November 21st 12:45pm

End of Days: Man Stabbed to Death on New York Train because He Wouldn’t Move His Bag

This man has been accused of stabbing a passenger to death on the D train in New York all because the passenger wouldn’t move a bag so, he could sit down. What is really wrong with people!!! Non-sense like this has got to stop… An argument over a subway seat erupted in deadly violence early…

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November 21st 12:00pm

Which Sister Stole This Rich Blonde’s Husband Who She Thinks Is “Beneath Them??”

This dignitary is from a very well to do family. She has been dealing with the infidelity of her husband for over a year now. The problem is, what she is competing with is almost impossible to win against, although the wife says the man-stealer is…”beneath them”: “This is just a ridiculous affair,” the stunning…

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November 21st 10:40am

DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Usher and Drake are All “FED UP”

DJ Khaled can be very annoying at times but he definitely always kills it with the collaborations. In his new jawn, “FED UP”, he pulled in Young Jeezy, Officer Ricky, Drake and also has Usher rapping on the track. Here are a few pics from the video shoot and in case you haven’t heard the…

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November 21st 10:32am

Mariah On The Campaign Trail With Painted Bentley And All

The Europeans are not in a recession like the U.S., so artist are staying out there to collect them chips. Smart move, although Mariah Carey has been looking busted up and tired lately, the Londoners adored her outside this nightclub for her Album release party. Pop the top for a good look at the “Mariah…

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November 21st 10:20am

Stop the Violence: Gay Student Beat Down After He Pleaded for Help from School…SMH

A black gay freshman in a Texas high school repeatedly warned school officials about a beat down he was going to receive by the hands of other students. The officials did nothing and the boy was beaten with a metal pipe.

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November 21st 9:48am

Vivica Looks Refreshed Since the Last Time We Saw her with Ol’ Bugsy

Vivica Fox is sometimes a hit or miss with her look but now we notice that she has a bit of an extra glow going on. She showed up to see Breezy do his thing at the 13th Annual Best Buddies event in Miami. More Flicks Under the Hood

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November 21st 9:44am

The Marquee Club Rapist Caught On Camera Wrestling A Female Off The Premises

This video shows you how the Marquee Club rapist works his magic. He basically picks the most drunk girl there and carry’s her out like he is helping. SMH

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November 21st 8:30am

Day 26: “Our Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard!!!”… HUH???

Day 26 made their way to Millions of Milkshakes to have a milkshake name after one of their songs. They are in L.A. right now because they were nominated for Best R&B Group at the AMA’s plus in an interview Que gives the status of his relationship with Dawn. Are Dawn and Que Still Together???

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November 21st 7:45am

New Video: Keri Hilson “I Like”

Keri Hilson’s latest jawn “I Like” was created for a German movie Zweiohrküken. After watching the video with clips of the movie in it, the movie appears to have a tranny theme. So, we put the video and the movie trailer under the hood. Pop it and tell us what you think.

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November 20th 2:45pm

Judge Says Government is Responsible For Katrina

There is no doubt that Hurricane Katrina was a storm of colossal proportions, a rarity even in the current climate of super-charged storm fronts, but it is the ruling of a judge that has given a target for all of those effected by the damage left in its wake. In a monumental ruling, U.S. District…

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November 20th 2:20pm

Diddy Turns 40 and Celebrates with Class and We Got the Inside Details

Diddy had a huge birthday celebration last night at the The Grand Ballroom at The Plaza Hotel in NYC.  A lot of people came out to show love and help Diddy bring in the big 4-0 including Martha Stewart, Kim Kardashian, Tyrese and more.  Pop the top for the flicks.

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November 20th 2:15pm

YES!!! Those are Some Mighty Nice Backs You Have There!!!

The things people do to bring attention to their cakes. This Hollyweird chick decided to put her cakes on display in a non-degrading funny kind of way. Can you guess these backs??? Pop the Hood

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November 20th 2:10pm

FABOLOUS is Hanging with Thieves and Thugs that Like to Steal Other Peoples Stuff

F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S’ name is in the news because his friends are being accused of stealing a Lamborghini from valet at the Intercontinental Hotel in Atlanta. This is where we are confused… Why did valet give them the keys to the car??? Does this make sense to anybody??? Flip it for Details … Continue

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November 20th 2:07pm

New Music: Diamond is “SUPERBAD” with Cee-Lo

You might recognize her but probably not. Diamond used to be a member of a group called Crime Mob. They had a couple of hits, but now she decided to go solo dolo and her first single is featuring Cee-Lo aka Gnarles Barkley from Goodie Mob. We normally don’t pay attention to new-bees but this…

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November 20th 9:47am

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