January 24th 1:37pm

Sign Of The Times: Red Lobster And Olive Garden To Combine, Red Garden Or Olive Lobster???

This bad economy sh*t is getting real out there people and your local Olive Garden and Red Lobster is trying to do something about it.

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January 24th 1:00pm

GTFOHWTBS: 15 Hip-Hop and R&B Artists Booed During Performances

Being booed while performing in front of a heckling crowd is almost a rite of passage in the music industry and it happens to the best and the worst of them.

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January 24th 12:55pm

Controversy Over MTV’s New Teen Sex Show ‘Skins’ Continues, Costs Network 3 Major Advertisers

We know MTV enjoyed the free publicity for their show, but now it’s starting to affect the money, and you know what that means…

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January 24th 12:51pm

New Study: Sexting Makes It “Okay” To Have Sex Quicker

Uhhhhhh: Nearly 40 percent of women say that social-networking media, such as text-messaging and Facebook, are causing them to jump into the sack faster with partners

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January 24th 11:24am

Who Said You Can’t Live ‘Happily Ever After?!’

Disney didn’t get it wrong. You can live “happily ever after!” True love does exist! Or does it?!

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January 24th 11:21am

Alleged ‘Mom-Killer’ ID’d 18 Years Prior To Conviction By Toddler

What’s done in the dark comes to light! While serving 25 years for a separate bump off, DeJohn Hoffman, is charged with the shooting of his girlfriend and mother of his child, Jessica Smith.

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January 24th 11:08am

10 Signs It’s Time To Break Up

Are you in a relationship where you’re constantly wondering whether you should promptly throw deuces?

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January 24th 11:00am

Hi Hater: Oscar De La Renta Throws More Shade At Chelly-O

Oscar De La Renta is starting to sound like a real bitter old man with all this talk about our beloved FLOTUS and her clothing choices.

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January 24th 10:18am

SMH: Crazy Arizona Shooter Could Avoid A Sentence For Years

Between an insanity plea, requests to move the trial, etc., experts think it could be years before Jared Loughner gets sentenced in the January 8 Arizona shooting that made headlines across the country.

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January 24th 10:01am

Shady Clarence ‘Swirlin’ Thomas Didn’t Report His Wife Ginny’s Income

That Clarence Thomas stays doing shady isht: Virginia Thomas earned over $680,000 from conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation over five years, a group says.

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January 24th 9:48am

RuPaul Doesn’t Dress In Drag To Enrich Lives or Inspire Gays

RuPaul is way too humble to consider himself a “gay icon.”

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January 24th 9:27am

Rihanna Says The Raggedy Ratted Red Hair “Makes Her Feel Girly”

More Magazine in the UK recently sat down with Rihanna and got her to share all types of interesting tidbits.

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January 24th 9:22am

Five Things Black People Should Know Today

Yes, we adore all things Beyonce, envy the Kardashians and dream of being like Jay-Z

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January 24th 8:38am

In White Folks News: Chelsea Handler Spotted “Bunned Up” And It’s Not With 50 Cent…

Chelsea Handler sure does get around: While comedienne Chelsea Handler was expected to be at the side of rumored beau 50 Cent this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival

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