December 15th 10:05am

UPDATE: Mark Madoff To Be Cremated, No Funeral For “Chickensh*t” Bernie To Skip

Wow. Those Madoff’s ain’t sh*t: He wanted nothing to do with his family, and now the embittered relatives of Mark Madoff — who hanged himself outside his sleeping toddler’s bedroom — are washing their hands of him.

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December 15th 9:55am

Three Reasons Cam Newton’s Hometown Piece Is A Keeper [New Photos Inside]

We’re sure that, like any handsome, talented, intelligent and successful athlete, Cam Newton gets more than his fair share of buns thrown at him. Here’s why he should ignore all that and stick to his girl Natalian.

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December 15th 9:51am

Well Isn’t That Special: Nicole Richie Has A Magical Wedding

Good for Nicole…this girl has come a LONG way:

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December 15th 9:37am

Would You Hit This???

Here’s your boy BDR vacationing on the beach in St. Barth’s getting a massage and digging in his teeth.

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December 15th 9:19am

Jada Pinkett-Smith Doesn’t Believe In Rules For Her Kids

SMH at the “loose parenting” going on in the Smith household: “We don’t have rules,”

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December 15th 9:04am

WTF??? Jury Finds Tobacco Company Guilty Of Giving Little Black Children Cigarettes!!

This sh*t almost sounds too good to be true, but it looks as if a man from Boston may have made history in his pursuit to sue “big tobacco” over racist marketing.

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December 15th 8:50am

Fans Complain About RihRih and XTina’s X-Factor Ho Steez

Either the British are way too sensitive, or we American TV viewers are way too permissive of these pop harlots’ behavior.

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December 15th 5:00am

Trina Celebrates Her Birthday At Liv In Miami And Guess Which Ex Popped Up To Show Some Love???

Trina is still celebrating her birthday and it looks like she did it real big in Miami at Club Liv. Bron Bron made it a point to get out the house and get acquainted with the locals and so did his homie Chris Paul who was also in town with the Hornets to play the…

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December 15th 4:26am

Who’s My Daddy???: My Dad’s Known For Singing, Acting And Having Twitter Temper Tantrum But Also Knows How To Do My Hair!!!

This little girl’s celebrity dad wanted to show the world his talents and posted a pic of his little angel after he did her hair.

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