December 1st 12:46pm

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Lil B Apologizes For Saying He Wants To Rape Kanye West, Wants To Be Lady Gaga (GO) MJ Movie Distributor Accused of Screwing Canada (GO) Eva Mendes is Not Showing T*t (GO) Jay-Z Inks Deal To Bring 40/40 Clubs To Airports In The U.S. (GO) WikiLeaks May Actually Be Good For America (GO) Kate Gosselin…

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December 1st 12:42pm

Oh Hell Naw! Brit Brit’s Boo Boo Is Beating That Azz???

Poor thang! We thought Britney Spears had finally gotten her life together. The music is poppin’ again… K-Fraud is getting checks elsewhere and Shar’s proven to be the messiest of his baby mamas. We had a lot of hope for Brit Brit.

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December 1st 12:35pm

Celebrities Who Owe Thousands & Millions To The IRS

Although we see them make so much money, and get so much fame, one thing that don’t separate celebrities from regular people are taxes.

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December 1st 11:36am

12-Step Guide to Becoming a Better Parent

Being a parent isn’t easy and there is no handbook that addresses the unique needs of every child. Whether it is your first, second or third, the journey is never the same. As parents, it is not our job to raise perfect children. It’s our responsibility to train them how to make good decisions. In…

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December 1st 11:21am

11 Celebrities and Activists Leading The Fight Against AIDS In The Black Community And The World

Originally regarded as a gay white man’s disease in the early 1980s, nearly three decades later it is the Black community that has been hit the hardest by HIV and AIDS. Despite continuous messages of awareness and prevention, Blacks, who represent 12 percent of the U.S. population, accounted for nearly 46 percent of people diagnosed…

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December 1st 11:20am

Rih Rih Says She Didn’t Switch Up Her Style, She Was Always A Slut On The Low

More tidbits are coming out of Rihanna’s chat with Yeezy for Interview Magazine. And one of the things she let fly is what most of us thought all along: she was never as innocent as she looked when she first hit the scene in ’05.

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December 1st 10:29am

Protect Ya Neck: King James And The Miami Heat Take Their Talents Back To Cleveland Tomorrow

Bron Bron better have eyes in the back of his head for tomorrow night for his first game back in Cleveland since his “decision” to leave his hometown for the warm weather and championship dreams in Miami.

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December 1st 10:25am

Question Of The Day: Would You Hit This Little Bit??

How many of you perverted guys would stuff this little thing???

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December 1st 9:46am

Aren’t They Married??? Denzel And Jenny From The Block Looking REAL Cozy Boys And Girls Club Announcement

Awwww sh*t! These two look like they were having a REAL good time together yesterday in LA at the Boys and Girls Club announcement that Jennifer Lopez will join Denzel and Mario Lopez as spokesperson for the nation-wide organization.

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December 1st 8:58am

Rosa Parks, We Thank You

On December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks, with one single act of ‘defiance’ that would launch the Montgomery Bus Boycott, became the first lady of the Civil Rights Movement.

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December 1st 8:23am

Caption This… Kardashians With Books Edition

Seriously, we actually think the photog who took these wanted us to come up with funny captions. So we thought we’d leave the comedy writing to you.

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December 1st 5:15am

Some Morning Sacrifice: Alicia Keys Is Dead For “Keep A Child Alive”

Earlier this week, we posted how Alicia Keys has inspired Facebook and Twitter-whoring celebrities to quit their social media habits for a good cause…

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December 1st 5:07am

A “Lil Positivity”: Yeezy Is A Do-Gooder, Not A Douchebag…”Spontaneously” Wraps Christmas Gifts For Foster Children In NYC

Via TMZ: Kanye West spent 90 minutes gift wrapping presents for foster kids today at a charity event in NYC — but he didn’t do it for the publicity … he did it because he happened to be in the area and he felt like helping out.

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December 1st 4:48am

M.A.C. & Yaki: 22 Year-Old Abusive Mother Who Must Report To Jail Each Week Makes Sure Her Mug Shot Game Is On Point!!!

This is the most random ridiculousness ish we’ve seen all week!!! If you didn’t already know Kaylin Ransom was a hairdresser, you might have been able to figure it out from her mug shots – all 28 of them.

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