June 10th 8:58am

Bolitics: Is Rudy Giuliani Getting Ready To Dust Himself Off And Try Running For President Again??

So far, not one of the Republican presidential candidates who have confirmed their campaign seems to actually be someone anyone would want running this country.

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June 10th 8:47am

Joy Bryant In A Kini

Here is Joy Bryant in a bikini chillin with some stogies and a drinky-poo.

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June 10th 8:40am

Fat Joe Is A Slimmy Trimmy Too… Rapper Drops 88 LBS — Wasn’t Tryin’ To Go Out Like Pun! [Video]

We gotta start calling Fat Joe “Lean Backs” cuz he just went from 350 lbs to 260-something in nine months!

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June 10th 8:39am

Hell Hath No Fury: Pregnant Woman Pushes Husband Out Of A 17th Floor Window Because He Chunked Her The Deuces

This is one of those “Snapped” stories we would have probably given the side-eye to.

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June 10th 8:03am

What Is Wrong With These Cakes???

Deena Nicole Cortese from the Jersey Shore was spotted out on the streets with her backs on blast.

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