January 28th 11:57pm

Hot Dayyum Hoe Here We Go Again: T-Pain Gets A New Ridiculous A** Facebook Tattoo

While in Hawaii, T-Pain blessed his body with a new tattoo. With all the crazy things he does, it’s no surprise he would get a tattoo that speaks for it all. As you see, T-Pain’s new tattoo was inspired by Facebook…

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January 28th 9:11pm

Lawked Up: A Gallery Of Rapper Mug Shots

Spoiler alert: rappers go to jail. A lot. The funny thing is most of them don’t get to jail until they start rapping because their tales of past thuggery are all fabricated.

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January 28th 7:48pm

A Little Friday Night Fkery: Name The Designer

Let’s just say this fashion atrocity was from a haute couture line…

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January 28th 7:43pm

Disney Coke Whore Chronicles: Demi Lovato Is Back In The World

After nearly three months of inpatient treatment, Demi Lovato is finally heading home.

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January 28th 7:29pm

How To Get Over That Man

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re most likely aware of the negative media blitz surrounding Steve Harvey after his second ex-wife (Mary L. Harvey) released several YouTube videos depicting him as an unfaithful, manipulative, and selfish ex-husband

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January 28th 7:13pm

Some Evening Glam: Grey Goose & Kenny Burns Celebrate Atlanta’s Beautiful People Including D. Woods, Tameka Raymond & Mychael Knight

Grey Goose Le Poire partnered with industry socialite Kenny Burns to kick off the “Lifestyle Specialist Dinner Series” in Atlanta last night.

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January 28th 5:38pm

Ten Of 2011’s Fattiest Fast Foods

Quick, greasy, fast food accounts for a number of the health issues in America including obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure

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January 28th 4:46pm

Man-Whores: A List Of Men Who Run Through Chicks Like Borrowed Clothes

We’re quick to call out the Entertainment Industry’s known female slutbuckets and bed-jumpers. But what about their male counterparts?

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January 28th 4:34pm

Some Afternoon Schlong Courtesy Of Amare Stoudemire’s Ex-Jumpoff

Dayyumm… How stupid can these athletes be??? Amare Stoudemire is the next NBA idiot to get his _____________ put on full blast.

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January 28th 3:30pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Natalie Nunn Disses Amber Rose “She’s A Bop, A Hoe…” (GO) Jeremy Piven Banged Miley Cyrus (GO) T-Pain Got a Facebook Tattoo (GO) Kate Hudson Shows Off Her Baby Bump in London (GO) Mystikal Returns With Blazing New Single – “Uh Oh” (GO) Halle Berry Looks Hot For The Dentist (GO) Fractured Industry: Companies Serving…

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January 28th 3:06pm

Sextra: Who’s in the Mood for Some Aquarian Loving?

Happy Friday, Bossip Fam! Lovely Water Bearers, please know you were not forgotten! Last week we fell into the Aquarian cycle of the zodiac and just as this sign is known for being unpredictable, should we thank them for the onslaught of amazing weather we’ve had in the last few weeks? We are now in…

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January 28th 2:53pm

The Ten Dirtiest Hotels In The Nation

While vacationing or just visiting a new city finding a hotel can be tricky especially when it comes to cleanliness.

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January 28th 2:34pm

Dirty Dog Diaries: Laura Govan Outs Gilbert Arenas’ Shady “Money-Blowing” Ways…

LMAO at his reasoning for not paying for her to have a Nanny, but spent 1M on a shark tank:

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January 28th 2:31pm

*Exclusive*: RHOA’S Miss Lawrence Talks Gospel Music Background, New Single ‘Closet Freak’ Available Today, And Upcoming Projects

One of our favorite Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members, Miss Lawrence, is now officially a singer, with his first single “Closet Freak” available on iTunes today via Kandi’s imprint Kandi Koated Entertainment.

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