January 31st 8:03am

Hi Hater: Rihanna’s Potty Mouth P*sses Parents Off Again

Once again, Rihanna seems to have forgotten that her fans and their parents watch her every moves.

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January 30th 6:29pm

Dating Myths & The Cold Hard Truth

There are so many dating myths out there! Dating myths are pretty dangerous because people who believe them are destined to fail in the world of dating.

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January 30th 6:25pm

Caption This

It’s sad when the children are more aware of the impropriety of certain situations than the adults.

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January 30th 6:05pm

Is Halle Berry About To Take Her Third Trip Down The Aisle??

Recent pictures of Halle Berry and her iced-out, left-hand ring finger have sparked a few rumors in Hollyweird.

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January 30th 5:20pm

Epitome Of A Bad Family: Dad And Aunt Charged In Alcohol Poisoning Death Of 4-Year-Old

Some things shouldn’t be in the realm of possibility even as an accident.

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January 30th 4:49pm

Hate It or Love It?!?! New Music By Bobby Brown

Yes, The Kang Of R&B is the latest artist to try to launch a career comeback.

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January 30th 4:25pm

Must Be Nice: Diddy’s Son Justin Now Owns A Maybach Limo Too

Diddy’s son Justin recently celebrated his 17th birthday and marked the occasion with a more low key celebration compared to last year’s appearance on MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen.” What wasn’t low key however was his gift from the Bad Boy Records head who bought him yet another $300,000 plus Maybach; this time a limousine.…

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January 30th 12:14pm

Melo & La La Shake Off The Thirsty Hoes

SMH at how thirsty broads can be: Despite trade rumors, Denver Nuggets all-star Carmelo Anthony looked happy with his teammates as they danced together on Thursday at Eden Lounge in DC.

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January 30th 11:52am

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Nicki Minaj Does SNL Skits And Performances

Nicki Minaj made an appearance on Saturday Night Live last night and hit the stage for skits, a digital short and performances.

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January 30th 11:47am

Sh*t Is Real In Egypt: Americans Urged To Evacuate, Hilary Clinton Puts In Her Two Cents

The United States said Sunday it was offering evacuation flights to Europe for U.S. citizens who wish to leave Egypt, which has been rocked by violent protests seeking an end to President Hosni Mubarak’s rule and an outbreak of mass looting.

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January 30th 11:44am

Name Those Golden Cakes

On Friday night, Rick Ross & producer Stevie J celebrated their birthdays in Miami. A bunch of ballers were in the building… which means video hoes had to be there too. Can you guess which one rocked this gold lame onesie?

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January 30th 11:34am

Amber “Thick Thighs” Rose All Fuzzy And Warm In Baltimore Airport

Amber Rose was spotted at BWI looking comfy and warm and being for the paps…

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January 30th 11:01am

Would You Hit This???

Here is Shaquille O’Neal hoping out his Benz at to do a lil positive milkshake makin at Millions of Milkshakes.

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