June 18th 10:38am

Give Us Us Free! Artists That Hated Their Record Labels

The record industry is fighting against its own death. And one way it’s fighting is by trying to screw artists left and right. Maybe that’s why we see rappers and singers tweeting and fussing about how much they hate their labels.

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June 18th 9:56am

New Music: Teyana Taylor Remixes Drake’s “Marvin’s Room”

Teyana Taylor is just determined to prove she deserves some attention, so we’re gonna give it to her — today at least.

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June 18th 9:04am

You Can’t Be Serious: Mother Gets Felony Charge For Spanking Her Own Child

Damn! What has the world come to? A felony … for spanking your child?

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June 18th 8:42am

Race Matters: Son Of Former NYPD Cop Sues Department For Racially Profiled Arrest

A federal lawsuit filed Friday claims a pair of white cops stopped, frisked and handcuffed a Harlem teen for six hours – all because he’s black.

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June 17th 7:29pm

It’s 2011: Quit Waiting for Men to Approach You First

My mama is old-school with her courtship expectations. If ever a dude wanted to get on, he had to pursue and properly court her before anything jumped off. Yet sometime in the mid-aughts, shortly after the death of my grandmother, she decided to go against the grain of convention and semi-court her ballroom dance teacher.…

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June 17th 7:10pm

Bossip #TwitterViews Are Coming Back!!! Check Out Our TwitterView With Marsha Ambrosius In Case You Missed It

On the eve of the release of her debut album “Late Nights, Early Mornings,” Marsha Ambrosius took some time to chat with us about the project and what it means to her personally.

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June 17th 5:37pm

Twitter Files: 50 Cent Throws A Tantrum And Decides He’s Not Friends With His Label Anymore

As he is often prone to doing, 50 Cent has decided to take his ball off the playground and stop playing with one of his friends.

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June 17th 5:21pm

A “Lil Father’s Day Weekend Positivity”: Name My NFL Daddy

This lil guy joined his New York Jets player papa for a very special Father’s Day event in NYC Thursday. Can you guess who his Daddy is?

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June 17th 4:59pm

Hate It Or Love It?!?! New Music From Melody Thornton “Sweet Vendetta”

Former Pussycat Dolls singer Melody Thornton is doing it for dolo!

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June 17th 4:50pm

Caption This

Tracy “I Love Gay People” Morgan had a meeting today with homeless LGBT youth today in NYC.

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