February 24th 12:23am

Truth: Slimm Says “It’s A Business Relationship” First When Asked About Hooking Vivica Fox [Video]

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February 23rd 6:10pm

Top Ten Highest Paying Careers Not Involving A Ball Or A Mic

Regardless of what the society would like our sons and daughters to believe, athletes and entertainers are not the only ones making it rain in the salary department.

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February 23rd 4:51pm

Welp, The Nets Didn’t Get Carmelo, But Deron Williams Isn’t A Bad Consolation Prize

Were sure Deron is happy to be out of boring a** Utah, but to be shipped to New Jersey…six in one hand, half dozen in the other.

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February 23rd 4:26pm

Unwrap Maria Millions

This Colombian beauty is easy on the eyes.

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February 23rd 3:50pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Atlanta Area Police Arrest A Man Who Gave A 15-Year-Old Boy A Pistol To Kill His Girlfriend

You would think that an adult would try to help the boy understand his feelings, not enable him…SMH

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February 23rd 3:48pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Common Spits Black History Freestyle At Howard University (GO) Jewelry Designer Allyson Leak Has the Stars Aligning (GO) Relationship Debate: The 30-Year-Old Virgin (GO) Ashton Kutcher Might Ghostbust (GO) Snoop Dogg Teams With Warren G And Ted Williams For MetroPCS Ad (GO) Cameron Diaz is One Seriously ‘Bad Teacher’ (GO) Five Things We Learned From…

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February 23rd 3:33pm

There’s Nothing Like Some Hot Chocolate To Make You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy Inside

Here is the “epitome of sexual chocolate” in the flesh, Idris Elba looking all fly and dapper

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February 23rd 2:54pm

What The Hell??? How Is This Acceptable???

This billboard was posted in SoHo this morning

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February 23rd 2:31pm

Sticky Fingers Lohan Showed Up In Court Begging For A Plea And Got…

Lindsay Lohan toned down her look for court today, hoping to catch yet another break by landing a plea deal.

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February 23rd 1:59pm

Which Of These Women’s Men Is Shaunie O’Neal Stirring Up Drama For Now?

We already know that between Suzie Ketchum and Royce Reed, the “Basketball Wives” cast is going to be short at least one non-wife next season. Word is, Shaunie has recruited one of the ex girlfriend of one of these women’s boo to fill the slot. Can you guess who?

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