March 28th 10:03am

Jesus Takes The Wheel: LA Serial Killer Grim Sleeper Indicted By Grand Jury

Serial Killer who murdered scores of black women has been indicted:

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March 28th 9:54am

The Year Of The Underdog: NCAA Tourney’s Unexpected Final Four

Even in the unpredictable, anything-goes world of March Madness, this is a Final Four nobody saw coming.

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March 28th 9:33am

Details Emerge DJ Megatron’s Death, Including Potential Ties To Internet Beef

Authorities dug up new information about the shooting of 106 & Park and Hot 97 personality DJ Megatron.

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March 28th 9:15am

Guess Which Famous Singer’s Neighbors Hate His Lil Azz

He’s not exactly winning any gentleman’s awards as it is and now his neighbors want to throw their two cents in!

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March 28th 8:42am

Libyan Woman Claims She Was Gang Raped By The Gadhafi Militiamen, 4 Men In Question

This story is a mess: A woman who rushed into a hotel to tell foreign reporters that Libyan troops had raped her has been freed and is with her family

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March 28th 8:38am

“Chile Please!!”: Chad Ochocinco Is More A More Influential American Than Barack Obama…On Twitter

Chad Ochocinco isn’t just a two-sport athlete, playing football for the Bengals and soccer

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March 28th 8:38am

Buddha Take The Wheel: Japan Wakes Up To Another Earthquake And Tsunami Warning

The people of Japan are still living on edge, with the constant awareness that at any moment, nature could strike again.

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March 28th 8:36am

Get The Ben-Gay! Study Shows Women Start Feeling Old At 29

A new study has found that while men don’t start feeling old until age 58…

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March 28th 8:11am

Mariah Carey Channels Her Inner Yardie To Tweet Her Near Baby Emergency Dat

Mariah Carey had a baby emergency scare for her birthday over the weekend

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March 28th 7:58am

Kimmy Cakes Disses Thirsty New York Rangers Hockey Players Trying To Spit Their Coldest Game!

Just because you skate on ice, doesn’t mean you have smooth moves.

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March 28th 7:32am

Breezy Is A Bottle Blonde No More

Just when we were getting used to Breezy‘s blonde steez

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