January 20th 4:48pm

Enter @Bossip Tweetstakes for a Chance to Win!

Starting today, @Bossip will be holding weekly contests for our loyal readers!!!!! We are giving away prizes to three of our lucky Twitter followers!!! Pop the hatch for the prizes, Terms and Conditions, etc…

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January 20th 4:13pm

Peaches And Queens… Atlanta Crowned Gayest City In America

Well no sh*t Sherlock, if this ain’t the most obvious sh*t we heard all week. Atlanta, GA(Y) was just declared the gayest city in America. If you can’t understand why Atlanta won the snapfest, look under the hood for the qualifying criteria…

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January 20th 4:11pm

Is Cherri Dennis Smokin Rocks?

Bossip was in the building for the Strike Out The Violence Celebrity Bowling Event For New York Peace Week in Harlem last night and look who decided to show up.  Former singer and Bad Boy artist Cherri Dennis.  We haven’t seen this chick in ages and now we see why.  Is she on something??? More…

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January 20th 3:08pm

“Cheetah” Woods Spotted At Mississippi Clinic Being Treated For His Addiction To Smashing Stanky Becky Backs

Photographers finally got a clear shot of Cheetah Woods… The golf pro who is clearly not satisfied with “a hole in one” was snapped outside of the Mississippi clinic where he’s being treated for his addiction to chopping down Swirly Sues. Pop the hood to see the shot and read details on his sex therapy.

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January 20th 2:51pm

SMH: Whites Only Basketball League Plans To Hit Georgia

SMH: We knew the NBA was out of control with Gilbert Arenas toting weapons to work as if his job was in some dangerous crime ridden environment but apparently one man has had enough of the foolishness as well.

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January 20th 1:21pm

Twitter Files: E-V-E and Her Hollyweird Steez Hit The Streets, Tweets About Her Return to the Music Game

Eve was spotted at Church Boutique Clothing Store in West Hollywood yesterday. According to Eve, she is ready to get back in the studio…pop the top for more details and pics.

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January 20th 1:04pm

Estelle Turns the Big 3-0!

Estelle celebrated her 30th birthday this week at Abe & Arthur’s in NYC. Pop the top for more pics of Estelle, Tyson Beckford, Rocsi and more.

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January 20th 12:40pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: ATL Actor Wanted For Beating His Infant Daughter, Breaking Multiple Bones

ATL actor Markice “Kesan” Moore is currently wanted by police for allegedly beating his one-year-old daughter, causing multiple fractures including two broken arms, a broken leg, three broken ribs, a broken collarbone and bruising. Look under the hood for Kesan’s “side of the story”.

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January 20th 12:35pm

Guess Who This Little Bundle of Joy Belongs To?

This little bruiser has two famous parents and both of them are athletically inclined, but Mommy likes to strike a pose every now and then… with or without her clothes on! Look under the lid for the answer.

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January 20th 11:45am

Certified Links

43-Year-Old Charged In California Gang Rape (GO) Nicki Minaj Drops 2 New Street Singles (GO) Elin’s Taking the Kids and Running (GO) T.I. Working On New Album (GO) Serena Williams and Her Monster Rack of the Day (GO) Bangin Candy: Nadia Dawn (GO) A COMPLEX Look Back At Beyonce (GO) Star: Octo-Mom “insists” her bikini…

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January 20th 11:42am

The Cat Fight Begins: Lisa Raye Calls Vivica Fox Out for Being a Cougar but Is Seen Getting Comfortable with Viv’s Boy Toy

In a recent interview, Lisa Raye called out Vivica Fox for swapping spit in public with her new boy toy but now pics have surfaced of him whispering sweet nothings in her ear… Lisa Raye: I ain’t no Vivica either, honey. I ain’t with the Cougar sh*t! You know my reputation

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January 20th 11:41am

Some Afternoon Crack

Gillian Cooke a British bobsledder split the backs out of her little skintight suit at the World Championships in Switzerland the other day. Pop it for the video and still shots…

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January 20th 11:40am

Omarion + 22,000 for First Week Album Sales = EPIC FAIL

Omarion has been on a roller coaster ride since he left B2K. The one thing he thought would keep him going was his fans and obviously they didn’t show up to buy his new album, Ollusion.

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January 20th 11:38am

Question of the Day: In Times of Crisis Should The Term Looting Be Retired?

The aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti has resurrected a debate sparked by Kanye West after Hurricane Katrina, “”If you see a black family, it says they’re looting. See a white family, it says they’re looking for food.” With journalists in Haiti faced with survivors ransacking stores — should they avoid using the term looting?

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January 20th 11:34am

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Singer/songwriter Aura Dione came to Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with this interesting choice of an outfit on. We get that she’s from overseas and all but all we want to know is… Are you Feelin this Get Up??? More pics of this random broad under the hood.

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