March 3rd 4:21pm

Fill In The Blank

Bald Headed Beast is looking stank because ______________. Bald Headed Beast, AKA Amber Rose, was spotted Sunday at Birdman’s birthday celebration at LIV in Miami. Pop the hood to fill in the blank and to see her do some actual work along with some more pictures of her partying it up.

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March 3rd 2:47pm

Floyd Mayweather Jr. And Sugar Shane Mosley Square Off At Press Conference

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. (33) and “Sugar” Shane Mosley (38), two of the top 5 pugilists on most knowledgeable boxing observers’ “Pound-For-Pound” lists, are scheduled to face off in the squared circle May 1st 2010 at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena. The initial press conference announcing one of the most anticipated combats in recent…

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March 3rd 2:10pm

Out Of Pocket White Students Arrested For University Of Missouri Cotton Ball Stunt!!!

Two University of Missouri students landed in jail after acting like some donkeys and vandalizing the school’s black culture center with cotton balls — a painful reminder of the cotton pickin’ slavery days!!! Pop the hood for more.

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March 3rd 1:50pm

Diddy’s Stan Gets Popped For Stalking His Hampton Home

A Florida woman was arrested after stalking Diddy’s Hampton home and trespassing the property grounds twice in one week.  Details on the flippy.

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March 3rd 12:50pm

Quote Of The Day: MoNique Says “My Hubby Can Have Sex Outside Of Our Marriage, That’s Not A Deal-Breaker”

According to MoNique, her husband is allowed to chop down as many broads as he pleases with no repercussions.  More details on the flip.

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March 3rd 12:14pm

Weezy Escapes Jail… AGAIN!!!

We’re starting to think Weezy will never see the inside of Riker’s Island. Pop the hood to find out what’s keeping him out of jail now.

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March 3rd 12:09pm

Regina King Says “The Baby Oil Scene With The Cheating Husband In The Movie ‘This Christmas’ Happened In Real Life”

We all fell in love with Regina King when she played Iesha in the movie “Poetic Justice”. Now she PLAYS a cop on the new show “SouthLAnd” and also is the voice of Huey and Riley on the animated TV show “The Boondocks”. In an recent interview Regina speaks on acting, being a role model…

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March 3rd 11:57am

Certified Links

Jay-Z & Russell Simmons Subpoenaed Over Racetrack/Casino Bids (GO) When Did Kate Gosselin Get Giant Breasts (GO) 74-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Intruder, Stops Sexual Assault [Video] (GO) Rapper J-Kwon Gone Missing?!?! (GO) Former Inmate On Death Row Awarded $525,000 For Wrongful Conviction (GO) Floyd Mayweather, Jr & Sugar Shane Mosley Square Off At Press Conference…

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March 3rd 11:55am

Only Freaks Would Wear This To Dinner

Lady GaGa was spotted leaving a restaurant in London after a late night dinner with this get up on.  We want to know how she sits and sh*ts with this crap on. More pics of Joanne Stefani Germanotta aka Lady GaGa under the hood.

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March 3rd 11:54am

Dear Bossip: My Baby’s Daddy Is A Hater

Hey Bossip peoples. I have a situation and I could really use some advice. I’ve been dating this man for almost 5 months now and I think he’s “the one” lol. I have 2 kids with my ex and we used to live together until

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March 3rd 11:24am

Nivea Pulls A Power Play… Calls In Weezy For Her Video!!!

After playing nice with her “sister-wives” this weekend, it looks like Nivea still managed to get one last little dig in — getting Wayne to make an appearance in her video for “Love Hurts”. More info along with the video and another still shot on the flipside.

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March 3rd 11:00am

Black Men Jump Ship Because A Black Woman Doesn’t Know How To Be Submissive!!!

We have accepted that this topic is not going away. One thing we always hear is a woman’s perspective, this time we have a man who speaks his mind on “WHY BLACK MEN JUMP SHIP ON BLACK WOMEN!!!” Flip the Lid for his Thoughts

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March 3rd 10:36am

Quote Of The Day: Paula Patton Is Offended By The Term “Biracial”

We posted a quote from Paula Patton’s interview with Women’s Health magazine last month about her husband Robin Thicke being super duper proud of his super duper sperm. And here’s another gem from that article where the knocked up banger reveals she’s offended by the term biracial.

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March 3rd 10:36am

SMH: Principal Arrested For Having Sex With Students On School Grounds

North Carolina police arrested an assistant high school principal after they say he had sexual relations with two of his students, often on school grounds. Continue…

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March 3rd 10:13am

Bey Bey Beyonce Looks a Little Slizzed…

Beyonce hit up the 40/40 club last night after her hubby’s concert at Madison Square Garden.  From the pictures she looks like she had one too many glasses of bubbly.  Good to see her out…next time she should leave Julius and his big pink lips at home though. Pop the top to see who else…

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