January 1st 10:48am

Elton John And Husband Already Working On Baby #2

These fellas sure work fast…they just popped out lil Zachary last week: Sir Elton John and David Furnish are considering plans to become parents to a second child.

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January 1st 10:23am

Where Is Kim Porter??? Part 58

Fresh off his nice family holiday extravaganza in St. Barth’s, Diddy hosted a New Year’s Eve Celebration

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January 1st 10:14am

Who Looked More Bangin???? Bringing In 2011 Vegas Style Edition

Rihanna and Kim Kardashian both hosted parties last night in Las Vegas

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December 31st 7:31pm

Sextra: Who’s in Mood for Some Capricorn Lovin’?

Happy New Year, billie goats! This is your time of year and who could ask for a better year, numerically: 1.1.11? We swung into the Capricorn’s zodiacal cycle last week which was, likely, a picturesque, snow covered, good time. Just like the crisp chill in the air, the Capricorn is a part of life that…

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December 31st 10:54am

5 Blockbuster Hip-Hop Business Deals

Hip-hop artists continue to break records when it comes to business dealings. Although it’s no longer a rare occurrence to see a rapper land a multi-million dollar endorsement deal, it’s still fascinating to see how well these brandmakers have infiltrated the mainstream and have become the go-to sources to help hawk and sell products. 

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December 31st 8:57am

*Exclusive Photos* Miley “Ho-Cakes” Cyrus Back In L.A. With Stylist “Denika” From Infamous Pictures!

Miley was spotted back in Hollyweird in these daisy dukes and with Denika Bedrossian, her makeup artist. Denika is best known for those famous  photos with Cyrus. We found some more photos of Denika

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December 31st 5:42am

Talib Kweli Denies That His Wife Is Ike And He’s Tina… “Eat The Cake Anna-Mae”: Although We Argued…

A few days ago, it was reported that Talib Kweli and his wife Ike Turner DJ Eque got into a verbal and physical altercation

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December 30th 4:53pm

10 Ways To Start A Career In Fashion

It started with playing dress-up. You spent hours in your mom’s closet trying on her dresses, slipping your foot into her pumps and strutting in front of the mirror.

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December 30th 4:37pm

Dear Cee-Lo Green: You Do Know You’re A Hip-Hop Legend, Right???

Dear Cee-Lo: We came across some pictures of you today, and we felt it was high time someone reminded you of who you are.

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December 30th 4:02pm

Who’s Real, Who’s Fake: Which Stars Have Real Or Fake Cakes

Ladies are notorious for wanting a curvier figure and the same can be said for women in Hollywood.

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December 30th 3:58pm

Stop The Violence: Former NBA-er Nick Van Exel’s Son Confesses To Cold-Blooded Christmas Murking

His daddy was a NBA sharp-shooter, and he’s just a shooter, the apple fell REAL far from his tree…

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December 30th 3:27pm

2011 Romantic Resolutions Revealed!

Good day, Bossip fam! Here’s to another “Almost There Thursday!” The New Year is approaching and, as we all have done in the past, it’s the time of year when people make promises to themselves to change certain parts of their lives and/or habits. Also known as, New Year’s Resolutions! Whether it’s vowing to hit…

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