February 10th 4:44pm

50 Cent Explains Why His Dog Is Named Oprah

Curtis Jackson recently appeared on Conan O’Brien’s talk show

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February 10th 4:29pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

The Freaks Come Out At Night: The Wildest Outfits Worn At The Grammys (GO) Fashionista Launches a Full-Figured Footwear Fix (GO) QOTD: Do You Mean It When You Say ‘He Can Get It’? (GO) 50 Cent On Conan O’Brian Show (GO) Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Speaks & Shows Signs Of Recovery (GO) Report: Scarlett Johansson ‘Hooking…

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February 10th 3:56pm

WTF!?!? Pakistani Suicide Bomber Kills 31 U.S. Soldiers And Injures Another 42!

This is all the more reason we as Americans need to pay attention to what’s going on in Egpyt, as we rely on them as allies to help keep this kinda bullsh*t out of our country.

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February 10th 2:51pm

SMH: Gilbert Arenas And Laura Govan Playing He-Said-She-Said

Damn, this “fake divorce” drama is still going on with that shady Laura Govan and dumba$$ Gilbert Arenas:

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February 10th 2:06pm

Bangin Candy – “Halie” (Heather From The Ocho Cinco Show)

If you watched Chad Ochocinco’s VH1 reality show “The Ultimate Catch,” then you couldn’t have missed Heather

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February 10th 12:10pm

She’s Baaaaack! New Black Kid On the Block Siya Goes In! Sh*ts on Illuminati in New Single ‘Where Were You’

If you can remember, a while back we introduced you to Siya, the female lyricist who caught our attention. And welp, she did it again!

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February 10th 11:10am

10 Love Commandments

Love is such a powerful word. It can make the well man sick and the sick man well.

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February 10th 10:48am

Hate It Or Love It: Ex-Girlfriend Jeans… For Men???

We complained about men’s skinny jeans… So, of course, somebody had to make that trend ten times worse.

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February 10th 10:13am

This Child-Abusing Heifer Ain’t Sh*t

This is Susan Lee Burke, a first grade teacher out of Maryland with some serious anger issues.

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February 10th 10:07am

Sorry Lil Kim: Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Is #1 On The Billboard Charts

Nicki Minaj’s debut album is making it rain on the Billboard charts: Looks like “Pink Friday” has finally seized the day

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February 10th 9:59am

UPDATE: Political Swirl-Craigslist Cooze-Hound Congressman Christopher Lee’s iCrush Is A Black Woman!!!

Ohhh, so the Congressman likes a lil brown sugar when he’s moonlighting as a single, divorced, 30-something, bachelor…

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