March 21st 1:02pm

Caption This

Steve Harvey and his baldilocks self performed in LA at his Tear Your Mouth Out comedy tour flipping the bird… Caption This and peep another pic on the flipside

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March 21st 12:42pm

Making It Rain On These Hoes: BeyBey’s Perfume Rakes In Over $3 Milli

Beyonce’s stans sure are one supportive bunch!

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March 21st 12:13pm

Reggie Bush And His Ashy Knuckles Caught Flirting With Brunette Broads

Reggie doesn’t waste any time…he’s already been caught hollering at some brown-haired Becky’s after BOSSIP reported that he and Kimmy Cakes were over for good:

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March 21st 11:45am

Breezy, Please Pull Up Your Skinny Jeans

Chris Brown, Tom Cruise, and Katie Holmes were spotted at the Lakers game the other day, and Breezy was wearing his famous saggy skinny jeans. That is not a good look. SMH. Pop it for more pics…

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March 21st 11:17am

Democrats Say They Have Enough Votes To Pass President Obama’s Historic Health Care Bill

216 is the magic number: Democrats have the 216 votes needed to pass health care reform

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March 21st 10:59am

Which One Would You Hit?? BDR Vs. Dame Dash

Russell Simmons and Damon Dash were both at Uncle Russy’s Gold Rush Awards last week. Out of these two hip hop moguls, Which One Would You Hit??? More images from the event under the hood…

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March 21st 10:36am

Random Ridiculousness: Artist Dresses Baby Girl Like Hitler And Other Leaders To Express Evil In Everyone

Norwegian-Danish artist Nina Maria Kleivan ditched the baby bonnet and rattle and opted for a mustache and swastika for a photograph of her infant daughter. She depicted the baby as Adolf Hitler as part of a photo exhibit on the nature of evil.

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March 21st 10:24am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Brooklyn Teen Gets Grill Slashed, Face Scarred Forever

This violence is getting way out of hand: Every time a teen looks in the mirror, she will see the V-shaped scar – a permanent reminder of the violence that erupted near her grandmother’s Brooklyn home. Shantayah Lewis, 17, sat in her room at Kings County Hospital Saturday, calmly reflecting on the Friday afternoon attack…

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March 21st 9:35am

Remember Me??? Vida Guerra And Her Cleavage Celebrate Her 35th Birthday

Butterface Vida Guerra and her rack were spotted celebrating her 35th birthday in Hollyweird this weekend. More pics on the flippy

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March 21st 9:30am

In Little White Boy News: Justin Bieber Drops Freestyle About Living In ATL And Broads

Everybody’s favorite pop singer Justin Bieber can flow for a little white boy. Pop it to watch him freestyle

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March 21st 9:30am

On The Come Up: Big Boi Signs Solo Deal With Def Jam

Big Boi is on the come up: Sir Lucious Left Loof b.k.a. Hip-Hop veteran Big Boi, made a special announcement this weekend. Continue…

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March 21st 9:04am

Seen On The Scene

Chanel Iman and Rachel Roy were at the Teen Vogue & L.e.i. Host A Nationwide Search For The Next “Model Citizen” event in New York this weekend. Flip it for more pics…

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March 21st 8:55am

Out Of Pocket Tea Party Chumps & Protesters Spew Hate At Capitol Hill, The N-Word Used 15 Times

Those ignorant behind Obama haters got all the way out of pocket at Capitol Hill yesterday: House Democrats heard it all Saturday — words of inspiration from President Barack Obama and raucous chants of protests from demonstrators. And at times it was flat-out ugly, including some racial epithets aimed at black members of Congress.

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March 21st 8:45am

SMH: Lawyers For Tiger Woods Attempt To Shut Down Sex Toy Ring

Lawyers for Tiger Woods are doing their best to shut down the sales of Tiger Woods sex toys. Continue…

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March 21st 8:35am

Bugsy Steps Out In The UK Lookin Like He’s Missed A Few Meals

Damn, 50 Cent was seen in London last night looking skinnier than the f*ck. Good ole Bugsy must’ve put his muscled-out meathead steez on hold for a bit. More flicks when you pop the hatch

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