December 7th 10:33pm

Caption This…Angelina Jolie And Her Benetton Babies

Fresh off being suffering the wrath of Chelsea Handler, Angelina “Fawking ITCHBAY, fawking c*nt” Jolie took her little motley crew out for a day of cultural enrichment at an art shop in NYC.

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December 7th 8:03pm

The Hard Truth: Bitter Black Women Do Exist

“Les, it’s 2010 you can’t be writing about bitter black women. Combining those words alone will get people enraged.”

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December 7th 7:35pm

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Jessica Simpson Finally Found Something She’s The Best At

Her musical appeal may have gone down (she hasn’t had a Gold album since her 2004 Christmas CD); and she may not be the brightest crayon in the box. But Jessica Simpson‘s fashion empire is making it monsoon on the rest of these wanna be celebrity designers.

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December 7th 7:09pm

Name The Tiny Tooted Up Cakes

One of our nominees in the “Attention Whore of the Year” category for this year’s Bossip Awards assumed this classy position in a recent photo shoot with Can you name those tiny tooted up cakes?

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December 7th 6:43pm

Prosecuting Attorneys Refuse To Speak To Judge During Texas Death Penalty Trial

After a judge granted the defense attorneys for John Edward Green a hearing to challenge the constitutional merit of the death penalty, the prosecution decided they would no longer participate in the proceedings. What part of the game is THAT?? After defense lawyers had questioned an expert witness who runs an anti-death-penalty group, Fine asked…

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December 7th 5:31pm

Which One Would You Hit???

Curtis Jackson is getting his thespian on in Michigan on the set of his new movie Setup with co-star Ryan Phillippe.

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December 7th 3:53pm

Exclusive New Black Kid On The Block: Raekwon Signs Off On “Six” The Rapper As Future Plus Shoot With Rosa Acosta! [Video]

SIX is in negotiations with Atlantic & Universal right now and we are rooting for the young brother. His music is dope… and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Click Here To Peep The HHW Exclusive Video With SIX And Rosa Acosta!!!

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December 7th 3:21pm

For The Stans: Beyonce Buys Jay-Z A $2 Million Dollar Car For His Birthday

Jay-Z, who recently celebrated his 41st birthday on December 4th received a $2 million dollar car from his wife Beyonce.

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December 7th 3:02pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Comedian Kathy Griffin Goes In On Bristol Palin: “She’s Like The White Precious” [Video] (GO) 10 Things Charter Schools Won’t Tell You (GO) Oprah’s Audience Members Begin Their Trip To Australia (GO) L.A. Dodgers — McCourt Agreement Invalid (GO) 10 Celebrity Couples We Wish Would Have Never Broken Up (GO) PHOTOS: Bootylicious! The Biggest &…

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December 7th 2:34pm

Quote Of The Day: President Of Botswana Doesn’t Want You Short & Fat “Furniture Breaking” Broads As His First Lady

The president of Botswana is done sowing his royal oats and is looking to wife something up. However, he’s not interested in anyone with chubbylumpkins

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December 7th 2:12pm

City Of Atlanta Forced To Pay Out Over 1 Million Dollars To Patrons Of Gay Club

The City of Atlanta is in deep sh*t (no pun intended) behind (again) a 2009 raid of a local gay bar called the Atlanta Eagle.

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December 7th 1:49pm

Princess Boy Swag

Here is your girl boy FeFe Derek J

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