January 11th 9:02am

Rumor Control: Rihanna Shuts Down Having Herpes

Remember those BOSSIP rumors from last February that stated that Rihanna and Chris Brown’s domestic dispute stemmed from a cold sore that was found on her lip.  RihRih is still pissed about that and has decided to clear that up. More details under the hood.

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January 11th 8:59am

Ousted Illinois Governor Claims He Is Blacker Than Obama

The shady former Illinois Governor who got the boot for trying to sell Obama’s senate seat has dug into Kim Zolciak’s bag of stupid by recently commenting that he’s “blacker than Obama”. Look under the hood to find out what this ignoramus thinks makes him so black.

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January 11th 8:57am

Fantasia Still Lying to Kick It: In Barbados with the Married Man and the Tattoo that Doesn’t Exist

Fantasia is down in Barbados for the Barbados Music Awards and decided to bring her boo on this little trip. Remember the married man, Antwuan Cook, who she claimed she never met before. Also peep that tattoo that she claims doesn’t exist. Tasia… Why Lie Boo??? You’re already Classified as a Homewrecker!!!

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January 10th 11:06am

SMH: Tasia’s Entire Family Lives Off of Her Income

Pop the hatch for a sneak peek of Fantasia’s new reality show called “Fantasia For Real”…

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January 10th 10:01am

Is Theo Hittin This???

Bossip has learned that long time friends Malcolm Jamal Warner and Regina King have been dating seriously and may be moving in together.  More details on the flippy.

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January 10th 9:52am

Pure Comedy: Charles Barkley as Alicia Keys on SNL

Both Alicia Keys and Charles Barkley were on Saturday Night Live last night…

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January 10th 9:50am

Who is My Daddy??

This cute little fellow belongs to a rapper who likes things his way or no way… Can you guess who???

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January 10th 9:46am

Stop the Violence: Twitter Beef May be the Lead to a Harlem Man’s Murder

A simple Twitter fight between two young men who grew up together may be the key lead to the killing of a Harlem student who was was gunned down. Details under the hood.

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January 10th 9:39am

What is Wrong With This Picture???

We’re not sure how old these pics are, but we came across this compilation of images of people up in Wal-Mart looking a goddamn fool. Pop the hatch if you wanna see some comedy (Over 20+ pics)..

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January 10th 9:34am

Lil Kim and Her Furry Anti-PETA Sleeves on the Party Scene

Lil Kim was all over the party scene in New Jersey over the weekend, but Bossip spies spotted her at Mango’s in NJ with her good face painted on as usual. For someone without an album or any current projects she sure is making rounds. Hmmm…. Pop the top for more flicks of Little Kimberly….

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January 10th 9:29am

Sunday Surgery Slips: Australian Runner Removes Breast Implants For Better Shot At Olympic Medal

Australian track star Jana Rawlinson had her $13-thousand breast implants removed to help her have a better chance of winning an Olympic Gold medal in 2012. Continue…

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January 10th 9:21am

Some Morning Side Boobage: LaLa’s Prop 8 Campaign Spread

LaLa is the newest celebrity to pose for the Prop 8 NOH8 campaign.  Pop the top for another pic and to tell us if you hate it or love it.

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January 10th 9:08am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Georgia Teens Die After Falling Through Ice

This winter weather is real: A Gwinnett County community mourns the loss of two teenage boys who died after falling through the ice of a frozen pond.

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January 10th 9:00am

In White Folks News: Katy Perry Knocked Up???

After a twitter message that Katy sent to her fiancé Russell Brand, people think the singer may be tugging around a gut full of human.  Details under the hood.

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January 9th 11:10pm

Popular Democratic Senator Said America Was Ready for a “Light-Skinned President With No Negro Dialect”

A new day and a new case of a politician saying something racially suspect and stupid: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has apologized for racial remarks he made during the 2008 presidential campaign about then-candidate Barack Obama after they were revealed in a forth-coming campaign book, “Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin,…

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