March 25th 7:59am

Nick “Soft As Dannon” Cannon Admits He Needs To Man Up…Might Faint When Mimi Delivers The Twins

While Mariah Carey is handing the responsibility of being knocked up with two babies, her hubby is whining about potentially being sick in the delivery room:

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March 24th 10:06pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: The NINETEENTH Sick Fawking A$$ hole Is Charged In Connection

How can you even consider yourself an man when you do sick ISHT like THIS?!?!?

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March 24th 6:22pm

Dear Bossip: He Loves the Strip Clubs

Dear Bossip, I’m in a bit of a pickle and I’m, not sure where to go with this situation at all. Me and my boyfriend have been together on and off since our early 20’s…….he’ll be 30 this year and I’ll be 28. Anyway in the last 2 years we’ve been together exclusively and officially

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March 24th 5:51pm

Who’s My “Dirty” Pop/R&B Sangin’ Mommy???

This little cutie’s mom posted this picture on her Twitter page with the caption

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March 24th 5:18pm

Diddy & Dirty Money Giving Away Flip Phone Prize Pack As They Head Out On Tour

Diddy & Dirty Money are hitting the road and are partnering

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March 24th 5:07pm

Hoop Dreams: Which Rappers Can Actually Ball?

Basketball players wanna be rappers. Rappers wanna be basketball players.

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March 24th 5:04pm

Love Nests: The Homes Where Celebs Live In Matrimony-Dom [Photos]

For the most part, celebrity marriages are nothing like those of normal people.

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March 24th 4:56pm

Free At Last, Free At Last, Thank God Almighty They’re Free At Last! Pace University Students Acquitted!

It’s a damn shame that these boys had to go to trial in the first place!

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March 24th 4:55pm

Random Ridiculousness: Christmas Bomber Targeted Detroit In 2009 Because The Ticket Was Cheaper Than Chicago??

C’mon now!!! There is no way that these al-Qaida folks are “bombing on a budget”:

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March 24th 4:34pm

A “Lil Positivity” Gabrielle Union Stands Up For Planned Parenthood In The Hood

Gabrielle Union is a believer in planning parenthood, as her recent chatter about the Gut-full-of-Wade-she-won’t-be-carrying-til-he-puts-a-ring-on-it has made clear.

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March 24th 3:41pm

End Of Days: Earthquake Hits Thailand 6.9 In Magnitude, No Tsunami Expected

Via CNN: A powerful earthquake hit Myanmar Thursday near its borders with China, Thailand and Laos, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

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March 24th 1:38pm

Pure Comedy: Casper The Friendly Ghost Haunts American Idol Mansion

Welcome to ‘American Idols House of Horrors’ woo ha ha!

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