March 21st 9:15am

“Tiny” Look-A-Like And Boyfriend Sue NYPD For $24 Milllion

Another day, another lawsuit…this time against Harlem one-time:

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March 21st 8:53am

Guess Which “Odd” New Artist Beyonce Recently Collaborated With For Her New Album…

We heard that Bey Bey was going to unveil a “new genre” of music with her upcoming album, but hopefully she didn’t wild out like her co-writers are known to do…

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March 21st 8:46am

Hate It Or Love It?!?!: Kelly Rowland Keeps It Real Simple For New Jawn “I’m That Chick”

Kelly Rowland has yet to put out a new album because her camp must still be in search of a banger

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March 21st 8:39am

Bad News For The Hood: The FDA Wants To Ban Menthol Cigarettes

Let it never again be said that the government doesn’t care about health in the hood.

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March 21st 8:29am

Beef Over Beefy Crunch Burrito Provokes Texas Man Into Shootout With One-Time

We knew they were serious about their burritos in Texas… and their guns… but this is just crazy!

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March 21st 8:25am

Knocked Up: Mel B Is Pregnant With Her Third Child

Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice has officially announced that she’s toting a gut full of Stephen Belafonte:

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March 21st 8:06am

Blind Item: What R&B Star Is Quite The Divo?

Starring in big budget flicks has turned one cocoa-colored star into quite the drama king.

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March 21st 8:05am

Haitian Authorities Say Wyclef’s Hand Shooting Story Sounds Suspect

See, now we don’t feel so bad about chuckling a little when we heard this story.

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March 21st 6:29am

What Part Of Lady GaGa’s Naked Body Turns Anyone On?!?! — None Obviously

Lady GaGa is naked on the cover of a magazine for the ump-teenth time in her life. Apparently i-D Magazine thought they were doing something that has never been done before.

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March 20th 5:07pm

Some Afternoon Preciousness: Brangelina And Their Fiftyleven Kids Take New Orleans

Here’s something the paparazzi don’t catch every day.

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March 20th 4:08pm

Where Is Lupe Fiasco?? Janelle Monáe, Wiz Khalifa And B.O.B. Rock “Killers, Lasers, Papers” SXSW Show

B.O.B., Janelle Monae and Wiz Khalifa represented for Atlantic Records at South By Southwest for their “Killers, Lasers, Papers” showcase this weekend.

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March 20th 3:08pm

Bust A Move: Dance Crazes We Used To Love… And Still Do

Dancing was a lot different before booty dancing, also known as grinding up against a dude in the club lackidasically posted on a wall, was all the rage.

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