June 13th 3:33pm

Exclusive: Jennifer Williams Upgrades From Ol’ Lumphead Eric With A New Swirl-y Love Affair

If you follow Jennifer Williams on Twitter, you know that the Basketball Wife formerly known as Mrs. Eric Williams is now in love with a new boo.

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June 13th 2:00pm

What The Eddie Long Settlement Reveals About Innovation and Investment

Black people have money, we just don’t know where to put it.

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June 13th 1:13pm

So Where’s The Dough? Did Birdman Actually Pay The $2 Million He Lost By Betting On The Heat

Birdman bet two milli on the Miami Heat…so he has Bron Bron to thank for his decrease in funds right about now.

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June 13th 12:44pm

Who Looked More Bangin In Thigh High Boots?? Jenny From The Block Vs. Nicole Scherzinger

J. Lo and Nicole Scherzinger are out in the UK both rockin short skirts and thigh high boots

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June 13th 12:39pm

‘The Loss Of The Rings’ And Other Hilarious Miami Heat Jokes [Photos]

The internet was on fire last night after news broke that The Dallas Mavericks beat The Miami Heat leaving Twitter flooded with photoshopped pictures from fans that couldn’t wait to get in on the Heat hate fest.

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June 13th 12:24pm

Isn’t This Ironic? Rapture Predictor Harold Camping Falls Victim To A Stroke

Things haven’t been going well for Harold Camping since he failed to predict the whole Rapture thing correctly.

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June 13th 11:35am

Bad Meaning Bad: Fashion Habits You Need to Break ASAP

Have you ever taken a look at an old photo album or your high school yearbook and become flooded with utter disbelief

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June 13th 11:30am

Ho Sit Down: GOP’s Herman Cain Says Obama Was ‘Raised In Kenya’

Man, just argue policy! Quit with the fear mongering with the tea baggers.

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