August 24th 3:58pm

Monica’s Left Overs Has Something To Say: Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth… I’m A Stand Up Dude!!!

Last time we heard from Monica’s ex Rocko it was probably… NEVER!!! Apparently, someone decided to throw his name in the mix of Monica’s latest internet drama and he was not too happy about that. Like most celebs that want to skip doing a formal press release, Rocko took it straight to Twitter.

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August 24th 3:22pm

Father Beats 4-Week-Old, Breaks 56 Bones, Causes Bleeding On The Brain

A Savage, Minnesota man is in police custody after authorities say he committed the “most severe case of child abuse they’ve ever seen”, breaking 56 bones in his 4-week-old daughter’s body and causing bleeding on her brain.

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August 24th 2:59pm

Berkeley Scientist Gets Gully In Emails To Shady Pesticide Company “I Ain’t Scared O’ You Mofos”

Meet Dr. Tyrone Hayes, a PhD, tenured professor at UC Berkeley who also happens to be a frog lover that is quick to cuss out a muhfugga that tries to stand in the way of him doing the right thing.

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August 24th 12:36pm

Kanye West Has A God Complex…Makes Good Friday A Weekly Event

Just joking about that God Complex! Kanye has changed the meaning of “Good Friday.”

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August 24th 11:45am

Guess Who Was Coyly Covering Her Donk In An Attempt To Avoid Paparazzi Style Cake Shots???

These cakes were spotted acting like they don’t put themselves on blast on the regular. If you can guess who they belong to, then you seriously need help and we’re gonna pray for you.

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August 24th 10:08am

‘The Negro Motorists Green Book’: A Guide To Driving While Black

Y’all ever heard of ‘The Negro Motorists Green Book?’ ‘The Green Book’ for short, was the black person’s travel guide back in the day and it included all the unwritten rules of the road. Created as a daily tool to cope with racism, blacks described it as “a guidebook that told you not where the…

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August 24th 10:03am

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up??

Ciara hit up the Power Live concert in NYC this weekend rockin’ this “fun” get up. There were a gang of other folks in the building as well, including Kelly Rowland, Cassie, Diddy, lil Justin Combs, N.O.R.E. looking fat as hell, and more!!

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August 24th 9:55am

Oprah And Mo’Nique Invite Antwaun Cook’s Wife Paula On TV To Talk About Fantasia And Her Cheating Azz Husband

Oprah may have given Fantasia a great opportunity with “The Color Purple” but their relationship seems to be coming secondary to the potentially huge ratings she’ll see if she’s able to persuade Paula Cook, the estranged wife of ‘Tasia’s now ex-boyfriend Antwaun Cook, to come on the show.

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August 24th 9:26am

Forget The AM Caffeine Fix, Here’s A Little Rosa Acosta In A Kini To Lift You Up

Rosa Acosta and that body of hers, was photographed while attention whoring it up for “A Day In The Life with Cover Model Rosa Acosta.” Apparently, on any given day, Rosa is rollerblading on Venice Beach with rapper Hazel E, making milkshakes with her cake buddy Shakur, and frolicking around in a bikini taking pics…

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August 24th 8:57am

Kush Chronicles: 85-Year-Old Grandpa Popped For Trying To Smuggle Some “Oooooh Weeee” To Grandson In Prison

Pops is still thuggin, LMAO: Richard Heritz, an 85-year-old Ohio man, was arrested while making a scheduled visit to his grandson at Warren Correction Institution. According to law enforcement, this “family reunion” included more than 20 grams of marijuana.

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August 24th 6:57am

Shaq Is Still Choppin’ Down These Used Up Reality Show Backs?

Shaq was spotted out with Hoopz used up reality show backs again. Rumor has it that this VH1 D lister has been connected to a bunch of people in the industry including Flava Flav, T.I. and Slim Thug. Now, she’s out gettin’ that divorced baller money.

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August 24th 6:29am

Beyonce Teaches ‘Em How To Stunt In Monaco

She’ll teach you how to stunt. Beyonce was captured ballin’ on a yacht with Hubby Hov in Monaco. Jay and Bey are supposedly on a 245,000 EU per week yacht (that’s $310,660 US) (dry charter – excludes crew and expenses.) They’ve been on for two weeks so that means they dropped over half a milli…

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August 23rd 10:50pm

Mr. Cheeks From The Lost Boyz Back With A New Jawn… GTFOH!!?!!

If you remember the Hip-Hop group the Lost Boyz then you have no choice but to remember Mr. Cheeks… seeing that he was apart of the group. Where Mr. Cheeks has been all this time… not exactly sure, maybe under a rock but now he’s back with new music “Havin’ Fun”…

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August 23rd 10:29pm

Angela Simmons Gives You Some Of Those Ciara “Gimme Dat” Dance Moves… Wonder If Bow Wow Is Diggin’ This??!?

Angela Simmons and a friend decided to flex their dance moves to Ciara’s new jawn “Gimmie Dat” before jet setting to L.A. Bow Wow… Do You Like The Way Angela “RIDE’S IT”?!?!

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