August 11th 1:40pm

Quote Of The Day: Nicole Scherzinger Says “I Cried When I Saw My First PCD Dolls Costume”

We’d never have guessed it from all the ‘kinis and dominatrix fits, but Nicole Scherzinger wasn’t always comfortable flossin’ that bangin’ bawwwwdy.

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August 11th 1:00pm

Segregation at the Beauty Counter: A Case Against Black Beauty Companies

Do too many black beauty companies lose by focusing on the differences between the races?

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August 11th 12:25pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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August 11th 12:10pm

You Can’t Be Serious… Pauly D From Jersey Shore Is Joining G-Unit???

It is officially time to vote Bugsy off the Hip-Hop island.

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August 11th 11:46am

Random Ridiculousness: 83-Year-Old Woman Who Wanted A “More Firm And Robust Rack” Drops $8K On Breast Implants

This great-granny just dropped stacks on stacks on stacks to get her old a$s a better rack:

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August 11th 10:56am

It Was All Good Just Four Years Ago: Inside Eric And Jennifer Williams’ Wedding [Photos]

In December 2007, Jennifer Williams was oh so in love with Ol’ Lumphead Eric and had been feeling that way for about seven years.

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August 11th 10:43am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Christian School Principal Killed By 17 Year Old Student!

Damn, what ever happened to ‘Love thy neighbor’??

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