May 18th 8:06am

Will, Jada, Beyonce, Patti, Stevie, Halle, Madonna And More Come Out To Show Oprah Love As She [Finally] Tapes Part One Of Her Goodbye

Well, at least they made the whole move-a-playoff-game-to-accommodate-Oprah thing kind of make sense.

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May 18th 7:53am

Lost Her Swag: Lindsay Lohan Gets Tossed Out Of Her Usual Spot Onto Her Pasty, Coked Up Cakes

Lind Lo may be thinking her newfound “sobriety” means her act is cleaned up, but it doesn’t mean that her old buddies trust her again. While trying to get back into one of her old stomping grounds, Lohan got shown the door:

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May 18th 7:17am

Higher Learning? The 10 People You Don’t Want Speaking At YOUR College Graduation

It’s graduation season, meaning that colleges across the country are full of that jolly feeling that comes with robes, tassels and, just as importantly, keynote speakers.

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May 18th 4:41am

*Exclusive* Katt Williams Takes His Turn Interviewing Esther Baxter! [Video]

Katt Williams splices in his fake questions with a previous interview of Esther Baxter’s, making for some very silly material.

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May 17th 6:11pm

Caption This: Rozay And His Man-T*ttays On A Boat?

Here is Rick Ross attempting to get on a dinghy off the South of France.

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May 17th 5:51pm

The Arnold Factor: Why Married Men Have Unprotected Sex With the Mistress

The conversation about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s disintegrating marriage is a little deeper than the fact that he was “cheating down” and that he kept it a secret for so long.

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May 17th 5:10pm

EFF A Maternity Leave: Nick Says Mariah Recorded A Whole Album While She Was Cooking Up #DemBabies

Oh you thought you were gonna get a break from Mariah now that she has Roc & Roe to take care of?

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May 17th 4:58pm

Some Becky Lingerie Time: Kanye’s Old Sweet Thang Shows Us What Would Have Happened If He Put A Ring On It

Remember Kanye’s old Becky? No, not that one, the one before that one. No, not her. The one before the one before that. No, after her…yeah, Kate Upton.

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