January 14th 11:24am

No Loyalty Among Sellouts, Jordan Trying To Chop Down Tiger Woods Wife

Tiger better watch his back while he’s in sex rehab!!! So-called-friend Michael Jordan might be trying to give Woods’ wife Elin more than just moral support. Follow the jump for more info.

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January 14th 11:23am

Certified Links

Beyonce And Jay-Z Named Top Earning Couple [Video Included] (GO) Mystikal To Be Released From Prison?!(GO) ObamaTo Donate $100 Million To Haiti (GO) Bass Player For Lauryn Hill Found Dead (GO) T Pain To Bring Back “Freaknik” [Video Included] (GO) What Happened to Aubrey O’Day? (GO) Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Donate $1 Million To…

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January 14th 11:23am

PSA from a Bossip Reader to Steve Harvey: STFU, You are Ruining My Chances of Getting Married!!!

After watching the ABC News Special on Why So Many Successful Black Women are Single???, one of our Bossip readers, Christopher Johnson, wrote us an email expressing his thoughts on what Steve Harvey said on behalf of black men. Steve Harvey: Men my age have made a mistake, in that we didn’t teach the generation…

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January 14th 11:07am

Racist Swim Club Hit With Lawsuit By U.S. Justice Department

The U.S. Justice Department just slapped that shady a*s Philly swim club with a lawsuit for turning away dozens of 6 black and Latino campers this summer. They’re a little late, since the club is broke, bankrupt and going out of business, but if they weren’t a wrap before — they definitely are now. Pop…

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January 14th 10:54am

Alicia Keys Takes a Break From the Drama to Get Her Promo On…

Alicia Keys was spotted in Tokyo promoting her latest Album “The Element Of Freedom”.  Apparently she left Swizzy, Mashonda and all their drama at home to focus on selling some records.  More flicks of Ms. Keys under the hood for your viewing pleasure.

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January 14th 10:29am

American Idol Contestant: F**k American Idol and Mary J. Blige, She Can’t Sing Anyway!!!

American Idol has started and so has all the madness of people who think they can sing. Contestant Lamar Royal definitely gave the judges a run for their money but not in a good way. Pop the Hood to See Lamar Royal Flip the Script

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January 14th 10:22am

Ho Sit Down: Pat Robertson Says Earthquake In Haiti Was Caused Because Of Their Pact With The Devil

Televangelist Pat Robertson must be either going senile or just doesn’t care about showing the world his white sheet and hoodie. Speaking on the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Rush Limbaugh’s pal stated that the tragic event happened to the people of Haiti because they made a “pact with the devil.” Continue…

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January 14th 10:17am

Would You Still Hit This???

LL Cool J was spotted leaving Madeo Restaurant in Beverly Hills yesterday.  Seeing LL on the scene with his cute grown man swag on, we wondered do the ladies still love Cool James??? Let us know under the hood and peep more pics of Todd. 

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January 14th 9:50am

Meagan Good, Columbus Short and Brian J. White All have the Same KRAVE

Meagan Good, Columbus Short and Brian White have all covered the magazine Krave. Whoever styled Meagan for this photo shoot, she needs to hire them on the regular. Brian J. White’s photo shoot made him look a little suspect. Pop the Top for Columbus Short and Brian J. White

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January 14th 9:39am

Gilbert Arenas is Trying to Cop a Plea…Could Possibly Face 20 Years in Jail if the Plea Talks Are Not Successful?!?!?

More on that Gilbert Arenas character and his gun predicament: Prosecutors and attorneys for Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas were in plea negotiations this week

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January 14th 9:08am

Does Kelis Have The Same Hair Stylist As Jermaine Jackson?

Kelis landed back in Los Angeles looking like Claymation Jermaine, with a twist. Pop the hood for a better look.

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January 14th 9:01am

Kanye West Made Elton John a Believer

Kanye West and the Bald Headed Beast were spotted enjoying the themselves at the Elton John concert in Hawaii. They were definitely trying to keep a low profile until Elton John gave Kanye a shoutout and said, “Kanye is One of the Best!!!” Pop the Top for Kanye and his Chick

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January 14th 8:59am

Some Morning Skank

Aubrey HO’Day attended the “Heel” Hate, One Stiletto At A Time To Benefit Matthew Shepard Foundation with her “I’m anything but Classy” steez in full effect. From the booty pose and her C-cup runneth-ing over, this girl just oozes skanky-dom. Pop it for more pics….

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January 14th 8:57am

Jay-Z Thinks Illuminati Rumors Are Silly, Cannot Even Get Golf Club Membership

Camel hit up New York radio stations Hot 97 and Power 105.1 yesterday to promote his new supergroup with Gay Trey Songz and Jeezy yesterday and did his best to dodge any evil affiliations. Look under the hood to find out what he said.

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January 14th 8:23am

R.I.P.: Teddy Pendergrass Dies at the Age of 59 from Colon Cancer

R&B Legend Teddy Pendergrass passed at the age of 59 in Philadelphia yesterday from colon cancer. His son stated that he had battled the disease for the past 8 months. For the past 28 years, Teddy Pendergrass has been wheelchair bound because of a fatal car accident in 1982. Before the crash, Pendergrass established a…

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