September 5th 11:56am

WTF?! Chicago Gangs Hold A Press Conference To Tell Cops “You’re Not Playing Fair!”

What in the devil’s lair is this foolishness! Gangs hold press conferences now? Members of the Vice Lords and other current and former gang members called a press conference to speak out on Chicago police department efforts to shut them down.

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September 5th 11:44am

Name That Iced-Out Rock-a-docious Diva

Dayyyuummmm…that ring is no joke. Can you guess whose it is???

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September 5th 11:06am

Joe Jackson Says Azz Whoopins Kept Michael Outta Gangs

Azz whoopin’s are the new gang busters. Only a week after The King Of Pop’s birthday, Jo Jackson has come out to say that beatin’ Mike’s azz actually saved him.

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September 5th 11:05am

5th Annual LudaDay Weekend In ATL (Photo Gallery)

Ludacris and friends are kickin’ it all weekend in Atlanta for his LudaDay Weekend festivities… Check out images in…

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September 5th 10:42am

Feelin On Her Booty: Lil Kim Hugged Up In Cleveland With Colorful Characters

Here is Lil Miss Knifed Up aka The Queen Bee partying in Cleveland at a spot called “Tops & Bottoms.” Damn, Rainbow Brite has a tight hold on Kim’s brown round booty… More pics:

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September 5th 10:29am

Elderly Man Left Bound With Duct Tape While Son Goes To Work [Video]

A Hanover, MA man has been arrested for allegedly duck taping his 93-year-old father up while he went to work. Read More At

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September 5th 10:25am

Which One Would You Hit??? Old-Head Has-Been Edition

Tone Loc and Young MC hit up some musicians event in Vegas this weekend looking exactly like some “Old Head Has Beens”. SMH. But we still gotta ask the ladies…Which one would let play lick it up and chop it down after a night of heavy drinking??? Peep more images below:

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September 5th 9:48am

Khloe Kardashian Goes IN On ‘Cowardly Haters’ For Following Her Every Move

Khloe Shrek-Head Kardashian stepped out of her sisters shadow to set the record straight. The target of her fury? The very people that make her famous.

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September 5th 9:21am

More Details Emerge On “F*cked Up Mother Of The Week”: She Beat Baby, Force-fed Her Sleeping Pills

Carlotta Brett-Pierce ain’t sh*t. Here are more details on how she mistreated and abused her tiny 4-year-old daughter, Marchella: The mother of a severely malnourished 4-year-old found dead last week in Brooklyn would beat her tyke with a belt and force-feed the child sleeping pills, authorities said yesterday.

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September 4th 5:01pm

Common Mistake: Lebron James Family Portrait Minus Savannah Brinson But He Has His Trophies!!!

Lebron James posted his family portrait on his Twitter page. It’s him, the babies and his trophies.. That’s It!!! What’s Wrong With This Picture?!??

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September 4th 4:36pm

A Lil’ Positivity: Lloyd Cuts Off His Locks And Donates His Hair To Locks Of Love

Since Lloyd hit the scene his hair has always been one of the things that allows him stick out from the bunch. With him signing to a new label and pumping out new music, Lloyd must be looking for a new image. He has decided to retire his tresses but instead of just throwing them…

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September 4th 3:57pm

Breezy Parties It Up In MIA With Basketball Wives Jennifer And Eric Williams

Chris Brown performed at Lux Miami Beach last night, while the Dallas Mavericks Shawn Marion, DC Radio host Tigger, Al Reynolds and Basketball Wives Jennifer and Eric Williams partied it up. Check out more flicks from the party below:

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September 4th 3:30pm

Kanye West Apologizes To Taylor Swift Via Twitter: “It Starts With This, I’m Sorry Taylor…”

Next weekend marks the one year anniversary of Kanye West jumping on stage and taking away Taylor Swift’s award winning moment. MTV has forgiven Kanye West for his outburst because they are allowing him to perform at this year’s VMAs in L.A. but apparently Taylor Swift has not.

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September 4th 3:22pm

Ne-Yo Says He Was Misquoted Regarding Statements About T.I. & Tiny’s Arrest

R&B singer Ne-Yo says he was quoted about his remarks about T.I. and Tiny’s arrest in Los Angeles this week for possession of a controlled substance.

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September 4th 3:02pm

Mashonda Says Alicia Keys Asked Her Son And Swizzy’s Daughter To Call Her Mommy…

Swizz Beak has moved all the way “On To The Next” by marrying former mistress Alicia Keys, but his ex-wife Mashonda is still clearing the air about what actually happened to their marriage and the strange request Stepmommy Alicia made of her son Kasseem Jr.

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