Click here…

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January 13th 1:16pm

Bron Bron Steppin Out On Baby Mama Savannah With Ci Ci???

Aww! We kinda like LeBron and Savannah’s unwed blissfulnes… (more)

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January 13th 12:38pm

Certified Links

Preview: Nicki Minaj Feat. Drake “Moment 4 Life” (GO) Donald Trump — Stoudemire SAVED the Knicks!!! (GO) Victoria Secret Does GQ Of The Day – (GO) Celebrity Ads Almost Always A Big Waste Of Money – (GO) Kate Hudson Refuses To Visit Dying Grandmother – (GO) Reps For Gucci Mane Deny Mental Incompetency Reports (GO)…

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January 13th 11:49am

Carmelo Anthony To The World: My Wife Doesn’t Have Sh*t To Do With My Decision To Leave Denver!

Since the start of the NBA season the rumor mill has been spinning with talk of Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony wanting to be traded to another team.

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January 13th 11:33am

In Sick White Folks News: Jared Loughner’s HS Sweetheart Says He Went Crazy After She Broke Up Him

According to his ex, Jared Loughner “used to be” a typical teenager:

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January 13th 11:10am

A “Lil Positivity”: President Obama Delivers Passionate Speech At The Memorial For The Arizona Shooting Victims

President Obama and First Lady Michelle made the solemn trek to Arizona yesterday to attend the memorial for the 19 people shot at the hands of Jared Loughner late last week.

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January 13th 11:00am

Woman Jailed For Lighting Her Boyfriend’s “Stuff” On Fire

She literally “burned” dude: A jealous girlfriend took her ‘burning love’ for her boyfriend a step too far by allegedly setting his private parts on fire.

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January 13th 10:27am

What The Hell Made Oprah Pig Out On 30 Pounds of Mac-N-Cheese????

Oprah revealed to Piers Morgan that after her film ‘Beloved’ was beat out in it’s opening weekend by ‘The Bride of Chucky’ she went HAM on a sickening, “I-can’t-wait-to-die”, amount of macaroni and cheese, 30 pounds of it to be exact.

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January 13th 10:26am

Little Diggy Simmons Wants You To Know It Ain’t A Game

Uh oh! Look who’s smelling and feeling himself a little too much!

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January 13th 10:24am

For Discussion: Do Couples Have A Better Chance Of Surviving Marriage If They Live Together First?

Practice usually improves performance. This seems to be true for sports, music, and dance, but what about marriage?

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January 13th 10:06am

Kate Hudson Is Carrying Another Gut Full Of Random Rocker

Another day, another random Hollyweird starlet living in multiple baby daddy-dom.

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