December 18th 11:48am

Sorry Spike, But It Looks Like LeBron Was The One Doing The A** Kicking

Last night Bron Bron and his merry men handled their business last night in Madison Square Garden as the Heat defeated the Knicks 113-91, in their 11th straight win. Looks like some of the early season Lebron haters have had to eat a little crow as the team continues to gel and gain momentum. James…

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December 18th 11:24am

Study Shows That Marriage Is “Bad For Your Health”

This is interesting: People who stay single, or become single again by divorce, may be somewhat more physically fit than those in wedded bliss, a new study suggests.

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December 18th 11:16am

SMH: Silly White Weather Broad Who Cried Rape Reneges On Statements “I Never Said That”

And she is STILL lying: TV weather chick Heidi Jones claimed yesterday she never used the word rape when telling cops she was attacked.

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December 18th 11:02am

The Most Fascinating News, Happenings and Occurences of 2010

Needless to say it was an interesting year, as usual. Nobody would’ve guessed that an NBA player’s decision to change teams would captivate the nation’s attention and generate so much passion.

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December 18th 10:51am

White Supremacists Oppose Idris Elba’s Role In The Movie “Thor”

A white supremacist group is taking action against Idris Elba and the producers of the upcoming movie “Thor”

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December 18th 10:29am

That’s Loco Homes: 141 Mexican Prisoners Walk Right Out The Front Door Of The Bing

And we thought the prison system here in America was fugged up…

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December 18th 10:28am

Tips For Steamy And Safe Sex During Pregnancy

The idea of getting it on while you have a little passenger might be kind of daunting,

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December 18th 9:54am

Sanaa Lathan Is A Natural Beauty

Sanaa Lathan was spotted in Hollyweird the other day looking quite lovely.

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December 18th 2:35am

*Exclusive* Angela Simmons Behind The Scenes Promo Shoot For “Dope Magazine” [Video]

Shout out to Christopher “Mykel” Monroe, who is making it rain as a newcomer!

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December 17th 9:03pm

Catch A Fire: Long Weaves Flow Free At Diddy’s L.A. Release Party

Guess these ladies thought their flowing locks were safe at Dirty Money’s L.A. release party, what with no bathtubs and candles around at the Supperclub.

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December 17th 8:36pm

Waka Flocka’s Mama Thinks “Pink Friday” Is Hot Garbaj

We love Auntie Deb for always having the cajones to say what so many people are secretly thinking.

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