February 12th 10:24am

Word On The Egyptian Streets Is That Hosni Mubarak Was Making It Rain On Them Hoes During His Dictatorship!

If we didn’t know any better we’d say that Mubarak was “gettin’ that A-rab money”, but of course we know better…

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February 12th 10:21am

Reality Broad Who Sliced Up Bouncer’s Grill With Her Nails Turns Herself In, Charged With Felony Assault

Rashidah Ali has turned herself in for acting like an unruly heathen and slicing up a grown man’s face: A wanna-be reality TV star turned herself in Friday night to face charges of slicing a bouncer’s face during a brawl

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February 12th 9:58am

In White Folks News: Heidi Montag Hires Waka Flocka’s Momma To Manage Her!!

This is some high-end fkery right here, some real luxury BS.

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February 12th 9:58am

Congressman Christopher “Let’s Get It Poppin On Craigslist” Lee And Wife Are Trying To Work Things Out

We feel bad for this poor lady, but at least they’re attempting to work through it despite this Chris Lee character’s ridiculous actions: The “humiliated” wife of shamed Craigslist Congressman Christopher Lee has rushed to his side and is “hoping to work things out”

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February 12th 9:39am

Jet Beauty Of The Week: Harpo

Oprah Winfrey is on the cover

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February 12th 9:13am

Saturday Style: Black Beauty And Icon Iman

With a DIVA’s swag, legs for days, and a client list including Yves Saint Laurent, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue, it’s no surprise that we’d highlight Iman, as a style icon!

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February 12th 8:46am

Kobe Bryant Puts Up 33 Points In A Lakers Blowout Over The Knicks 113-96

As Kobe and company cruise past the Knicks, talks of a trade for Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony seem to be ruffling the feathers of players of both teams.

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February 11th 6:47pm

In Little Willow’s Mind If She’s Orphan Annie, _________ Is Daddy Warbucks

In addition to singing and acting, Willow Smith is now calling the shots on casting decisions for her “Annie” project.

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February 11th 6:24pm

New Music: Bruno Mars Featuring Lil Wayne “Grenade” (Remix)

Lil Tunechi is back on his “It’s the remix baaaaaybaaaaay” ish, this time he commandeer’s Mr. Mars’ hit single Hate It or Love It???

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February 11th 6:10pm

Name The Cakes-In-A-Cut-Out-Dress

This broad is no stranger to tackiness or half-nekkidness. But somehow, she made this one work… Maybe because she is an absolute BANGER. Can you name these cakes?

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February 11th 5:37pm

IT’S OFFICIAL!!! Hosni Mubarak Steps Down And Concedes All Presidential Power!

Bout damn time! Don’t let the doorknob hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

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February 11th 5:14pm

Father Of The Missing Swiss Twin Girls Sends Confession Letter To His Wife!

This is just plain sad, what the hell is with all these parents doing sick sh*t to their own children?

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February 11th 4:29pm

10 Soft Songs By Rough Rappers

Every once in a while, one of your favorite rap or hip hop artists will take a departure from the usual verses of violence, wealth and random sexual encounters and a spit a rhyme about something a little closer to heart.

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February 11th 3:54pm

Dayummmm Mya’s Legs Are THICK As Hell

Here is Mya backstage at the 53rd annual GRAMMY awards day uno with her thick a$$ legs on full blast.

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