June 23rd 9:20am

Are You Ready For Some Football?? Experts Say NFL Lockout Closer To Being Over Than We Thought…

(NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and players association Director Demaurice Smith) Sweet baby Jesus in swaddling fleece diapers THANK YOU!!!

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June 23rd 9:19am

In White Folks Who Rebuke The Sober Life News: Blohan Is Still Getting Slizzard On House Arrest

This broad just won’t be satisfied until she’s in a jail cell, getting her hair braided by a BISH named Big Mama.

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June 23rd 8:56am

What The Hell??? Man Documents His Amateur Hostage-Taking On Facebook, Makes 12 New Friends In The Process

Seriously, y’all are starting to take this social networking isht too far.

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June 23rd 8:36am

Feds Catch Notorious Boston Gangster James “Whitey” Bulger And Boo In Cali After He Was On The Run For 16 Years

If you’ve seen the movie “The Departed” and you remember Jack Nicholson’s role, then you know exactly what this guy was about….

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June 23rd 8:23am

Some Morning Thickness: Amber Rose And Her Cakes Shooting Show

Here is Amber Rose reality showing it up on the beach in California with her thicky-kins swag on 3,000 trillion.

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June 23rd 7:51am

True Tweet Or Hack Sh*t: Did Rihanna Make A Confession About “The Chris Brown Incident”

This alleged image of Rihanna’s Twitter profile has been making the rounds online since early yesterday…

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June 22nd 6:05pm

What Ever Happened to African-American Baseball Players?

Despite the rich history of African-Americans and baseball, black youth today are focused more on the glitzy trappings of football and basketball.

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June 22nd 5:25pm

In White Folks News: Pink And Her Dirt-Bike Motorin’ Hubby Floss Their Newborn Bundle Of Preciousness For PEOPLE Magazine

We are still waiting for those first shots of Mariah and Nick’s seeds #DemBabies, but in the meantime Pink is getting that tabloid love for first shots of lil Willow Sage!

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June 22nd 4:55pm

Frankenbrotha: Creating the Perfect Man

Ok, we know there’s no such thing as a “perfect” man.

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June 22nd 4:45pm

Joe Budden Spotted With Model Yaris Sanchez, Did He Upgrade From Esther Baxter?

Joe Budden made headlines in May after releasing “Ordinary Love Pt. 3

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June 22nd 4:40pm

Spotted Lookin’ Casually Cute: Angela Simmons Kicks It In Cali, Tanika Ray Out And About In NYC

Angela Simmons tried to keep it lowkey, at West Hollyweird mainstay Urth Caffe, but she was spotted by the paps.

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June 22nd 4:37pm

Cover Boys: Weezy F. “I Got A Lot Of Babies” Does XXL Magazine And Talks His Soon-To-Happen Retirement Plan

Lil Dwayne Carter in on the cover of the July/August 2011 issue of XXL magazine where he reveals his plans to get out of the rap game:

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