December 20th 11:55am

Ne-Yo Says He’s Not FAWKING With This New “Michael Jackson” Album, And We Ain’t Mad At Him!

We might have called Ne-Yo a lot of things in the past , but the one things we can’t call him is a liar.

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December 20th 11:33am

Cry Me A River: Seahawks Fan Sues Jets’ Shaun Ellis… For Hitting Him With A Snowball

We’re not saying that Shaun Ellis was right for throwing a snowball at a Seahawks fan after getting his a** handed to him on the field. But c’mon, man!

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December 20th 11:19am

From Senegal To Miami, A Female Tech Entrepreneur Continues To Thrive

Birame Sock has always been a creator and an idea person. Originally from Senegal, she was just a teen living in Niger when she started to flex her skills as an entrepreneur. The very warm temperatures there gave her an idea to make frozen juices in her mother’s freezer and then hire someone to sell…

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December 20th 11:19am

12 Men Arrested In Britain, Suspected Of Attempting Carrying Out Major Terrorist Attack

In what British authorities are calling “the biggest antiterror raid since April 2009″ 12 men were taken into custody after months of surveillance indicated that a plot to attack major cities was in it early stages.

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December 20th 10:32am

12 WTF Questions About Sunday Night’s RHOA

As usual, somebody at Bravo thought it was cute to put our McCrazy ‘housewives’ on the telly tube at 10 PM on a Sunday night, knowing good and well that mothers have to put Pookie to bed, and sisters have to wrap their doobies or cornrow their afros and get ready for all kinds of…

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December 20th 10:32am

A “Lil Positivity”: Ex-New York Knick, Ray Williams Goes From Homeless To The Mayor’s Office

Ray Williams has an amazing story of success, failure, and returning to his home to a community that embraces him and cheers from him just like when he was on the court.

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December 20th 10:29am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here’s Coco snapping shots of her self-proclaimed 100% authentic donk in the mirror.

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December 20th 10:15am

MiMi Throws Shade…Says The Term “Diva” Is Used Way Too Loosely These Days

Mariah Carey has insisted that there are too many divas in the music industry.

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December 20th 10:11am

When Pigs Fly: Auntie Vivica Thinks Her Boy Toy Slimm Is Baby Daddy Material

We don’t know how we missed this the other day in the midst of Auntie Viv’s cougar chit chat with Wendy Williams the other day, but this b*tch is trying to get knocked up. By the 26-year-old with the undefined career aspirations. And no real name.

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December 20th 10:03am

SMH: Rape Allegations And AIDS Tests Loom Over WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

This guy just looks shady: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s lawyers and supporters are up in arms that someone leaked the confidential police report detailing graphic rape allegations against him.

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December 20th 9:48am

Sherri Shepherd’s Boyfriend Planning To Wife That Up This Christmas???

Sherri’s jawn is about to “put a ring on it”.. The View’s Sherri Shepherd, who also happens to host The Newlywed Game is getting hitched

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December 20th 9:42am

For The Stans: Bey And Hova Are Still In Australia, Reppin’ Jesus

While you Americans and Europeans are freezing, Mr. and Mrs. Illuminati Hov are t-shirt and booty-short-ing it up Down Under with their iced-out married folks steez.

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December 20th 9:38am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Carcinogen Found In Drinking Water In 31 Cities In US

This is NOT a good look: An environmental group that analyzed the drinking water in 35 cities across the United States, including Bethesda and Washington, found that most contained hexavalent chromium,

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December 20th 9:18am

Kush Chronicles: Snoop Dogg Is Full Of Holiday Cheer

Here’s your boy Calvin Broadus all geared up for Christmas with his Santa hat and blunt steez in full effect.

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