December 19th 1:36pm

Are You Team Twitter Or Team Facebook

Has it ever dawned on you how much Facebook and Twitter dominate your every move? This could explain why you’ve never gone a day (okay, hour) or two without resisting the madness that comes with being a social media junkie. Are you an “RT” person or a “like” person? Do you prefer hashtags or inbox…

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December 19th 12:21pm

Wasn’t Jermaine Jackson Crying ‘Too Broke For Child Support’???

This year has been the year of financial unraveling and embarrassment for Jermaine Jackson. But now we find out that his transgressions as a father go further than naming a kid Jermajesty, but not making sure that you can take care of them.

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December 19th 11:46am

Kush Chronicles: Dumb Dude Holding Over 500 Pounds Of Marijuana Gets Caught In A Dodge Caravan

SMH: A routine traffic stop in Queens early Sunday turned up an extraordinary amount of marijuana – 513 pounds of

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December 19th 11:40am

Coupled Up: Niecy Nash And Fiancé Do Dinner In Hollyweird

Niecy Nash and her man Jay Tucker were spotted

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December 19th 11:36am

Solutions to Your Man Problems

When you’re newly in love, the birds sing sweeter, the sun shines brighter, and every love song reminds you of that wonderful gift of a man. You see the world through rose-colored glasses and nothing can change that, except… time.

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December 19th 11:15am

Lil Nahla Ariela Aubry Is Too Friggin Cute

You can’t tell us this little girl isn’t adorable.

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December 19th 11:15am

SMH: Wesley Snipes Is Still Trying To Fight That Three Year Bid

SMH. Who would have thought, after all those bad a** roles, that Wesley Snipes was such a b*tch??

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December 19th 10:52am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother Cuts Out Heart Of 4-Year-Old Daughter

Police have arrested a 35-year-old London woman after they say she brutally killed and mutilated her daughter reportedly while chanting and listening to verses of the Koran.

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December 19th 10:47am

In White Folks News: Diddy’s Ex-Jumpoff Sienna Miller And Dirt Dog Jude Law Are Shacking Up Again

Sienna Miller is the only broad who’s ever been linked to Jude Law long term without dropping a seed. But she’s the only one with a $12 Million crib. The hoes are winning again.

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December 19th 10:17am

SMH: G-Dep “Didn’t Know” His Victim Died Before Confessing To Crime, Faces Life In Prison

Damn this is such an unfortunate story: The guilt-ridden rapper who confessed to a 17-year-old murder

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December 19th 9:57am

Which One Would You Hit??

Fabolous, Diddy, and Red Cafe attended the 2010 Joy To The World Fest in Philly last night looking all dappered up.

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December 19th 3:59am

In Case You Missed It: Eminem And Lil Wayne Perform Live On SNL

Eminem and Lil Wayne made perfect use of their opportunity to perform live on SNL. With Lil Wayne just releasing his new jawn “6 Foot 7″, it made its way to the TV screen quick. The energy on stage was on high so, in case you fell asleep or decided to hit up the club…

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