December 30th 10:04am

Swirl On The Beach

Here is Byron Allen with his wife Jennifer and two daughters Chloe and Olivia in Maui for the holiday.

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December 30th 9:34am

Indulge Yourself Before The New Year

After the holidays, forward thinking mesdames can find themselves in a holding pattern.

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December 30th 9:30am

How Precious…Jamie Foxx And His Lil Mystery Baby In MIA

Here is Jamie Foxx and his mystery baby

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December 30th 9:12am

Hoy In Mi Gente News: Marc Anthony Owes The IRS Some Serious Gwap… Again

We would have expected for Marc Anthony‘s union to La Lopez to do for his finances what it did for her credibility as a Latina. But apparently, he’s still not paying his bills.

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December 30th 8:40am

SMH: Shady Doctor’s Lawyers Say Michael Jackson “Killed Himself” With Propofol

They just need to let poor MJ rest in peace: Michael Jackson killed himself with a lethal dose of the hospital anaesthesia Propofol, it has been claimed.

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December 30th 8:39am

Dirty Dog Diaries: 65-Year-Old Former President Of Israel Convicted On Two Counts Of Raping A Former Employee

Let us all find solace in knowing that our American politicians aren’t the only ones out there doing foul sh*t and trying to sweep it under the rug.

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December 30th 8:25am

R.I.P. French Model Dies Of Anorexia At 28

This is sad: French model and actress Isabelle Caro, whose anorexia-ravaged body was featured in a shocking 2007 advertising campaign, has died.

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December 30th 8:19am

Illuminati Hovi Hov Is Getting More Than Just A Milli For His NYE Gig In Vegas

If you couldn’t get a room at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas for their swanky New Year’s Eve grand opening featuring Jay-Z, blame that man right there.

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December 30th 7:58am

Little Bieber Got Some Booty From His Baby Cougar Latina Girlfriend!!!

Remember we showed you pics of Justin Bieber and his little Disney girlfriend Selena Gomez minus her purity ring holding hands and skipping in Miami? Well that’s not all those two crazy kids were up to on South Beach.

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December 30th 4:41am

Does Chilli Have A Better Chance At Getting It On With A Turkey Baster Or Finding A Man???

Chilli’s 2nd season of “What Chilli Wants?” airs on January 2, 2011, as she continues to look for love. She’s still not budging when it comes to the list that names everything she wants in a man…

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