May 22nd 11:19am

Caption This

Here is Aubrey O’Day In A bikini at Liquid Pool Lounge in Las Vegas with friends.

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May 22nd 11:04am

The Top 10 Money Wasters That You Do Everyday

CNN Money has recently released a list on the top 10 money wasters from the average American.

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May 22nd 10:58am

Sh*t Is Real In Syria: Death Toll From Continuing Protest Reaches 900

While Osama was getting got, Mubarak was getting the boot and Qaddafi was justifying his crazy, the people of Syria have continued to fight for their causes with a much less global attention

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May 22nd 10:53am

Seen On The Scene: Solange Knowles Keeping Those DJ Checks Coming In

Solange Knowles, Cee Lo Green, Darelle Revis and more hit up the New York Range Rover Presents Evoque Live

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May 22nd 10:41am

Would You Cop This Skinny A$s NYC Crib For $4.3 Million??

This crib is selling for $4,343 per square foot!!!

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May 22nd 10:32am

Does The Sperminator Have More Side Seeds Floating Around Out There??

We’re not quite sure what makes actress Jane Seymour an expert on the activities of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s peen… but she seems fairly confident in her knowledge of what it’s been up to.

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May 22nd 10:27am

Barack Obama On Raiding Pakistan Again: “Hell Yeah We’d Do It Again If Necessary”

President Barack Obama said he would approve a new incursion into Pakistan if the United States found another leading militant there

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May 22nd 10:10am

Kanye West Still Swirlin It Up In Cannes…Spotted With Yet ANOTHER European Jawn

SMH at Yeezy running through these chicks like borrowed clothes: Kanye West was making time with another beauty queen: Miss Europe 2005 Shermine Shahrivar.

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May 22nd 9:54am

For The Ladies: Shemar Moore Topless On The Beach Drinking Patrón Looking Like A Lil Man Banger

Shemar Moore and that tight body of his was spotted in Miami getting his relaxation on on the beach.

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May 22nd 9:30am

It’s Official!!! Daniel “Boobie” Gibson Has Made Keyshia Cole An Honest Woman!!!

Keyshia Cole and the father of her son, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson are officially a married couple.

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May 22nd 8:19am

9 Female Power Players of Africa

These women run big thangs in the motherland from corporations to organizations of influence.

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May 21st 6:46pm

Surviving Your Roommates

Unless you’re clocking major figures straight out of college (or your parents are), or have been saving your milk money, allowance and birthday monies since you were a kid, chances are, as a young adult, you’re not lucky enough to be living alone.

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May 21st 6:36pm

Can I Live: Pervert IMF Boss Can’t Find A Place To Live After Release From Prison

What? You mean no one wants to live with a sex offender? Surprise, surprise…

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May 21st 5:57pm

Question Of The Day: Where Are The Black Actors, Young Hollyweird???

Young Hollweird is missing something very important.

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