December 13th 9:30am

WTF!?!? Convicted Serial Killer Confesses To Murking Even More People!!

For those of you who may not have heard about a man named Alfred Gaynor allow us to kick some knowledge to you.

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December 13th 9:10am

Where Are My Parents: Little Willow Ain’t Fawking With School Too Tough

We don’t know why, but we really would have expected Will and Jada to be on top of the educational situation with their baby celebs.

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December 13th 9:06am

808 And Heartbroken: Australian Club Tells Kanye West ‘You Ain’t Got To Go Home, But…’

Apparently, the Aussies don’t have as much regard for Kanye West as some of us Americans do. Wake up Mr. West, your “Big Brother” already told you that there “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City”. Kanye West recently got club treatment he’s not used to – the cold shoulder. The rapper was…

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December 13th 9:04am

In White Folks With Black Babies News: Sandra Bullock And Lil Louis Bardo Spread Some Holiday Cheer

Sandra Bullock and her lil Cajun cookie/Santa’s Lil Helper/Lil Elf Louis Bardo were seen having some holiday fun.

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December 13th 8:48am

Guess Who Will Be Waking Up To This Magnificent View Each Morning?

Such a beautiful view…but do you know whose crib this is???

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December 12th 4:51pm

SMH: Katt Williams Stays Losing These Days

For a minute there, Katt Williams was on top of the world! These days though, he can’t seem to catch a break.

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December 12th 4:40pm

Celebs Who’ll Be Changing Their FB Relationship Status!

So much juicy juice involved in relationships, but none juicier than when one (or both parties) stops acting like it’s the end of the world, and starts taking a daggone risk into love already! Sheeesh.

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December 12th 4:32pm

What Three Things Are New About Trina In This Picture??

Here’s Trina at her birthday party/Toy Drive in Miami Friday night.

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December 12th 3:53pm

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Ashley Simpson And Pete Wentz Ham It Up For Old Navy

Poor thang! While Jessica Simpson is making it rain on them hoes with her business savy, little lost Ashley Simpson-Wentz and her family somehow ended up being the face of Old Navy’s Awkward Holiday Photo Mobile.

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December 12th 2:06pm

What The Hell??? Oprah Says ‘Fawk It’ To Fashion Down Under

Oprah has made it to day four of her Aussie Stuntin’ trip. And apparently has used up all of her fly ISHT.

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