December 3rd 2:28am

Keri Hilson: “I Don’t Know How The Dirty Version Got Out But…”

Keri Hilson’s new video “The Way You Love Me” leaked and shocked the hell out of almost everyone. Not so much of an OMG but more of a… “What the HELL is she doing? This is not even her style!” Keri Hilson felt the need to explain her actions and motives when it comes to…

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December 3rd 12:16am

Bron Bron Strikes Back–Poor Cleveland!

After all the hype and extra-security LeBron James and the rest of the of his band of merry men made their way to Cleveland for a night of destruction! Finally the match-up of the much-anticipated return of King James to his former kingdom is over! LeBron swept through his old team like a crack-head does…

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December 2nd 9:48pm

Flo Rida’s New Video “Who Dat Girl” Ft. Akon… Is Nelly’s Clone Selling More Records???

It seems as if Flo Rida hasn’t missed a beat since he hit the scene with “Low” ft. T-Pain. Nelly, who was the only one with the pop urban swag, can’t seem to catch a break. As soon as Nelly drops a song, Flo Rida drops two. With Nelly’s album just now selling over 100k…

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December 2nd 7:29pm

The End of The Notorious Cabrini-Green Projects Evokes Mixed Emotions

As the 150th anniversary of the four-year conflict gets under way, some of the Sons and Daughters Confederacy groups are planning a number of events around the secession of the 11 states when they declared their sovereignty under a banner of states’ rights and broke from the union.The four-year long celebration will include good ole’…

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December 2nd 6:32pm

WRAP IT UP!!! An Unapologetic Soapbox Rant

Every December 1st, people pull out their quirky Product (RED) shirts and post things on Facebook about knowing one’s status and staying safe. A lot of statistics fly around (ranging from the accurate, to the slightly accurate and the “Girl, did you just make that up?”).

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December 2nd 5:27pm

A Lil Throwback Man Banger For A Good Cause

Now, before you think Q Parker’s checks have stopped coming in, he’s got a very good reason for releasing a 2011 Fitness Calendar… Other than reminding the ladies that he was always the only eye candy in 112 and that we should be checking for his album next year.

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December 2nd 4:47pm

Dude, Where’s My Stylist?! 10 Celebs Who Can’t Dress

While some celebs are praised for their trendsetting and eye for fashion, (i.e. Kanye West, Rihanna and Beyonce) others have left us scratching our heads and wondering, “Dude, where’s your stylist?!”

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December 2nd 4:05pm

Patriots Coach Puts The Gag On Tom Brady, Not Allowed To Talk Sh*t About The New York Jets

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick is not known for being one to bite his tongue.

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