November 24th 3:51pm

Is He Cute… To You?

Attractiveness is a very subjective thing, even among male celebrities. Sure, you have the men that make every woman swoon–Idris Elba, Boris Kodjoe, Blair Underwood, etc.

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November 24th 3:45pm

Where Is Kim Porter?

Diddy’s unofficial girl Cassie was spotted leaving West Hollywood eatery BOA on Monday night with some takeout…

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November 24th 3:37pm

Willow Smith Speaks On First Meeting Jay-Z, Rihanna Comparisons, And Why Tupac Is Her Favorite Rapper

In a recent interview with 97.9 The Box, Willow Smith discussed a numerous amount of things including meeting Jay-Z, what she thinks about the mini Rihanna comparisons, and why she loves Tupac.

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November 24th 3:02pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

50 Cent Shows Love For Nicki Minaj:”She’s The Only Female Around-Period” (GO) Jessica Alba Almost Quit Acting (GO) Rihanna Becomes The Artist With The Most Number One Singles On Billboard (GO) Thanksgiving with Celebrities: Past and Present (GO) T.I.’s AKOO Clothing Brand Releases 2010 Holiday Lookbook (GO) Complex NFL Pick ’Em: Thanksgiving Day & Week…

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November 24th 1:53pm

Yeezy Strikes Again… Rapper Launches Verbal Attack On Taylor Swift And Matt Lauer During Live Performance

Here we go again… Kanye West can definitely hold a grudge, and he’s not one to act shy about it. Just when we thought things were cool between him and Taylor Swift he decided to let us all know how he really feels about her.

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November 24th 1:35pm

Polow Da Don Gets His Own Day And Brings Out Luda, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson And More To Celebrate Turkey Day In The A

For the fourth year in a row, Polow Da Don celebrated Thanksgiving early by giving back to the city of Atlanta last night. And to thank him, Mayor Kaseem Reed gave him his own day.

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November 24th 1:17pm

Studio Gangstas:10 Female Singers Who Can’t Sang!

That’s right. We said sang! There is a difference. Singing is what Rihanna does and sanging is how Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige and Fantasia get down.

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November 24th 12:45pm

Potluck: What Would These 10 Celebrities Bring To Thanksgiving Dinner?

Turkey Day is upon us, finally. We at Bossip are having a fantastic feast and all are invited, including some of our most popular celebrities. We sent them emails asking them to come to our dinner and this is what they said they’d bring.

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November 24th 12:37pm

‘Stop Assuming The President Is God’ and 5 Other Tips for Properly Engaging Politics

Is he “The One,” as Oprah Winfrey once exclaimed with a sense of awe? Is he the secular messiah that has come to save the mighty American empire from crumbling into pebbles of shameful despair? Or, is he, as some right-wing extremists have condescendingly declared, “The Magic Negro,” who has come to wave his wand…

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November 24th 12:29pm

Who Is My R&B Daddy?

This precious little girl has a set of famous parents… kinda sorta anyway.

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November 24th 12:25pm

Certified Links

Kanye West Dispels Illumanti Rumors, Talks No Regrets For Taylor Swift and George Bush(GO) Surveillance Video of Murdered Publicist (GO) Emma Watson Flashes Her Twat on the Today Show of the Day (GO) Akon’s Victoria Secret Performance (GO) The 10 Most Scandalous Cases of Unfaithful Athletes (GO) EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dead Doc’s Final Message To Heidi…

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November 24th 11:58am

New Music: Emilio Rojas “Life Without Shame” Mixtape

Rapper on the rise Emilio Rojas has finally released his much anticipated mixtape “Life Without Shame”.

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November 24th 11:54am

Update: Mother-Stabbing Actor Killed His Mom For ‘Not Accepting Jesus’?? One-Time Coulda Stopped Him???

We knew this dude was a nut job. But it turns out the story behind that two-bit f-list actor who stabbed his mom with some Freemason paraphernalia yesterday was way deeper than we thought.

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November 24th 11:47am

SMH… Christina Aguilera Is That Your Baby Daddy?

The ink isn’t even dry on her divorce papers, but Christina Aguilera is already sportin’ her new man around town. SMH.

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