October 19th 12:00pm

Who Is My Mommy???

This precious guy belongs to an R&B singer who is working her way back into the music game now that her “maternity leave” is finito. Can you guess who she is???

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October 19th 11:11am

End Of An Era: Magic Johnson Is No Longer A Lakers Owner

Magic Johnson has officially cut ties with the franchise that made him a household name… on paper anyways.

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October 19th 11:07am

It’s Drizzly In Toronto… Rapper Snapped On Set Filming In Hometown

Drake is back on his acting sh*t. The rapper was spotted in Toronto arriving on the set of Breakaway, a hockey film currently in production there. Check out more shots below:

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October 19th 11:01am

R.I.P. Danroy Henry: Cops ID’ed And Friends & Family Speak Out About Tragic Pace University Student Fatal Shooting

This is extremely sad. Family and friends of Danroy “DJ” Henry, who was fatally shot by Mount Pleasant police officers this weekend are speaking on this tragic incident:

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October 19th 10:35am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Freaky Canadian Air Force Pilot Accused of Murking Girls And Stealing Their Drawls

For 23 years, Russell Williams’ been passing for a concerned Canadian citizen serving his country, without revealing a clue of the murderous perv he really was.

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October 19th 10:34am

Top 11 Business Schools That Are Worth The Loans

Whether or not it’s worth it to go to business school continues to be widely debated. Most people can agree that at the going tuition rate of graduate degrees in general, there needs to be very considerable thought given to pursuing a master’s degree. An MBA is one of the graduate degrees that guarantees a…

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October 19th 10:33am

Halle Is Berry Angry With The Paps For Stalking Her And Lil Precious Nahla!

Halle Berry was spotted looking pretty heated yesterday as she got lil precious Nahla out of her carseat. We can’t read lips, but we’re pretty sure she’s cussing the sh*t out of some paps for sneaking up on her. More shots of red-hot Halle and Nahla below:

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October 19th 9:49am

Caption These

Diddy‘s suspect mentor and Russell Simmons’ BFF Andre Harrell celebrated his 50th birthday in New York last night. And the celeb-filled bash sponsored by Moet & Chaundon made for some very interesting candids.

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October 19th 9:34am

Is Rihanna Milking Her Breezy Beatdown For Another Domestic Violence Anthem?

Rihanna is collaborating with Eminem again on a sequel to their hit song “Love The Way You Lie” for her album. This time the song will approach domestic violence from a female perspective.

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October 19th 9:25am

Are You Feelin This Get Up? Ciara Fluffy And Fuzzy In NYC Pt. 2

Ciara Ci-Error was spotted in NYC last night with this get up on. Uhhhhh, we know the weather has been a lil off-and-on lately, but damn….CiCi’s fit looks confused like some sh*t.

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October 19th 9:24am

Why We Should Support Positive Black Women And Men

Though significant progress has been made relative to racial dynamics, there still remains an abundance of stereotypes about women and men that target their intelligence, beauty and potentiality. For example, with African-American men, we are constantly bombarded with generalizations that we are criminals, uneducated, baby daddies who are absent from the home, devoid of good…

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October 19th 9:16am

To Whom Do These Dimple Dappled Thighs And Cottage Cheese Cakes Belong?

This super-successful singer was once ‘idolized’ for her cakes, can you guess whose lady lumps you’re looking at? This one should be easy… Take a look below for the answer and more performance shots.

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October 19th 8:10am

What Were You Thinking? LeBron’s Manager Accused Of Pulling An OJ Jack Move

BronBron‘s manager Maverick Carter saw someone selling something really familiar on eBay recently. What he decided to do to get it back wasn’t the brightest move.

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