April 9th 9:36am

Bald-Headed Beast Brings Her Cakes To Barbados

Amber Rose reached the Island of Barbados yesterday… we can’t wait to see some caked up ‘kini action!

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April 9th 8:50am

Sextra: Who’s In the Mood For Some Aries Lovin’?

Happy Saturday, Bossip fam! A few weeks back we fell into the Aries cycle of the zodiac. The fiery ram is the first astrological sign – often referred to as the “baby” of the astral rotation – this may explain why people are so drawn to them. They are quite like a giggling, carefree baby

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April 8th 3:28pm

Follow The Leader: The Many Trends Set By Jay-Z

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter said himself that he sets the most trends.

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April 8th 2:56pm

Allen Iverson To One-Time Trying To Tow His Lambo: “Take That Sh*t, I Got 10 More At Home!”

Poor A.I. Even after no longer playing NBA or even Turkish basketball, this guy still thinks he’s hot sh*t and is popping off at the mouth to cops about “who he is”:

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April 8th 2:52pm

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Dennis Rodman Goes To Hall Of Fame!

Aw sheet… Crossdressers in the Hall of Fame.

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April 8th 1:42pm

Tyra Banks Trying To Get Knocked Up With A Gut Full Of Baller-Banker-Boyfriend

Here’s one arena where Tyra Banks is not trying to be like Oprah: TV supermodel Tyra Banks has hinted she is trying for a baby with her boyfriend.

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April 8th 12:26pm

Certified Links

Lil Jon Doesn’t Support Release Of Adult Film (GO) Why Are You Attracting Creepy Old Men?? (GO) ‘Jersey Shore’ — Enitre Cast Signs For Season 4 (GO) Spike Lee Has to Get Legal with Some Punks (GO) Lebron James Reacts To Mother’s Arrest (GO) Vanessa Hudgens Bra in a See Through Top of the Day…

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April 8th 11:05am

Pay Yo Bills! Kate Gosselin Owes Her Marriage Counselor 10 Stacks And They Wan

All that damn money this heffa done made and she can’t pay that lil 10 grand??

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