May 4th 6:08pm

Remember Me???

Do y’all know who this is???

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May 4th 5:47pm

Kelis Puts An Interesting Spin On All Black Errythang

Oops… guess it’s not ALL black everything!

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May 4th 5:18pm

For The Ladies: Bold, Bald And Beautiful

My friends used to laugh at me when I’d call a man beautiful or gorgeous.

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May 4th 5:05pm

This Is What T.I. Intends On Sounding Like On His Next Vacation From Prison

A new T.I. song called “Friday Night” popped up on the internet this week.

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May 4th 4:34pm

SMH: Racist Nosy Neighbors Call One Time Because Of “Anonymous High End Cars” At A Football Player’s House

So, people are still assuming that their rich, Black neighbors are drug dealers in 2011?

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May 4th 4:16pm

Dr. Steve Perry Gives Advice To Obama, Talks Bill Cosby & Russell Simmons Beef And New Book

Before the world was flooded with news that Navy Seals successfully killed Osama Bin Laden

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May 4th 3:20pm

Mariah And Nick’s Babies Have Names… And They’re Special

No, we never expected Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey of all people to name their twins Tom & Mary or even Nick Jr. & Mimi.

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