July 7th 12:45pm

What Has He Been Smoking? Whitney Houston Is Head Over Heels In Love With Tyrese

We knew Tyrese was a lady killer, but damn word on the street is he has Whitney more sprung off him than she was on … well you know!

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July 7th 12:37pm

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Elsewhere On The Web…

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July 7th 12:00pm

The Swirl: Is Fabolous Hittin This?? [Video]

Hmmmm, what do we have here?? Your boy Loso was spotted boo’ed up with this white jawn at Club Perfections in NYC.

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July 7th 11:54am

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Shaniya Davis’ Crackhead Mama Finally Back In Jail After Being Indicted For 1st Degree Murder Charges

Just as Casey Anthony prepares to walk free another epitome of a bad mother — Antoinette Davis is headed back to the clink.

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July 7th 11:00am

Stage to Screen: 8 Black Playwrights That Deserve a Wider Audience

Theater’s magical, just doesn’t last long enough.

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July 7th 9:59am

SMDH: Casey Anthony Sentenced To Four Years In Prison… But She’ll Be Out In A Week!!!

Casey Anthony faced the judge this morning looking like she was ready to get back to the world as many expected she would today.

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July 7th 9:47am

In White Folks News: Brad Pitt Is Finally Ready To Jump The Broom

Now that more gay people are allowed to get married, Brad Pitt sounds like he’s ready to bite the bullet.

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July 7th 9:27am

Blind Item: Isn’t He Married???

We got a really juicy one guys… so juicy we can’t even name names.

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July 7th 9:15am

C’mon Son: Republican Tim Scott Says Obama Making Moves Without GOP Approval Is An ‘Impeachable Offense’

Timmy … stop it! How quickly we forget. Where were you when Bush was making moves without using proper congressional protocol?

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