May 14th 12:21pm

Willow Smith Readies New Single; Releases Preview

Miss “Whip My Hair” is back with a new single to rock to!

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May 14th 11:33am

Luke Campbell Excluded From Spanish-Only Mayoral Debate

Luther Campbell’s campaign run for Mayor of Miami just got racist.

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May 14th 11:06am

Bolitics: George W. Bush Finally Talks His Sh*t About The Raid On Osama Bin Laden!!

We can’t believe it took him this long to say somethin’

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May 14th 10:36am

In White Folks News: Scarlett Johansson Is Feenin’ For A Gut Full Of Sean Penn

Word on the street is that Hollyweird hottie Scarlett Johansson would love for her old boo Sean Penn to knock that a$$ up!

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May 14th 10:09am

5 Lies Women Tell Their Girlfriends

We’ve all hear the saying ‘you ain’t got to lie to kick it’.

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May 14th 10:00am

The Psychology Behind Our Obsession with Material Wealth

It’s a fascinating phenomenon if you stop and think about it—people buying stuff they can’t afford with money they don’t have just to impress people they probably don’t like.

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May 14th 8:43am

Ta-Ta-Tatted Up: Interesting Celebrity Tattoos On “Regular” Folks

Is there a celeb that you admire SO much that you would want them on you at all times???

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May 13th 7:19pm

Is It Ever Okay For A Man To Hit A Woman??

You already know the answer to this one, right?

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