August 12th 1:22pm

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Lil Wayne Sued Over Blackballing Former Manager And Unpaid Fees (GO) Steven Slater — Props From The Slide Company (GO) Jennifer Love Hewitt Is A School Girl Of The Day (GO) Despite Scandal Rangel Rings In 80th Birthday With Lavish Gala (GO) Lorenzen Wright’s Wife Says Drugs And Money May Have Been Involved In His…

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August 12th 12:50pm

Co-Host Of Michael Baisden Show Discriminated Against, Denied Right To Buy Home By White Couple

George Willborn, the co-host of the nationally syndicated Michael Baisden show has been named in a discrimination lawsuit after authorities say a white couple denied him the right to buy a home because of the color of his skin.

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August 12th 12:36pm

Finally! Wells Fargo Ordered To Pay Back $203 Million In Overdraft Fees

Don’t you hate it when a check doesn’t clear fast enough or your bank account is short, you buy a burger and the sh*t ends up costing $35 bux because the bank charged KILLER overdraft fees?! A judge in California feels your pain. He recently ordered Wells Fargo to pay back $203 million in fees…

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August 12th 11:06am

Rowdy Gay Clubgoer Chomps Off Model’s Ear During Argument

A flamboyant club goer, known for his rowdy behavior, bit off more than he could chew when he chomped off the ear of a male model at a trendy NY nightclub.

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August 12th 10:14am

300,000 Citizens Officially Reject Government & Completely Withdraw From The “System”

Give us, us free! More than 300,000 citizens have had it with America’s janky azz government. They have declared themselves “sovereign citizens” and they refuse to carry drivers licenses, don’t register the birth of their children or recognize the court system.

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August 12th 9:50am

In White Folks Who Wear Weaves News: Paris Hilton Sued For 35 Milli Over Hair Extensions

Another day, another lawsuit: Paris Hilton was sued Wednesday for allegedly wearing someone else’s hair.

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August 12th 9:41am

From Breakups To Makeups… Vivica’s Man Has A Change Of Heart ‘Sorry Viv, I Was Just Trippin’

Just a day after announcing their breakup Vivica Fox’s young tender, Slimm, says the couple is now working out their issues.

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August 12th 9:30am

Oooooh…RihRih’s Soooo Freakin’ Hard!! New Tat Means “Rebellious Flower”

Just in case you were interested in what Rihanna’s new tattoo says/means:

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August 12th 9:17am

Detroit Ex Police Chief Caught In Dirty Sex Scandal With Married Co-Workers Jumpoff

Detroit is being rocked with scandal again. First former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s illicit affairs, now two of Detroits top cops are caught up in a sexting scandal. The former chief of police and the MARRIED interim police chief were involved with the same jumpoff woman, who is a subordinate on the police force.

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August 12th 9:17am

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up???

Here is your girl Laurie Ann Gibson out in Hollyweird rockin some Dorothy/Side-Shaved Dome/Edgy/School Girl steez. We all know that Laurie Ann is a special character, but are you feelin’ her fit?? More pics…

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August 12th 8:57am

Which One Would You Hit??? Chris Paul Vs. D Wade

Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade attended the Jordan Brand athletes discussion of “For the Love of the Game” in NYC yesterday. Ladies, which one of these kind fellows would you let smash the kitten??? Peep more pics and other folks at some Jordan events below:

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August 12th 8:21am

Police Capture Suspected Serial Stabber In Atlanta

Breaking news reports say the police have detained Elias Abuelazam as a ‘person if interest’ in the serial stabber case. The white man that has reportedly been targeting black men across the east coast was captured at Hartsfield Airport early this morning.

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August 12th 8:10am

Jessica Alba Gets Out Of A Ticket By Flashin’ Her Pearly Whites

A smile a day keeps the cops away? Smiling your way out of a ticket wouldn’t work for most of us, but it worked for Jessica Alba when she was pulled over for speeding.

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August 12th 7:42am

‘My Wife And Kids’ Actress Jennifer Freeman Viciously Attacked Husband

Jennifer Freeman, the young actress from the sitcom ‘My Wife In Kids’ Chris Browned viciously attacked her husband for checking her phone.

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August 12th 6:34am

Foxy’s Crime Family, Brother Gavin Knocked For Credit Card Scam As Rapper Heads To Court

Foxy Brown aka Inga Marchand isn’t the only one in the family with problems with the law. Her brother Gavin Marchand, aka “Pretty Boy” is accused of possessing forged credit cards and using them to purchase nearly 8 stacks worth of stuff from Hermes. SMH.

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