June 13th 11:35am

Bad Meaning Bad: Fashion Habits You Need to Break ASAP

Have you ever taken a look at an old photo album or your high school yearbook and become flooded with utter disbelief

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June 13th 11:30am

Ho Sit Down: GOP’s Herman Cain Says Obama Was ‘Raised In Kenya’

Man, just argue policy! Quit with the fear mongering with the tea baggers.

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June 13th 10:22am

You Can’t Be Serious…Faux News Host Is Distrubed By The “Hoodlums” That President Obama Is Inviting To The White “Hizzy”

The idea that people actually defend this kind of BS says a lot about where we are today in society…

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June 13th 9:56am

Angelina Jolie Goes Barefaced, Barefoot, And Rocks Her Own Gear For New Louis Vuitton “Core Values” Ad

Angelina Jolie has gone all the way au natural for LV’s brand new “Core Values” campaign, wearing no make up, shoes, and donning her own clothing:

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June 13th 9:42am

A “Lil Positivity”: C Milli And Baby Violet Are All Smiles At Picnic To Benefit Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Christina Milian and her precious lil baby aka The-Nightmare’s Mini Me, Violet Madison Nash

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June 13th 9:21am

#SeriouslyMcDonald’s??? Picture Of Racist “New” Mickey D’s Policy Photo Circulates Around The Net

It never ceases to amaze us how fast the internet can put you on blast and ruin your reputation.

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June 13th 8:58am

Coupled Up…Once Again: Rihanna And Drizzy-Drake All Bunned Up In Montreal (+16 Photos)

Looks like Aubrey “I love recycled punnany” Graham and Rihanna have been flauntin’ their lil love affair all around Montreal:

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