November 2nd 10:32am

Another Disney Star Heads To Rehab… Demi Lovato Quits Jonas Bros Tour To Tackle “Emotional Issues”

Poor little Demi Lovato has dropped out of her opening act spot on the Jonas Brothers tour to seek some professional help.

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November 2nd 10:28am

Tiny’s Lawyer Says She Wasn’t Holding Or Popping Them Thangs In L.A.

While Tiny was being the dutiful ride-or-die bride that she is, seeing her man off to prison, her lawyer was in a Beverly Hills courtroom answering to the possessions charges filed against her.

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November 2nd 10:08am

South Carolina Ministers Say That Eddie Long “Strokey-Doke” Ain’t Sh*t: So Long Eddie Wrong Campaign In Progress

Some folks are coming forward who want Eddie Long’s nasty greasy jheri-curl lacefront wearing a$$ gone for good: A South Carolina minister Sunday demanded that Bishop Eddie Long step down as senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in the wake of allegations that he coerced four young men into sexual relationships.

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November 2nd 9:38am

BOSSIP Exclusive: Newest “Bad Girl” Is A Skanky Stanky Brokedown Ho Who FAWKS Ballers And Avoids Showers

The train wreck that is Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” is rolling into a new season, picking up nastier cast members at every stop. And this one right here is a gem.

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November 2nd 8:41am

BOSSIP Exclusive: Idris Elba’s Baby’s Mom Revealed…Details Including Her Occupation Inside!!

Sources have exclusively revealed to BOSSIP that Idris Elba not only has a daughter with his ex-wife, but he also has a 6 month old son by Desiree Newberry, the young lady photographed above.

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November 2nd 8:25am

How Important Is Your Future? Let It Be Known Today!

As we reminded you yesterday, today is election day across the United States. And while it’s not as glamorous, this election is just as, if not more, important than the historic election that put President Barack Obama in office.

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November 2nd 7:54am

Bishop Long-Stroke’Em Finally (Kinda) Denies The Allegations

Bishop Eddie Gone-Wrong finally got his story together. And it only took a month and a half.

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November 1st 7:49pm

Gilbert Arenas’ BabyMama Laura Govan Says She’s A Goodie Two Shoes, Shaq Didn’t Chop Her Down And Shaunie Was Never Her BFF

We’ve heard it all before, but apparently Laura Govan has decided now is the right time to try and set the record straight about rumors that she and Shaq were gettin’ it in behind her “friend” Shaunie O’Neal and her fiance Gilbert Arenas’ back.

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November 1st 7:26pm

Another Hollyweird Marriage Down The Tubes Thanks To Coke, Hookers, And Domestic Abuse: Charlie Sheen & Wife File For Divorce

It’s not like the world didn’t see this one coming with Charlie Sheen’s recent coke-induced crazy & naked hooker binge: Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller have filed for divorce today

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November 1st 5:49pm

Secret Swirl Lovers: 50 Cent Is Still Working Chelsea Handler’s Pink-Toe “Manly” Comedic Jaws???

Although they keep denying that they’re involved, Bugsy and Chelsea Handler stay getting spotted together!! This time the duo were seen leaving a restaurant together…hopping into 50′s “Double R” after allegedly meeting to discuss a “potential project.” SMH.

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November 1st 5:44pm

Guess The Joker Impersonator

Not only did this rapper show up to a gig in full make up as The Joker, but he transformed his weed carriers entourage into Joker’s gang of thugged out clowns. Performing songs like “Body Ya” and “Killen ‘Em,” it’s actually almost appropriate. Pop the hood to see who it is.

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November 1st 5:18pm

T.I. “The Inmate” Heads Back To Arkansas For His Slammer Time

Just as Weezy is getting out, T.I. is headed back to the big house.

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November 1st 4:54pm

Thick Thickum Tionna Smalls Looks Like New Money Now That She’s Making It Rain

Now that not finding Chilli a man made her a nationally recognizable authority on men and dating, Tionna Smalls is classing her image up a bit.

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November 1st 4:29pm

C-Milli Gets Her Lavender Wig Swag On With Lil Chubby Cheeked Baby Vi

C-Milli was spotted out and about this weekend running Halloween errands with her lil thumbsucker Violet. Do you like her lavender wig?

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November 1st 4:16pm

Pound For Pound: The Most Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss

Celebrities battle their weight just like the rest of us and a select few have gone head to head with the bulge and won.

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