August 26th 11:31am

10 African-American Film Producers Fueling The Business of Hollywood

Producers. They’re the ones behind the scenes of our favorite movies who work tirelessly to make stuff happen. They are the business behind the media, putting together all the necessary pieces—from casting to budget to distribution-that turns an idea into cinema.

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August 26th 11:06am

Breezy And Drizzy Say “F*ck Beefin’ Over Broads…Bros Before Hoes, Man!!!”

Chris Breezy and Aubry Graham are both over the fact that they both were soaking up the tender loins of the illuminati sex slave, Rihanna, and decided to be friends:

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August 26th 10:10am

Black NYPD Officer Catches Fade By Fellow Officers After Wife Called One-Time For Some Random Acts Of Thuggery

An NYPD cop whose wife called 911 for help against a gang of thugs says he was brutally beaten by baton-wielding fellow officers who stormed his Queens home. Larry Jackson suffered a broken right hand and multiple bruises from kicks and billy-club blows he said he got from the men in blue called to his…

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August 26th 10:08am

Who Needs Baby Phat? Kimora And The Kiddies Ball Out On Camera…

Kimora Lee Simmons errr Hounsou, and her daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee hit up Beverly Hills shopping spot Fred Segal, with their reality show cameras in tow — of course. What better way to demonstrate she’s not missing them Baby Phat dollars!

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August 26th 9:26am

Who Looked More Bangin???? Kimmy Cakes vs. Little Big Sister Kourtney

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian hit up the Los Angeles Confidential Magazine’s Fall Fashion Issue Party (they’re on the cover) last night in Hollyweird. Out of the two sisters, Who Looked More Bangin??? Peep more images and information about the Kardashians receiving the “key to the city” of Beverly Hills (SMH) now:

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August 26th 8:09am

Which One Would You Hit??? Takers Edition

Idris Elba, T.I., Michael Ealy, Chris Brown, Paul Walker, and Jay Hernandez all are starring in Takers, the star-studded crime thriller where a team of intelligent and slick criminals’ scheme to effortlessly “take” $20 Million gets halted thanks to a no-nonsense tough-guy detective. Ladies, we know these are some beautiful specimen, but we must ask…Which…

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August 26th 7:21am

NY Man Slashes Muslim Cabby: “This Is A Checkpoint Muthaf*cker! I Have To Put You Down”

NY has been the center of racial controversy over plans to build a Mosque at Ground Zero and physical and verbal attacks on Muslims are on the rise. Yesterday, a drunk student hopped in a cab in Midtown, asked the driver if he was Muslim and proceeded to slash his face.

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August 26th 6:43am

Tiki Barbers Blonde Bustdown Defends Her Homewreckin’ Ways

The jump offs are out of control. They all either say they didn’t know, didn’t do it or don’t care. Tiki Barber’s new girlfriend has come forward in a feeble attempt to defend their relationship and says all three. She claims he was done with his pregnant wife long before she came along.

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August 26th 3:17am

Quote Of The Day: “Heard Ye (Kanye West) Takes It In The Reeeee-arrrr”

Dayyumm, just when you thought all the Hip-Hop beef came to an end, now we got someone yelling that Kanye West likes to take it in the rear. Beanie Sigel, of course is on the track but also this dude name King The Hood Savior… Not Surprise Beanie would hook up with a dude dissing…

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August 25th 11:00pm

BeyBey And Hovvie Baby Are Still Stuntin’ On The French Riviera

Beyonce and Jay-Z sure love keeping the paps paid on the French Riviera

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August 25th 7:57pm

Which One Would You Hit?

Chris Brown and Idris Elba visited 106 & Park today to promote their new film “Takers”. Both these brothers are fine, but if you had to choose Which One Would You Hit?

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August 25th 7:36pm

Guess The Malibu Beach Bum Cakes

Ewwww, whose little beach bum cakes are these? Here’s a big hint, she’s probably trying to put those skanky becky backs on the market!!!

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August 25th 7:23pm

Timbaland Shuts Down Suicide Rumors: I Didn’t Try To Kill Myself… I Just Went For A Ride To Clear My Head!!!

Earlier this morning we told you Timbaland was on suicide watch because he supposedly tried to kill himself over a $2 million piece of jewelry that was stolen. Apparently Timbaland is a little pissed about this rumor and decided to set the record straight. He called in to Ryan Seacrest’s show to clear things up…

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August 25th 6:28pm

Race Obsessed Study Says Blacks Use Cell Phones The Most

Another study about black women has been released, this time it’s about cell phone use.

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August 25th 6:08pm

Usher New Video Featuring PitBull: DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again

The time is here to debut Usher’s new video featuring PitBull “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again”. Aside from the long ____ title the video takes you back to Usher’s old days of “My Way” and “You Make Me Wanna”. Peep This…

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