December 27th 9:17am

Bristol Palin Bought Her First House… And It’s Not In Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Looks like Bristol was just waiting for some bread to get the F up out from under her mother.

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December 27th 9:00am

Christmas Blizzard Of 2010 Is Leaving Folks Stranded From The Carolinas To Maine

A treacherous commute of lashing winds, slick streets and low visibility awaited workers Monday as a winter storm that dumped about a foot of snow

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December 27th 8:50am

Nicki Minaj Celebrates Christmas In A Crotchy Cheetah Catsuit

Hot 97 gave New York fans a night with Nicki, Lloyd Banks and Fabolous for Christmas.

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December 27th 8:46am

Caption This

Here is Teiarra Mari TwitPic’ing topless.

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December 27th 8:36am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: San Francisco 49ers Fire Head Coach Mike Singletary Right After The Game

“Hardcore” coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Mike Singletary, no longer has a job:

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December 27th 7:13am

Guess Which One Of Katherine Jackson’s Sons Is About To Finally Get A Check

For the last few years, all of Katherine and Joe’s kids with a Y chromosome have been doing BAD. But one of them is actually going to be ringing in the new year with a fresh check. And he’s the last one you would guess would be doing a show… or dropping a solo album.

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December 27th 6:36am

Oh Sh*t! Kaleena Gets A Day Pass Off That Dirty Money Plantation

The girl in Dirty Money who isn’t Dawn recently did a solo interview and photoshoot with Atlanta-based BE Entertained Magazine, and did a lot of talking about Diddy, Dawn and some other sh*t you probably don’t care about.

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December 26th 9:06pm

Teena Marie Dies At 54!

The famed white R&B singer, Teena Marie, passed away earlier today (Sunday):

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December 26th 4:25pm

Do You Celebrate Kwanzaa

Today is the first day of Kwanzaa. Did you know that? Do you care? Do you celebrate Kwanzaa?

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December 26th 1:21pm

Who Is My Daddy??

This young lady was out with her “funny man” father at “Family Night At The Staples Center” to watch the Heat hand the Lakers their a** last night in L.A. For years, her dad tried to convince us he really was funny, until he gave it up a few years ago. Can you name the…

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December 26th 12:01pm

Domestics Disputes: Talib Kweli’s Wife Beats Him Down At Party For Flirting With Jawns

This sounds familiar: Rapper Talib Kweli was thrown out of an after-party for his own record-listening event after he got into a fight with his wife,

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December 26th 11:53am

Weezy F. “I Got A Lot Of Babies” Rollin Around Miami In A Beat Up Toyota Camry

Weezy needs to think about spending time with his children for the holidays

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December 26th 11:33am

Kush Chronicles: Old Head Pat Robertson Speaks About That Maryjane

Pat Robertson’s position on marijuana is certainly stirring the pot.

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