December 4th 10:42am

“Pretty Wild” White Girl Popped And Being Held With No Bail For Toting Ski-Blacky (Black Tar Heroin) And A Fake Driver’s License While On Probation

Remember that lil rich white girl that was wildin out doing herion and robbing mothafuggas?!?! Well she’s been arrested once again: Troubled teenage reality star Alexis Neiers was jailed on Friday after a judge revoked her probation following her arrest for heroin possession.

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December 4th 10:12am

Nicki Minaj And Her “Mr. Ed Grill” Salute The Troops Along With Keri Hilson & Katy Perry (40+ Pics Inside)

Nicki Minaj had her Horse Teeth game on 100 at the VH1 Salute the Troops concert along with Katy Perry and a toned down but still slutty Keri Hilson…

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December 4th 10:09am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Yankees Offer Derek Jeter Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

After weeks of trying to get a deal done it looks like the New York Yankees and star shortstop Derek Jeter are about to break bread!

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December 4th 9:30am

Random Ridiculousness: A Herd Of Elephants In India Get Drunk And Go On Rowdy And Belligerent Rampage?!?!

This is crazzzyyy: A herd of about 70 elephants got drunk on a fermented rice-based drink and then went on a four-day rampage in India, killing three people and smashing dozens of homes.

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December 4th 6:53am

Teairra Mari Celebrates Her 23rd Birthday… Will She Ever Celebrate An Album???

With dreams and aspirations taller than the Empire State Building, Teairra Mari may not have dropped an album but she’s still doing celebrity things like… celebrating her 23rd birthday in Hollywood at Cabana Club. No one can ever say that this girl doesn’t have talent but she just needs that “ONE THING” that can carry…

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December 4th 3:12am

Kanye West Is Dress To Impress In I-D Magazine So, He Can Sow His Royal Oats In A Chick With Integrity

Kanye West is featured in the upcoming issue of I-D Magazine speaking on love, looking for the right woman to carry his child, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z and his moves after the MTV fiasco.

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December 4th 12:55am

SMH: When Inter-Racial Adoption Goes Reeeeeally Wrong

Oh, this poor baby, SMH. Yes, those are actually her parents.

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December 4th 12:48am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

This week on Chelsea Lately… Cee-Lo Green made an appearance on the show to promote his new album with a title dedicated to his love for women “Lady Killer”. It’s no secret how far Chelsea will go to keep the ratings going up but this is just… SMH! Acting out scenes from Pulp Fiction may…

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December 3rd 9:32pm

Name These Sparkly Celebrity Lips

This December cover girl is just got married and nominated for a Grammy. And her BFF is a little on the skanky side sometimes. Can you name the sparkly puckers?

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December 3rd 8:42pm

The Hood Life: Cee-Lo Green, Age 35, Is A GrandPappi. And Proud Of It!

Cee-Lo Green wears many hats: Hip-Hop pioneer, auditory boundary pusher, Closet Freak, Soul Machine, Grammy Award winner, and now: grand father.

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December 3rd 8:09pm

Celebrity Hair Chameleons

Some celebs stick with a signature look for basically their whole careers (Whoopi Goldberg, Diane Keaton, etc), but most red carpet walkers like to change up their appearance every now and then, at least every couple years or so.

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December 3rd 7:48pm

Hey Thickums: Just Because You’re Smaller Than Precious Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have One Foot In The Grave

For years we’ve heard the warnings about obesity: diabetes, hypertension, a non-existent sex life…death. It turns out, not tipping the scales at 250 pounds or better does mean you’re safe from that last one.

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December 3rd 6:18pm

Tony Parker’s Married Side Piece Says She Didn’t Want His Azz Anymore Than Eva

Erin Barry, Tony Parker’s alleged sexting pen pal is finally talking about the he say, she say surrounding their respective divorces. If you want people to keep your name out of their mouths, is releasing a statement as the chatter starts to die down really the move?

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December 3rd 5:38pm

Happy Birthday Trina!! Damn Girl, That Azz Still Fat At 35, 32 30 (??)

We’d like to take this time to wish Katrina Laverne Taylor a very happy birthday! And celebrate her beauty booty.

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December 3rd 5:16pm

Hip-Hop’s ‘Biggest’ Bosses: 10 Rappers That Need To Keep Their Shirts On

When it comes to self esteem, most rappers have a lot of it. After performing under the hot lights at shows, many rappers and singers get hot and take off their shirts-which if you are LL Cool J can have the ladies swooning, but if you’re Rick Ross, could send them running.

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