January 4th 12:29pm

When the Checks Stop Coming In: SisQo is on the UK Celebrity Big Brother Show

They try and try when sometimes they need to just sit down. SisQo has been trying to make a come back by any means necessary. Since his first reality show didn’t work out, he has now become part of another one… UK Celebrity Big Brother!!! Pop it for the Foolishness

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January 4th 12:09pm

Leona Lewis Injured In Horseback Riding Tumble

Leona Lewis fell off her high horse last week … literally. The British born singer was injured in a horseback riding accident in Los Angeles when the horse took off galloping and Lewis was tossed.

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January 4th 12:04pm

Beyonce: If You Ever Meet Me and I have an Attitude, SLAP ME!!!

Back when Bey Bey was 16, she did a little video where she address all the haters. In the video she’s talking about Destiny’s Child and says: Also stay humble. I know we’re [Destiny's Child] going to stay humble. If you ever meet me

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January 4th 11:44am

Family Of Unarmed Mother Killed By Police Awarded $2.5 Million

The family of an unarmed Black woman shot and killed while holding her baby will receive $2.5 million to ease their sorrows. 26-year-old Tarika Wilson was killed in 2008 when police raided her home during a drug raid. Continue

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January 4th 11:26am

Top 10 Things Men and Women Do that Destroy Relationships

Everyone is always talking about what people lack in relationships and why they don’t last, but what about the things people do consistently that destroy relationships. We found a list that gives 10 reasons that men and women will walk away and it does NOT include cheating. Pop the Top and See if You Agree…

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January 4th 11:12am

It’s Brick Everywhere

If frigid temperatures have got you down, take solace in the fact that almost the entire nation is feeling the chill! Even Florida residents can’t escape the cold weather with much of the so-called Sunshine State currently under a hard freeze warning.

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January 4th 10:34am

Diddy Discriminates on Black Women???

A source tells Bossip exclusively that Diddy has a skin complex and doesn’t like to be surrounded by black women.  Pop the top for more.

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January 4th 10:13am

Uganda Bill Proposes Death Sentence For Homosexuals

Gay rights activists across the globe are raising questions about how three American evangelicals may have inspired a radical new bill under consideration in Uganda that would sentence gays to be hanged.

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January 4th 10:01am

SMH: G-Dep In Aluminum Foil Hat Looking Like The 2010 Flavor Flav

Poor G-Dep. This dude has a video called “Out of Control” and it’s pretty damn sad. From his rocked out steez, to the Expedition with Lambo doors, to the gas station pimpin’… What did Diddy do to this guy??? Pop it to watch it

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January 4th 9:39am

Seen on the Scene: Ludracris Out Flossin a New Jawn

Ludacris was seen taking a romantic stroll with a new chica on his arm. Damn, Luda’s sportin’ this lil thang so hard, you would think he was a nerdy dude who couldn’t bag hot broads back in the day. Pop it for more pics of Chris LuvaLuva and “Fab”…

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January 4th 9:35am

HOT A$$ MESS of 2010: Teyana “the Treasure Troll” Taylor Gets a Magazine Cover

Teyana Taylor is about as bad as Kim Kardashian, being famous for NO DAMN REASON but some odd reason she keeps getting work. Teyana Taylor and Teairra Mari are on the cover of Kontrol magazine looking like Beauty and the Beast and a reject from the movie Twilight. Pop it for a Peek

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January 4th 9:12am

This Broad Must Be Crazy For Actually Considering Taking This Dude Back

Despite all the hiring of big-time divorce attorneys and not rockin wedding rings…Elin still has a soft spot fro Tiger, according to sources: Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren might have spent the holiday apart — he in seclusion in the United States, she skiing in the French Alps — but that doesn’t mean…

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January 4th 9:04am

Homewrecker Fantasia Gets the Boot, Her Man Returns Home

Fantasia’s new man Antwaun Cook (who is married by the way) apparently had a change of heart and went back home with his family.  More details on the flippy.

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January 4th 9:00am

Some New Year’s Fug

Our favorite swirl couple brought in the New Year in Aspen looking a lil tore down. We haven’t seen Heidi look that busted in a minute. SMH. Click @bossip to Follow Us On Twitter Right Now!!!

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January 4th 8:50am

Guess The Gun-Totin’ Backs

This mismatched ‘fit is a conversation on it’s own, but what’s speaking volumes is that burner with the funky handle tucked in with those skinny backs. Pop the hood to find out who was packing heat in the patterned jeans.

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