June 23rd 3:27pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

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June 23rd 3:08pm

Got Fripples?? Kanye’s Nips Make An Appearance In NYC

Yeezy was seen mobbing through NYC recently rockin a Dallas Mavericks hat, double Jesus pieces, some orange jeans, and his hard nipple steez.

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June 23rd 2:19pm

The Browning Of America Is Real! Studies Show White Babies Are No Longer The Majority

Uh-oh! We saw this coming, brown people are taking over the the U.S.! Hmm, does this explain all the anti-immigrations laws

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June 23rd 2:18pm

Some Afternoon Luxury: The Brand New Double R 102EX Phantom

Here is the new Rolls Royce 102EX Phantom showcased at the annual three day Salon Prive luxury and supercar event in London.

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June 23rd 2:06pm

Galleries: Ashanti, Kimora & Djimon, Ciara, Rihanna’s Crotch And More!

Rihanna performing in Edmonton, Canada…Ashanti out to dinner at Katsuya in Hollyweird, and CiCi running errands in Beverly Hills..

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June 23rd 1:36pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: 100 Women Injured And Assaulted In Mass By Rebels In The Democratic Republic of Congo

SMH: About 100 women have been sexually assaulted and many more injured in the latest mass rape by suspected rebels

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June 23rd 1:27pm

How He Plans To Revolutionize TV With New Black Cable Channel

Regi Allen, senior editor at the Discovery Channel and 20-plus year veteran of the television industry, is ready to do something about the one-dimensional imagery of Blacks on television.

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June 23rd 1:10pm

Random Ridiculousness: Colorado Set To Axe Circumcision Costs From Medicaid For Money Moral Reasons

The political red tape with legislation is getting ridiculous. Now they’re messin’ with the babies.

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June 23rd 12:34pm

Certified Links

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June 23rd 12:26pm

NBA Or Bust??: Some Of Basketball’s Greatest Post-Draft Flops

“I ball for real, y’all ni**as is Sam Bowie”- Jay-Z

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June 23rd 12:07pm

Fountain Of Youth: Sade Live In Concert Looking Like A 50-Year-Old Banger

Sade performed in New York this week at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island looking radiant and beautiful as usual..

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