April 26th 5:58pm

Pure Comedy: People Aren’t Really Sure Toupee Face Trump Was Born In The U.S. Either

See what happens when you try to dig up dirt on people? You get dirty yourself.

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April 26th 4:52pm

Is He Sorry He Cheated Or Just Sorry He Got Caught??

I recently received an email from a woman asking for advice on what she should do since catching her boyfriend cheating.

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April 26th 4:34pm

Athletes & Hoes: Before She Was Mrs. Bosh, Was Adrienne Williams Just Another Jumpoff?

Damn, they’ve barely been married two weeks and folks are already throwing salt.

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April 26th 4:21pm

Busted: Anti-Marijuana Politician Popped For Smoking Weed

When will these politicians learn that they can’t hide anything these days?

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April 26th 3:57pm

Does Dr. Dre Really Expect Us To Pay A Stack For His Headphones?!

Dr. Dre is really feeling himself and these headphones right now.

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