May 3rd 11:30am Links!

Coon Of The Day: Rapping Flight Attendant. “Just Get Me My Drink & Pillow”: CLICK HERE Alleged Michael Jackson Boyfriend Interview… And Joe Jackson Is Pissed: CLICK HERE Boondocks Season 3 Premiere (Full Episode): CLICK HERE Lisa Raye Talks New Project And Business in Puerto Rico: CLICK HERE President Obama Clowns Michael Steele “My Brother”…

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May 3rd 10:36am

Update On Times Square Bomb Scare, Video Included

Cops are hunting a man caught on tape moments after an SUV packed with enough fuel, fertilizer and explosives to ignite a massive fireball was abandoned in Times Square.

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May 3rd 10:32am

Certified Links

Rapper Sues Lil Wayne For “Lollipop”, Claims Copyright Infringement (GO) Roscoe Dash Clears The Air About Travis Porter (GO) 50 Cent Responds To Shyne’s Disses [Video] (GO) Translating Urban Celebrity Appeal For The Fortune 500 (GO) Big Daddy Kane Gets Married (Pics) (GO) Tiger Mistress — Victim of Stripper Prejudice? (GO) Jessica Simpson wants to…

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May 3rd 10:31am

Which One Would You Hit?

R&B sensations Sammie, Lloyd and Algebra headlined a Haiti Relief Benefit Music Fest at Georgia Perimeter College Clarkston Campus on Friday, April 30 and even though Sammie and Lloyd are looking pretty young and innocent, their onstage shows proved they are indeed grown enough for us to ask Which One Would You Hit? Pop the…

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May 3rd 10:18am

Enter To Win The BOSSIP Tweetstakes: Get A Diamond Studded iPod Touch Courtesy Of Trina!

With her album coming out in two weeks Trina is getting in on the @Bossip Tweetstakes fun! Here’s your chance to win a “diamond studded” 32 GB iTouch. Pop the hatch for the Terms and Conditions…

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May 3rd 9:45am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Infant Caught In Crossfire

This is heartbreaking. A six-month-old child in North Philadelphia was shot while nestled in her mother’s arms. Pop the hood.

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May 3rd 9:27am

To Whom Do These Pretty Painted Pink Toes Belong???

Somebody with a mean shoe game was spotted showing off their pretty pink toes… Can you guess who it is??? Pop the hood to find out.

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May 3rd 9:25am

Halle Was The One Who Walked On Her K-Fraud

It’s hard to believe any man in his right mind could look at Halle and decide that she’s too old. That’s what we were hearing about Gabriel Aubry the other day. But now comes word, Halle kicked Snowball to the curb because he was too trifling. Pop the hood

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May 3rd 9:22am

Random Ridiculousness: Ex-NFL Player Charged For Splashing Soy Sauce In Wife’s Face???

Domestic issues are no laughing matter, but this right here sounds like some pure comedy: A source close to retired NFL star Corey Dillon tells TMZ the ex-running back is adamant that he didn’t lay a hand on his wife last night — but he may have splashed her with soy sauce.

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May 3rd 8:54am

Some Morning Kobe

Kobe Bryant covered this week’s LA Times looking like this… Do his eyes look dark and brooding enough to you? Are you feeling the all white dressy attire with the matching sweatbands??? Pop the hood for more.

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May 3rd 8:30am

*Exclusive Cakes* Cubanna Lust Shows Cakes… AND MORE!!! [Video]

Cubanna Lust has gathered a following from her cake shows. got a special photo shoot with her, so cakes and monkey were flying  everywhere! *Updated and Fixed* Click Here To Watch Video Check Out More Videos On

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May 2nd 12:45pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up??

E-V-E is in London getting into some racecar driving action for the Gumball 3000 Rally while rockin some interesting sheer leopard pants. We’re not sure if we’re feelin this one. Peep more and flicks of Bobby Brown under the hood.

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May 2nd 12:18pm

Caption This

This lady was enjoying the Kentucky Derby yesterday by any means necessary. Caption This and check out a few more pics when you pop the hatch…

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May 2nd 11:53am

Homemade Car Bomb In Times Square Causes Big Panic, Labeled As Terrorist Activity

A car bomb nearly caused a bloodbath in the heart of Times Square yesterday as a homemade explosive device in an SUV

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May 2nd 11:41am

SMH: Diddy Visits Weezy F. “I Got A Lot Of Babies” In Jail

While Lil Wayne continues serving his 12 month sentence at New York’s Rikers Island prison, his time behind bars is continuing to be documented. Continue…

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