December 29th 11:09pm

L-Boogie Rocks Brooklyn Last Night…And Her Performances Seem To Be Improving [Video]

Her show is getting better, but she still looks crazy as fawk…we’ll take it how we can get it though.

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December 29th 9:48pm

UPDATE: Swimsuit Designer Sylvie Cachay’s Death Is Officially Ruled A Murder

It never fails, when a woman ends up dead 90% of the time the husband or boyfriend did it…

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December 29th 9:23pm

Yo’ Girl Has Gone Wild: Joe Francis Wife Splits His Azz Only 1 Month Into Marriage!

The Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis has lost his wife already.

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December 29th 7:35pm

Congratulations: Tanisha “Pop Off” Thomas Is About To Become Somebody’s Wife

Now that Little Miss Pop Off has dropped some lbs and gotten her anger issues in check, her boo has decided to make an honest woman out of her.

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December 29th 7:20pm

Celebs Who May Need to Back Away from the Tweet Button

Many celebs on Twitter could benefit from a Phonics book. And, through this “social network,” one celeb or another will single-handedly ruin his/her career daily due to lack of discretion. Head to for few celebs who are giving publicists everywhere hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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December 29th 5:41pm

Jay Electronica Slams Illuminati Rumors: “Shut The Fawk Up”

Jay Electronica is slamming rumors that he’s part of the Illuminati, the secret society entertainers like Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Jay-Z have been accused of working with to establish a “New World Order.” Electronica’s name has recently been linked to the group, due to his signing to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation record label in November. The…

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December 29th 4:22pm

Pure Comedy: Chris Brown Twitter Whoo-Rides On Raz B For Twitter-Hollerin’ At Rih Rih

When are these celebrities gonna learn that Twitter is not the place to work out their emotional issues, lol.

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December 29th 3:49pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Were Yeezy And Hype Williams At The Studio With Kimmie Cakes Plotting Her First Video???

Here’s Kim Kardashian being filmed outside of a Culver City, CA studio by a pretty professional looking camera crew.

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December 29th 2:48pm

‘Men think women are hoes anyway, when a man meets a woman, we’re not looking at you as the mother of our children or the wife’ Says the Relationship Beast

Good day, Bossip fam! As promised, we are re-introducing you to Steven James Dixon, author of the book, “Men Don’t Heal We Ho,” a Book About the Emotional Instability of Men. After receiving and reading the book, we had to talk to him as we learned he had scripted his experiences with women and marriage…

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December 29th 2:34pm

Marsha Ambrosius Shares Teena Marie Blessed Cover Of “Yes Indeed” From Her Last Motown Album! [Video]

On Monday night Marsha Ambrosius headlined an intimate show at North London venue Dingwalls and exclusively shared her stunning cover version of late great soul legend Teena Marie‘s ‘Yes Indeed’, from Lady T’s final Motown album It Must Be Magic (1981). “Yes Indeed” was cited as a personal favorite by Teena Marie, who gave Ms…

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