May 5th 10:37am

What The Heathcliff? Perv Loves Him Some P*ssy

Some sicko Canadian kid got busted for getting a little tail … with the family pet. Pop the hood.

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May 5th 10:04am

What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Drizzly ‘Thank Me Later’ Album Cover

Drake just unveiled the cover art for Thank Me Later to the public. We’re of the opinion that he completely missed fresh to death and achieved less than fresh instead, but we’re interested in what you think of it. Pop the hood to view the cover and weigh in.

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May 5th 9:42am

Which One Would You Hit?

Whew, what better way to start the morning than by asking this question! Both Common and Laz Alonso showed up to the New York premiere of “Just Wright” looking just right!!! If given the choice of these two, Which One Would You Hit? Pop the hood to view more pictures from the premiere and tell…

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May 5th 9:39am

This Fits Mr. McRapey To A Tee

Well Big Big Ben may have beat the rap again. But there’s a new site that calls it like it is for the perv. Pop the hood to take a look.

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May 5th 9:19am

DAMN!!! Gabrielle “Break-A-Union” Is Being Sued By D-Wade’s Ex-Wife For Literally Breaking Their Union Of Marriage!!!

SMH. Irony is a motherf*cka. Siohvaughn Wade, D-Wade’s ex is suing both Dwyane AND Gabrielle Union for f*cking up her marriage. Pop it for the details!!!

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May 5th 9:10am

A-Rod Is Still Choppin Down Cameron “Fug Face” Diaz

Looks like that shady A-Rod’s little lovin’ with Cameron Diaz is getting serious: Alex Rodriguez is batting 1.000 with Hollywood blondes. The night before A-Rod and his girlfriend, Cameron Diaz

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May 5th 9:00am

* Exclusive* Naturi Naughton Talks Kiely Williams, Her Lil Kim Sex Scene And Beef, Plus Working With Bow Wow!! received access to the making of Naturi Naughton’s new video “H8taz”: While the lil banger Naturi got prepped, Bossip decided to ask about her complexion being behind her leaving the Cheetah Hoes as well as skanky Kiely Williams‘ video double of Naturi. We also asked Naturi about Lil Kim not speaking to her, the…

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May 4th 5:48pm

*BOSSIP Exclusive*: Ne-Yo Gets High On Camera

First, he’s throwing ‘bows overseas in an airport and now he’s getting high on-camera with Officer Ricky. Damn, Ne-Yo, you’re really trying to prove something to somebody. Pop the hood to watch our exclusive video for yourself.

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May 4th 5:29pm

Okay Bria, We See You…

Awwwwww shizzzzz…look at little Bria Murphy getting her model on. She’s definitely growing up to be quite the little stunner. More images on the flippy..

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May 4th 4:22pm

Gucci Mane Follows Nicki Minaj And Fires Waka Flocka’s Mom As Manager, Launches Label From Jail

Despite being still incarcerated in a Georgia prison, Gucci Mane has been making some serious business decisions, including announcing that he’s fired his manager, the CEO of So Icey/ Mizay Entertainment Debrah Antney. The mother of Waka Flocka Flame, Antney was recently fired from her managerial position by Nicki Minaj. Pop the hood for details…

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May 4th 2:37pm

A Tree Grows In The South Bronx

NYC is building some fancy projects in the South Bronx with rooftop gardens and whatnot. This sounds like a great idea, but…. Pop the hood.

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May 4th 1:56pm

For The Stans: BeyBey’s New Video “Why Don’t You Love Me”

Beyonce takes a cheeky nod at domesticity in her latest video, for the dance track penned by her sister Solange, “Why Don’t You Love Me.” In the new clip Beyonce (credited as Bee Z) and co-director Melina take the superstar performer through a series of retro-inspired sets and costume changes that feature her dusting, cleaning,…

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May 4th 1:24pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

More Crooked Cops: S.C. Sheriff Busted By FBI For Selling Coke & Extorting Drug Dealers (GO) Fat Joe Wants Rap Version of Kanye West (GO) Compton Students Speak Out Against Racist/ Blackface “Compton Cookout” (GO) Lindsay Lohan showed up to her deposition (GO) Oprah Winfrey Is Ravishing In Midnight Blue [Quickies] (GO) Hot Chicks Are…

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May 4th 12:18pm

Police Arrest Times Square Car Bombing Suspect At JFK, Second Suspect Arrested In Pakistan

Several arrests have been made in connection to the attempted terrorist car-bombing in New York Saturday, including Faisal Shazhad a naturalized American citizen, who is originally from Pakistan, who was apprehended at John F. Kennedy Airport at midnight Monday. Pop the hood for details.

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May 4th 11:26am

Oh, Well This Explains Why The Kids Today Are Running Around Buck Wild

A lot of parents have their heads up their a$ses when it comes to facing up to the fact that their kids are bumping uglies according to a new study. But they think everyone else’s kid needs a beating. Pop the hood.

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