September 15th 11:39am

Another God-Awful Mother: Woman On Trial For Murdering 6 Pound Newborn 3 Years Ago, Pulls “Amnesia Card”

The mother and two sisters of a Brooklyn woman charged with killing her newborn will testify they had no clue she was pregnant.

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September 15th 10:59am

Some Mid-Morning Suspect: Yeezy Speaks On Wearing Women Blouses That “Look Really, Really Nice On His Skin”

Uhhhhh….. Kanye West recently announced to much (of his own) fanfare that he and his entourage have entered a new, more sophisticated, refined, and minimal era of personal style. Called the Rosewood Movement, it mandates that Kanye and those associated with his G.O.O.D. music-distribution company wear nicely tailored matching suits.

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September 15th 10:21am

Are College Athletes Being Pimped by Agents and the NCAA?

Never in a million years would I have envisioned a player having to return their Heisman Trophy because of NCAA infractions.  Although he is an incredible athlete to watch on Sundays and Monday nights with the Saints, he was wrong for accepting money and other benefits from sports marketers during his tenure at USC.  But,…

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September 15th 10:16am

What The Hell?? Finnish Doctor Goes To Court For Sucking Patient’s Nipple

SMH: A Finnish court was Tuesday due to hear a sexual molestation case against a doctor who says he sucked a patient’s nipple to diagnose a medical problem in accordance with an old midwives’ trick.

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September 15th 10:03am

Quote Of The Day: Clinton Portis Comments On Cakey-Latina Sports Reporter Ines Sainz, NFL Forces Apology

We know that Clinton Portis of the Washington Redskins is a special character, but he makes some valid points when addressing the slutgear wearing sports reporter sexual harassment controversy: “You know man, I think you put women reporters in the locker room in positions to see guys walking around naked

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September 15th 9:29am

Shannon Sharpe Is A Stalker??? Woman Says Ex-NFL’er Forced Her To Have Sex With Him

An Atlanta Court has granted a temporary restraining order petition for a woman who claims former NFL player, and current CBS sports commentator, Shannon Sharpe has made threats on her life and “forced her to have sex with him.”

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September 15th 7:45am

Is The ‘Future Mrs. Mayweather’ Putting Herself On Blast?

Late last week, after 50 Cent started running his mouth about Floyd Mayweather’s baby mama drama, Shantel Jackson popped up on twitter and started running HER mouth about any and everything that pops into her pretty little head… which, of course, includes her engagement to Money Mayweather.

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September 14th 6:55pm

Reggie Bush Taps Out of Heisman Drama

Reggie Bush won’t be waiting for the Heisman Trust to take the award out of his hands after all.

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September 14th 6:51pm

*BOSSIP Premiere* Donnell Jones “Strip Club” Feat. Yung Joc

Donnell Jones returns with his latest album Lyrics September 28th and we’ve got his new single “Strip Club” featuring Yung Joc for ya! Check it out below:

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September 14th 6:34pm

Hollyweird Doesn’t Want Jesse James’ Racist Ex Jumpoff Either

Now that Jesse James has moved on to mainstream-approved B-lister Kat Von D, his racist ex skank can’t even get a Hollywood invite.

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September 14th 6:24pm

Hate It or Love It: Is Keri Hilson Trying to Get A Crossover Hit?

Keri Hilson recently let a second track out the bag from her forthcoming sophomore album No Boys Allowed… And this one is clearly going after a slightly different crowd than the “Mary J. Junior” look she gave us on “Breaking Point.” “Still A Girl” Could this be the hit to finally make Keri a bonafide…

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September 14th 6:21pm

Hoopz Confirms Engagement to Shaq

Apparently, the relationship we only found out about late last month is real love… Or Shaquille O’Neal is slower than we all thought.

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September 14th 5:10pm

Tupac Amaru Shakur: What If The G.O.A.T. Had Lived???

Tupac Amaru Shakur: How different would the world be if he was physically here today?

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