March 24th 1:38pm

Pure Comedy: Casper The Friendly Ghost Haunts American Idol Mansion

Welcome to ‘American Idols House of Horrors’ woo ha ha!

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March 24th 12:19pm

Certified Links

Tyler Perry Releases ‘Jersey Shore’ Inspired Poster For ‘Madea’s Big Happy Family’ [Photos] (GO) Dr. Murray Targeting Jurors That Take Responsibility (GO) Vanessa Hudgens All Day…Vanessa Hudgens All Night of the Day (GO) African Designer Aims For Luxury And Longevity (GO) Inside Reese Witherspoon’s Hush-Hush Wedding: The Dress, Guest List & More Revealed (GO) School…

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March 24th 11:51am

Guess Who Sade Has Chosen To Be The FIRST Featured Artist On Any Of Her Albums???

Sade has NEVER had an collaboration with another artist on any of her 6 studio albums, but she has finally chosen the first…

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March 24th 11:49am

A Father’s Love: Celebrity Dads And Their Kids

There are a whole lotta things the menfolk do that make us swoon; but, pretty high up on the list is being an attentive, nurturing father.

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March 24th 11:39am

True Or False: Breezy’s Mom Is Off Her Rocker

We hate to talk about folks moms but…

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March 24th 11:15am

Coming Up Short: The Shortest Rappers In The Game

While some rappers have a track record bigger than your neighborhood’s most popular dope boy

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March 24th 10:54am

Bolitics: The Scary A** Republicans Worry That Their Candidates Won’t Be Able To Beat Obama In 2012

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta Democrat. That leaves a front pack of four: former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich of Georgia. Normally, winnowing out pretenders would be a good thing. A smaller group of candidates, and…

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March 24th 10:44am

WORSER: Concern Over Radiation Levels In Food And Water Lead To Rationing In Japan

It’s been almost two weeks since Japan was ravaged by the double tragedy of a massive earthquake and powerful tsunami which lead to a nuclear emergency.

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March 24th 10:34am

6 Black-Owned Book Publishers Representing In The Book Trade

You don’t have to look hard for predictions of the end of the publishing industry.   Frightening stuff if you’re a book lover, especially one for whom a book still means paper and a spine.  For now, however, presses continue to bring books to market.  Here are six African-American publishers who remain in the trade, committed…

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March 24th 10:12am

New Black And White Kids On The Block: XXL Freshmen Concert In NYC [Pics]

XXL held their Freshmen ’11 Concert this week and some of your favorite rappers (and cakes) were in attendance to put their muthafuggin’ hands in the air and wave ‘em like they just don’t care.

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