December 16th 7:34pm

Poor Scooby Doo: A Little Evening FKERY

Some things of the things we come across on these interwebs just leave us speechless. The look of elation on baby girl’s face right here – and what seems to be causing it – definitely falls in that category.

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December 16th 7:18pm

Meet Angela Simmons’ Latest Play-Play Pokey Partner

Get yo’ daughter, Rev Run!! She’s out there looking a little loose-booty again!

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December 16th 7:11pm

A Little Singles Club Support for the Holidays, Anyone?

Good Day, Bossip Fam! Here’s to another “Almost There” Thursday! So, as we all know, the holidays are approaching and one can’t deny the feeling of love it brings. With family visits, good food, hearty laughs and joyous faces, one cannot deny the spirit of togetherness the season brings. The smell of seasoned pine, spiked…

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December 16th 5:53pm

Twins: Mimi Really Is Going To Be A Head Of Household With Three Dependents Next Year

President Obama has officially done something else before the rest of us negroes. He was the first to find out just how much Mariah Carey‘s womb is holding.

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December 16th 5:50pm

True Or False???: Shaq Tells Hoopz To Kicks Rocks In Socks, Cancels Engagement, And Gets Ring Back

Word on the street is that Shaq and girlfriend/jump-off/skeezer-of-the-moment Hoopz have called it off and Shaq was even able to pry the ring off of this thirsty b*tch finger.

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December 16th 5:26pm

Aretha Franklin Is Feeling Good After Surgery

Aretha Franklin is home for the holidays. And she’s glad about it.

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December 16th 5:08pm

Atlanta Customs Agent Popped For Running Almost $3 Million Dollars Worth Of Ecstasy

A U.S. Custom from the Atlanta suburb Stockbridge was arrested along with several others in connection with a drug smuggling scheme that federal agents had been investigating for months.

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December 16th 4:55pm

Seen On The Scene: Kelis Spotted In Hollyweird

Kelis was spotted in Hollyweird kickin it outside of Dita Von Teese’s Burlesque Show…

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December 16th 4:30pm

Back To The Drawing Board: Some Of Hip-Hop’s Worst Ideas & Marketing Strategies

Hip-Hop is no stranger to trying any and everything to switch up the game.

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December 16th 3:49pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Breaking News: Waka Flocka’s House Raided For Possible Prostitution, Gucci Mane Detained (GO) Jamie Foxx Ft. Drake – Fall For Your Type (Live On Ellen) (GO) Drake Named The Most Retweeted Rapper On Twitter (GO) Eva Longoria and Tony Parker ‘Not Getting Back Together’ (GO) Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Snubs LL Cool J…

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December 16th 3:35pm

10 Major Myths That Destroy the Black Community

It would be an understatement to say the black community is in shambles and needs to be repaired. At this point, it needs to be rebuilt on a solid foundation rooted in celebratory and functional morals and values. We need a regained sense of self-love, pride and worth.

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December 16th 3:09pm

Remember Ally McBeal’s Tatalalicious Token Homegirl??

WTF happened to you, Lisa Nicole Carson??? She was spotted last night at the “Tron Legacy” premiere in NYC. Her stylist clearly didn’t know she was attending.

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