November 19th 10:13am

Signs That You’re Just A Booty Call

Are you the woman that he wants to settle down with and ultimately enter into a blissful one-flesh union in the near future? Or, are you just a booty call?

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November 19th 9:31am

Little Willow Smith Says Her Talent Is Just The Result Of Being The Fruit Of Will And Jada’s Loins!

Willow Smith is droppin’ pearls of precious precociousness in the new issue of W Magazine.

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November 19th 9:20am

Excuse Me Miss? Judge Says Breezy Is The Bestest Felon Ever

Note to the young Black men of America: this is not an accolade you want to aim for.

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November 19th 8:17am

Don’t Tell Yeezy! Taylor Swift Is Going At Bey’s Neck Again

Once again America’s pop country sweetheart is out to steal Beyonce‘s shine.

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November 19th 7:55am

Ho Sit Down: Sarah Palin Still Talking ISHT On The Obamas…This Time It’s Our Girl Michelle

Here’s some more idiotic nonsense from the dumbaA$$ douchebag that is Sarah Palin: In passages leaked from her forthcoming book America by Heart, Sarah Palin — the erstwhile quitter governor of Alaska, who now, by all indications, fancies herself as President of the United States — has taken another cheap shot at First Lady Michelle…

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November 19th 7:45am

Dirty Dog Diaries: Tony Parker Speaks Out On His Divorce

Even though more drama is continuously unfolding in this Tony Parker/Eva Longoria divorce shenanigans, Tony Parker says that they are handling things “privately” SMH: Tony Parker was not blindsided when Eva Longoria filed for divorce this week,

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November 19th 1:09am

T.I. AKA “The Incarcerated” Sends A Kite To His Fans From The Pen Expressing His Frustration

We’ve heard this one before from T.I. but never quite so eloquently, SMH. Check out Kang Clifford as he scribes a lil somethin from the whoscow to let us know that he plans for this to be his last “vacation”:

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November 19th 12:25am

Helllll Naw!!! Cigarette Smoking Muslim Man Works As Obama Impersonator In Indonesia

Now we’ve seen our fair share of Obama impersonators over the past couple of years, but this sh*t right here might just take the cake. This mickiefickie is making a living working as a full time Faux-bama in Indonesia, and while he claims to be a “fan” of our first Black president we can’t help…

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November 18th 11:04pm

Three Bodies Discovered In Hollowed Out Tree; Suspect Already In Custody For Kidnapping Fourth Victim

The search for a missing Ohio woman, her son and her friend has ended with the grisly discovery of three bodies stuffed in garbage bags inside of a hollowed tree trunk. Police believe all three were murdered by a recently released convicted arsonist and burglar named Matthew Hoffman.

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