March 7th 9:03am

BDR Straps The Jimmy On Extra Tight When Smashing These Young Hoes

While making his rounds in LA for Oscar weekend Russell Simmons dropped a “Magnum” Trojan Condom when he was exiting The Cove. Hmmm Check the details on the flip.

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March 7th 8:54am

Aunt Viv Out Stuntin’ With Her Cougar Legs On Full Blast

Vivica A. Fox hit up the nominee party for “Precious” in LA with this promiscuous looking outfit on.  Between the rat on her back and the weaved up ponytail we think she should go back home and try again. Check out more pics of Vivica, Gabourey Sidibe and Oprah under the hood.

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March 7th 8:46am

D’Angelo Gets Popped By One-Time For Soliciting Oral Sex

D’Angelo was arrested yesterday after he offered an undercover cop all cash for oral sex on an NYC street.  The worst part of it all is how much he was willing to pay for the service. Pop the top to find out.

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March 7th 8:08am

Where Is Cassie? Diddy Still Hitting The UK Streets Dolo

Diddy and Cassie have been having secret meetings while visiting London and Paris.  This time Diddy was spotted leaving Amika nightclub in Kensington London all by his lonesome.  Something tells us Cassie wasn’t too far behind. More of Diddy on his metro swag once you pop the top.

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March 6th 10:29pm

Oprah Softballs Lil Licia Keys, No Hard Questions For “Most Charitable” Homewrecker

Alicia Keys went on Oprah’s show Friday and just as we expected, there was no grilling involved!!! We all know Alicia wants to keep her Mother Teresa image and deserves recognition for her “Keep A Child Alive” charitable work, but as next in line to be Swizz Beatz wife, she’s also at the middle of…

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March 6th 5:36pm

Pure Comedy: Whoopi Has A Leaky — Faucet???

Female incontinence has a new spokeswoman!!! Whoopi Goldberg! “The View” moderator and famous comedienne makes light of the embarrassing situation in a series of ads for Poise pads and liners by portraying historical female figures struggling to understand their leaky bladders. Pop the hood for more.

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March 6th 4:41pm

No More Daddy’s Little Girl!!! Teddy Riley’s Daughter Is Holding Major Cakes!!!

We’re wondering if Teddy Riley feels he’s failed as a father. First he gets hit with restraining orders by two of them for being physically abusive (Warning: Do not offer to play Rock Band with him EVER) and now his 20-year-old daughter Nia is posing in men’s magazines. Pop the hood so she can show…

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March 6th 3:58pm

Sean Penn Says He Hopes Critics Of His Relief Efforts In Haiti “Die Screaming Of Rectal Cancer”

Sean Penn is such a fu*kin’ bada*s!!! When he’s not kicking paparazzi a*ses, he’s over in Haiti helping survivors of the earthquake disaster — and he even has the balls to wish rectal cancer on anybody who might have a problem with it. Pop the hood for his exact words and context.

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March 6th 10:56am

New Video: Lil Wayne Feat. Eminem “Drop The World”

Critics thought Weezy’s Rebirth album would never see the light of day, but his collaboration with Eminem on “Drop the World” has a lotta folks talking. They teamed up and filmed the video during Grammy weekend and now we have it for your viewing pleasure. Pop the hood to watch it. Continue

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March 6th 10:40am

Twitter Files: C. Breezy Is THIS Your Chick???

C.Breezy sure loves the HOES! First he got snapped in Miami with Rhea, then we found out about longtime cutbuddy Alycia Bellamy and of course there’ll always be the biggest freak of all — Rihanna. Now rumor has it that Chris Brown has been flying in a PYT to spend time with him. It doesn’t…

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March 6th 8:47am

Some Saturday Sweetness

Awwww. Halle Berry and Nahla were spotted having a wonderful playdate at a park in Beverly Hills looking absolutely adorable. Nahla is such a little cutie pie, and we’re glad that Halle is taking the time out to raise her child instead of leaning on that Hollyweird “My nanny sees my kid more than I…

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March 6th 8:45am

In White Folks News: Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Roethlisberger Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Broads

This isn’t the first time this dude has been accused for being drunk, obnoxious, and sexually assaulting women: A 20-year-old college student accused Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of sexually assaulting her at a nightclub early Friday during a night on the town near where he owns a lake home.

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March 6th 8:39am

A “Lil Positivity”: BeyBey Gets All Deep And Stuff About Opening A School In Brooklyn With Mama Tina

Happy Saturday Stans! Here’s a little Beyonce positivity for you this morning.. Pop it for more details and a gang of pics…

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March 6th 8:21am

Random Ridiculousness: White Man Poses As Black Doctor, Visits Patients

Some needs to lock this crazy cuckoo bird up and throw away the key: A white man was arrested in New Jersey after police say he impersonated a local Black doctor, visiting patients at their homes and writing prescriptions.

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March 6th 8:11am

Still Beefin With The White Lady: Gucci Mane’s Manager Denies Eviction Reports By “Ozone” Magazine

The music industry is known to be a cutthroat business and it seems as if the ongoing beef between Ozone Magazine owner Julia Beverly and Gucci Mane’s manager Jonnie Cabbel is starting to reach their boiling point. Continue…

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