March 22nd 6:45am

Want To Cure Away The Gay? There’s An App For That… But Apple Is In Deep Sh*t For It

Jesus done gone and invented an iPhone application to help lead the poor wayward gays back to the flock.

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March 21st 6:37pm

In Irrelevant White Folks News: William And Kate’s Royal Wedding Will Benefit 26 Charities

Despite the fact that our country and theirs just spearheaded another war, the upcoming British Royal Wedding we can’t imagine too many people really caring about keeps getting headlines.

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March 21st 5:33pm

Mashonda Covers King Magazine

Swizz Beatz’ ex-wife Mashonda is the latest celebrity to cover an issue of King magazine.

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March 21st 5:32pm

Old Geezer Admits To Making It Rain With 400 Grand Of Swindled Money From His Sick “Friend”

Greedy a** folks still doin’ white collar crimes even in their latter years…SMH

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March 21st 4:53pm

Doing the Most: Hair Fake, Nails Fake, Everything Fake…

Being a beautiful black woman can be hard work, but many of us ladies are working harder and not smarter

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March 21st 3:43pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Soulja Boy’s Brother Killed In Auto Accident (GO) Exposing The Myth of Whites, Minorities and Scholarships (GO) Splash Waterfalls-The Low-Down on Female Ejaculation (GO) Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez Shine At The Concert of Hope (GO) Lil Wayne Cleared Of Sexual Assault At His Studio Session (GO) Justin Bieber Beats Michael Jackson at the Box Office…

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March 21st 3:39pm

Romeo Gives Advice To The Kids, Talks His Sex Symbol Steez, and How To Control Wild Cougars

Romeo recently sat down with Vibe to discuss a myriad of things that he’s dealing with now that he’s all grown up.

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March 21st 3:03pm

Name The Tattooed Foot

This near tattoo virgin sure isn’t wasting any time trying to catch up to her BFF! Just a month after getting her very first, she twitpic’d this photo of tattoo #2 yesterday. Can you guess who this is?

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March 21st 2:15pm

9 Enterprising Baller Wives Running Their Own Projects and Businesses

Wives are all the rage these days. Whether she’s the wife/fiancé/girlfriend of a celebrity or a housewife living in a major city, somehow and for some reason, folks are interested in them. Some athlete’s have wives who are satisfied with their title as a “spouse,” but there are others who want to mark their own…

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