May 26th 8:30am

Must Be Nice: Check Out The $50,000-A-Month Crib Where DSK Will Await His Maid-Rape Trial

It didn’t take long for “Former Future French Prez” and full-on dirt dog Dominique Strauss-Kahn to find a landlord willing to overlook his criminal situation for the right price tag.

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May 26th 8:25am

Lawsuits: The Sperminator’s Ex-Jump Off Threatens To Sue ‘Entertainment Tonight’ Over Her Ex-Husband’s Lies

This lady and her story is gonna end up better than hitting the Powerball number…

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May 26th 8:06am

Twitter Files: Was Lil Duval’s #ChineseBreath Trending Topic Racist Or Pure Comedy?

Lil Duval has been known to meet someone in person and simultaneously blow their spot up on Twitter — but Wednesday he took his special brand of comedy to extremes

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May 26th 8:06am

Poor Thang: Ed Schultz To Take An Unpaid Leave Of Absence For Calling Laura Ingraham A “Right-Wing Slut”

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz’s big mouth has gotten him into a wee bit of trouble:

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May 26th 7:58am

It’s A Dirty Game: California Authorities Are Investigating Arnold To See If Taxpayer Money Funded His Sperminator Ways

Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dirty dog days are all the way out there, we expected people to start trying to cash in on the situation.

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May 26th 7:10am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes

Haaaalllleeeee Beeerrryyyyyyyy, Halle Berry!!!!

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May 25th 6:17pm

Co-Co Shows Off New Cocolicious Line With Ice-T, Parties In Pool [Video]

Ice-T’s wife Coco is moving forward with plans to release her new Cocolicious clothing line and held a launch party this weekend in NYC.

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May 25th 5:43pm

Sarah Palin Is Worried Bristol’s “Shacking Up With Black Boys” Reality Show Is Going To Ruin Her Family Reputation

So, let’s see if we got this straight: Sarah Palin had no issues supporting her daughter after having a baby out of wedlock with some random wanna-be D-lister.

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