February 18th 11:46am

Surprise, Surprise: Sarah Palin And Karl Rove Defend President Obama’s Citizenship And Religion

*Gives Sarah Palin and Karl Rove the side-eye* President Obama, whose citizenship and religion have been questioned, is picking up some interesting defenders on those issues. Sarah Palin and Karl Rove. “Those are distractions,” Palin said yesterday in New York. “What we’re concerned about is the economy. And we’re concerned about the policies coming out…

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February 18th 11:46am

Remember Me??? Funny Man Sinbad Is Your Next Reality Star

Another D-Lister scores a reality show. Sinbad and his fam sign on with WE TV in hopes to relaunch his career.

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February 18th 11:38am

Quote Of The Day By Lil B: “Will I Really Fawk Obama In The A$$? No.

Lil B sure has some interesting things to say: “Will I really fawk Obama in the a$$? No.

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February 18th 10:10am

Pay Yo Bills!: Dennis Rodman Owes Uncle Sam Dem Stacks!!

When will these mickiefickies learn? You can’t cheat the U.S. Government!

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February 18th 10:08am

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Former Roc-La-Familia Rapper Catches A 10 Year Bid

Some of these rappers take their on-wax persona a little too seriously.

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February 18th 10:03am

For The Ladies: Drizzy Drake And Bron Bron Celebrate The Debut Of “The LeBrons”

For you ladies who love overgrown 6’8″ twenty-six-year-olds and half-Jewish rappers that used to be on Canadian TV

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February 18th 9:40am

Which One Would You Hit??

Here’s Paris “wonky eye” Hilton celebrating her birthday on the Wendy William.

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February 18th 9:20am

It’s Barbie B*tch! Pics Of A Never Seen Before Nicki Minaj Throwback Photoshoot

Before the wigs, before “Young Moola Baby”, before the “beef” with aging irrelevant

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February 18th 9:04am

MadameNoire.com: A Lady in the Streets, But…

You know the rest. Madame Noire is sophisticated and all that, but she’s also a woman who knows her body and how to work it.

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February 18th 8:51am

You Can’t Be Serious…: White Student Fights To Run African-American Students Union

They can’t even let us have this one thing? During Black History Month??

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February 18th 8:46am

Who Looked More Bangin??? Ashanti Vs. Eve

Ashanti and E-V-E hit up Marchesa’s presentation of the Fall 2011 collection at NYC Fashion week.

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February 18th 8:38am

SMH: Florida Mother Makes Son Stand On The Corner Holding Up A Sign Saying His Grades Ain’t Sh*t

Would you do this to your child?? - A Florida mother is using public humiliation to punish her son for getting bad grades.

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