January 20th 10:32am

SMH: Justin Timberlake Texting Olivia Munn Saying His Relationship With Jessica “Nice Cakes” Biel Is Over

Looks like little Justin Timberfake is getting his “Dirty Dog” on: Justin Timberlake is up to some old tricks in the New Year. Though he denied reports last fall that he cheated

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January 20th 9:52am

Barack Obama’s State Dinner For Chinese President Causes A Stir…Guest List Full Of White Folks

President Barack Obama had a dinner last night in DC for Chinese President Hu Jintao.

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January 20th 9:37am

Kim Kardashian May Have Just Ruined Basketball

Kris Humphries is far from the first basketball player to have his pretty, attention-whoring girlfriend come support him at a basketball game.

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January 20th 9:19am

“Kensington Strangler” Confesses To Three Murders, Killed Women After Paying For “Rough Sex”

Wow… Police say the man they call the “Kensington Strangler” has confessed to three murders

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January 20th 8:36am

Diddy Says President Obama Needs To ‘Do Better’

Diddy spent a lot of time getting people to Ci-roc the vote and get president Obama in office. In a recent interview with Source magazine, he weighed in on President Obama’s performance thus far.

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January 20th 8:26am

Mya Is Putting Out New Music Again… But It’s Probably Not For You

Now here’s someone who’s dreams of being an R&B chick we can still support!

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January 20th 8:04am

Abducted Child Finds Mom On Internet After 23 Years

A 23-year-old woman who was snatched from a New York City hospital as a 3-week-old infant has been reunited with her parents after tracking down baby pictures of herself on a missing children’s website.

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January 20th 7:55am

Big Willy’s Remaking “Annie” As A Hip-Hop Musical For Little Willow??

Will and Jada are making damn SURE they get a return on investing in these kids, huh??

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January 20th 7:25am

Drama! Halle Accused Of Having Screaming Fits & Hiring A P.I. To Follow Gabe

Yesterday we told y’all that Gabe petitioned the court to establish paternity for baby Nahla. Now, new details have emerged suggesting that this may be the beginning of a nasty battle between Halle and her baby daddy.

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January 20th 7:02am

We Watched American Idol Last Night And That Sh*t Was _________

The new judges for American Idol made their debut last night with millions of people watching. The reviews are in and most people think the show was ____________.

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January 20th 6:07am

Kimora Is Obsessed With Baby Kenzo’s Little Wee Wee: “Look Honey… It’s Hanging!!!”

Kimora Lee Simmons-Hounsou can’t stop talking about Baby Kenzo’s man parts.

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January 20th 4:26am

Weezy On D. Wade & Lebron: These B*tch Azz Ni**as Never Speak To Me…I Pay Good Money!

Lil Wayne does not share the same love for Dwyane Wade and Lebron James like a lot of sports fans. In the current issue of Rolling Stone, Lil Tune Chi is upset because these two do not stop the game while earning their checks, to speak to him. Looks like being in the hole for…

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January 20th 3:00am

Fill In The Blank

After taking the #1 spot in the UK, Rihanna is on to the next single. A couple of days ago, we posted the remix to Rihanna’s new jawn “S&M” featuring J-Cole. So, it’s no surprise that little Miss Rih Rih has leaked a behind the scenes pic from the video set… What first comes to…

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