January 10th 9:23am

Police Find Evidence That Jared Loughner Had Been Planning His Shooting Spree For At Least 3 Years!!

As more details emerge about Arizona psycho shooter Jared Loughner, the story becomes more and more creepy. Apparently, Police have found papers at the Loughner’s home that leads them to believe that this shooting was not a random act of violence. He had her in his cross hairs for years. The crackpot gunman charged in…

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January 10th 9:08am

Are You Digging Angela Simmons’ New Look???

Apparently, parading her little pastry cakes across the beaches of these United States wasn’t getting her enough attention.

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January 10th 9:00am

What The Hell Is Really Going On With These White Women??? Grown Mother Of 2 Flies Cross Country To Have Sex With 13-Yr-Old She “Met” Playing Xbox

Lawdamercy…this broad is nuttier than the fawk: A mother-of-two has been arrested after flying across America to have sex

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January 10th 8:54am

Gabby Sidibe Has A Man. Talk Amongst Yourselves

If you’re not boo’d up this winter, we’re sorry to inform you that Precious does not feel your pain.

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January 10th 8:44am

Smelling Like Rihanna Comes With Some Daddy Issues

SMH: Rihanna’s daddy is STILL running his mouth to the media

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January 10th 8:35am

Fill In The Blank

Kim Kardashian was “candidly spotted” pumping gas recently with that donk

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January 10th 6:48am

New Study Says Honey Buns Keep Inmates From Wilin’ Out

Apparently, Honey Buns has outpaced Newports as the number one item of trade in the slammer.

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January 9th 5:45pm

Bizerko Boy Responsible For Arizona Massacre Faces Five Charges, Including Attempted Assassination

Hopefully they give this crazy son-of-a-b*tch the death penalty: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was in critical condition Sunday as investigators filed five charges against the man suspected in the shooting rampage that killed six and injured 14.

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January 9th 5:35pm

So Much For That: Seahawks Upset Saints, Defeat Defending Super Bowl Champs In 41-36 Playoff Victory…

SMH: The Seattle Seahawks (7-9) upset the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints (11-5)

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January 9th 5:22pm

In White Folks News: Victoria Beckham Is Pregnant With Her 4th Child

Another day, another baby: Team Beckham can soon expect another addition.

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January 9th 5:14pm

Amber Rose Sure Is Thick!!!!

Here is Amber Rose walking around with a pug

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January 9th 4:47pm

Christina Milian Spotted Looking Good And Giddy In Cali

Awwww, it’s good to see a smile on C Milli’s face after all the bullshyte

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January 9th 4:29pm

Snippet: Foxy Brown “Christmas Massacre” (Lil Kim Diss)

A snippet of Foxy Brown’s new Lil Kim diss has hit the net.

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January 9th 4:21pm

Two Men Charged With Sexually Assaulting Woman With Live Snake

Two Wisconsin men are in police custody after authorities say they sexually assaulted a woman with a live snake.

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January 9th 11:27am

Vinny From The”Jersey Shore” Remakes Wiz Khalifa’s “Black And Yellow” [Video]

Vinny Guadagino from MTV’s hit reality series “Jersey Shore” is showing off more than just his fist pumping skills

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