April 27th 11:26am

Can’t Buy Love? Kimmy Cakes Tries Anyway! Laces Baller Boo’s Sis With Easter Ice!

Kimmy Cakes spent Easter with her boo thang Kris Humphries and his family in Minnesota this year and made sure to bring some pricy gifts to win them over.

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April 27th 10:26am

Mother Of Child Pictured In Controversial Billboard Sues Anti-Abortion Group!

How could you use a face as cute as this for an anti-abortion billboard??

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April 27th 10:26am

Who Is My Former Child Actress Mommy?

This brand new baby boy made his Twitter debut yesterday. His mom made her TV debut in a 90s family sitcom and has since grown up to add filmmaker to her resume as well… She’s also a King Magazine-certified banger. Can you name his Mommy?

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April 27th 9:46am

Random Ridiculousness: Psycho Junkie In Indiana Arrested 48 Times For Huffing Toxic Fumes!!

What ever happened to just gettin’ drunk and smoking weed??? SMH

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April 27th 9:33am

John ‘Crybaby’ Boehner Blames Obama for High Gas Prices and Predicts He Will Not be Re-Elected in 2012

Republican Speaker of the House, John ‘the crying man’ Boehner, took aim at the Obama administration faulting him for rising gas prices. “Running on empty: Obama administration does nothing

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April 27th 8:55am

TBS Cancels Tyler Perry’s ‘House Of Payne’ And Gives Him New Sitcom

TBS wants no more of Tyler Perry’s ‘House Of Payne’… but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate how Tyler’s shows make it rain on their ratings.

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