January 13th 9:43am

Dear Aunt Vivica: You Know This Cougar Isht Comes With Responsibilities Right?

Dear Vivica A. Fox: now that you have set your mind on keeping this young boy around at least long enough to get a Gut Full Of Atlanta Gigolo, we’re gonna need you to do us a favor.

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January 13th 9:32am

Ri-Ri Takes Her “Devil In A Red Wig” Steez To The Heat Vs Clippers Game In Search Of Her Next Boyfriend Sex Slave

Ri-Ri decided to do a little reconnaissance on which man’s life she will ruin next by attending the Heat vs Clippers last night at the Staples Center in Hollyweird. Heads up guys, this ain’t the one you want…

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January 13th 9:14am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here is a photo of Gucci Mane after getting a new addition to his face.

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January 13th 9:06am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Cali Hwy Patrol Officer Popped For Murking Her Husband

Damn: California Highway Patrol Officer Tomiekia Johnson was arrested and charged Tuesday

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January 13th 8:50am

Pure Comedy: 50 Cent Did Nothing More With His Stock Tweets Than Get The SEC On His A**

We were all impressed with Bugsy’s business sense after he made some serious dough off of Twitter the other day. But there’s a catch.

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January 13th 8:46am

Coupled Up: Dayummm Luda’s Girlfriend Gets Finer And Finer Every Time We See Her

Ludacris and his bangerific boo Eudoxie hit up the premiere

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January 13th 8:44am

Former Model Making Sly Business Moves With Private Investigation Company

When one thinks about private investigators, images from Hollywood may come to mind of men in trench coats with tiny cameras, slinking through the shadows in an effort to uncover top-secret information. Or the adventurous, Hawaiian island beach life of Magnum P.I. Well, some of that is true, but according to Brianne Joseph of Sly…

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January 13th 8:24am

Who Looked More Bangin???

Actresses Kimberly Elise and Sanaa Lathan attended the 42nd NAACP Image Awards

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January 12th 7:21pm

For Discussion: Is It Wrong To Ask A Pregnant Woman To Leave A Bar?

Michelle Lee was minding her business sipping a water with her friend when a bouncer approached her, asked if she was pregnant, and promptly escorted her to the door.

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