August 9th 8:47am

In Sick And Disgusting Perverted White Folks News: Polygamist Warren Jeffs Caught Coercing Young Girls On Tape

This Warren Jeffs guy is disgusting…he was having sex with 5 young girls at the same time:

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August 9th 8:35am

Isht Is Real In The UK: More Riots Ensue In 4 British Cities After One-Time Kills Black Man

SMH at the authorities calling this “mindless thuggery”… A wave of violence and looting raged across London and spread to three other major British cities

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August 9th 8:22am

Is Bugsy Chopping Down This Caked Out “Tameka Foster” Lookalike??

Here is 50 Cent photographed with cake model and former Cam’Ron jumpoff “Ms. Damn”, and according to “sources” he’s smashing that massive donk to smithereens. Thoughts???

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August 9th 7:54am

The Side-Eye: After Two Years Of Tributes And Stolen Dance Moves, Breezy Turns Down Mama Katherine’s Invite To Honor Michael

So there is a limit to how much Chris Brown “loves” Michael Jackson and wants to honor his legacy after all.

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August 8th 6:56pm

Our Favorite Romantic Scenes From Television And Film

Ashanti once sang, “I wanna be like those girls in the movies, to have a man so in love it makes him drop to his knees.”

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