December 20th 11:45am

Lil Wayne Detained in Texas but Escapes Drug Charges

Since Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to gun charges in New York, everyone is looking for him to f*ck up. Two days ago in Texas, Wayne’s tour buses were pulled over by the U.S. Border Patrol on his way from Hildago, TX to Laredo, TX. A total of 11 people were detained including Wayne.

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December 20th 11:35am

Jay-Z and Rihanna at Rockefeller Center: Are You Feeling This Get Up???

Rihanna and Jay-Z perform during a snow storm at Rockefeller Center in New York. Rihanna had two different outfits on, the one up top and the one under the hood. You already know what the Camel was wearing… ALL BLACK EVERYTHING!!! Pics & Video Under the Hood

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December 19th 10:23am

Twitter Files: Dwight Howard Goes After Baby’s Mom Again

Here we go again: Dwight Howard is accusing his baby mama of endangering the security of their 2-year-old child — and her alleged weapon of choice … Twitter.

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December 19th 9:59am

Family of Quadruplets All Get Accepted into Yale’s Class of 2014

This is such a great story: Ray Crouch, a senior at Danbury High School, logged onto the computer in his family’s living room just after 5 p.m. on Tuesday and entered the Web site of the Yale admissions office.Suddenly the screen turned blue — Yale blue — and an image of a bulldog, the university…

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December 19th 9:23am

When Pigs Fly: Kanye West Plans to Wife-Up Amber Rose???

Damn ‘Ye, say it ain’t so: Rapper Kanye West is set to propose to model missus Amber Rose.

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December 19th 8:53am

More Companies Kicking Tiger Woods to the Curb, Mother Speaks Out

The folks from the Arnold Palmer golf invitational aren’t feelin your boy Tiger anymore: Tiger Woods is the six-time champion of the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and the tournament featured him on its Web site banner. Not anymore.

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December 19th 8:38am

Caught Creepin’

A famous NBA player was spotted in NYC recently getting it in behind his wife’s back. Pop the hatch to find out who it is…

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December 19th 7:32am

Geto Boy Willie D Pleads Guilty To Wire Fraud, Awaits Sentencing

Former Geto Boys member Willie D plead guilty yesterday in a Houston, Texas court to wire fraud charges. Continue…

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December 19th 7:28am

Could it Be Shaq’s Baby?? Gilbert Arenas Seeking Paternity Tests

Remember back in November, when Bossip exclusively told you that Gilbert Arenas’ knocked up fiancée was having an affair with Shaquille O’Neal??

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December 19th 7:23am

Lil’ Danny Noriega Popped by One-Time

If you watch the show American Idol, then perhaps this little face is familiar to you. This is Danny Noriega, a finalist on the show, and Bossip has just learned that he was arrested along with his brother, Friday, December 18th in California. The two were released after being held for three hours.

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December 18th 7:19pm

DAYYUMM!!!: Nic Pace from ANTM Sues Baby Daddy, Braylon Edwards, for $70,000/month in Child Support

Nic Pace from ANTM just recently gave birth to a baby boy and it turns out that Braylon Edwards, the one who beat up Lebron James BFF, is the father. Even though she had the baby in Georgia, Nik filed her child support papers in NY. She’s definitely after that money!!! Pop the Hood for…

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December 18th 6:21pm

Lady GaGa and Kanye West: What is Wrong With This Picture???

Lady GaGa released an artwork booklet with the re-release of her album, FAME MONSTER Deluxe. We are pretty sure this picture was probably promo for the tour that GaGa and Kanye were suppose to be on. Honestly, this is the best image to describe Kanye’s role in Amber’s world… Captin Sav-a-Hoe!!! We Want to Know…

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December 18th 6:05pm

Que has Officially Been Kicked Out of DAY 26 and Willie says Que was Like Cancer and HE HAD TO GO!!!

We all knew that Que and the rest of Day 26 has been going through it. Well, just a few hours ago, Que went on Twitter stating that he just received a letter from DAY 26 saying “YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK… GOOD-BYE!!!”

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December 18th 5:36pm

Keyshia Cole, Please Come Get Yo Mama Off the Stripper Pole!!!

Frankie is a mess!!! How many mama’s do you know that would go to the strip club and swing on the pole??? We have to say none. Frankie was kickin’ it in Atlanta and decided to go to Magic City Gentleman’s Club and make it rain for Christmas. Check out the pics under the hood…

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December 18th 4:56pm

Homewreckers R Us: Gabrielle Union Blogs About Chris Henry and Tiger Woods

Gabby decided to blog about the Chris Henry and Tiger Woods situation. She enlightens us with the same speech that she probably gives herself every morning to justify the fact that she’s a homewrecker. Guess she’s taking the approach of, “If you can’t beat em’… Join em!!!”: Why are we all so quick to stop…

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