February 2nd 5:29pm

Dear Bossip: Why Won’t He ‘Put a Ring on It’?

Bossip I’ve been with this man for over a year and I have been everything he wants and more. I keep myself up and I work out and I look damn good whenever we hit the town and I present myself like a lady.

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February 2nd 2:56pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

This is a display in a local store preparing for gifts for Mother’s Day.

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February 2nd 2:51pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up??

Here is Lauryn Hill performing at Highline Ballroom in NYC last night.

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February 2nd 2:44pm

UPDATE: Gay Portuguese Model That Killed And Mutilated His Sugardaddy Only Charged With 2nd Degree Murder!

Damn, all the sh*t he did to ol’ boy and all he got was 2nd degree?!?! The legal system is a funny thing, a funny thing indeed…

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February 2nd 12:52pm

Take A Break For These Lunchtime Cakes

Ladies and Gentlemen we present to you…

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February 2nd 12:27pm

Atlanta Woman Grows 20 Inch Fingernails In Attempt To Meet Oprah

A Southwest Atlanta woman is making headlines for her unique fashion statement: her trademark 20 inch nails she hopes will land her on “Oprah.”

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February 2nd 12:01pm

The FBI Warns That Wall Street Has Been Targeted For Terrorist Attacks

These terrorists gon’ f**k up the money for everybody…

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February 2nd 11:22am

For The Stans: Beyonce Is Named AskMen’s Woman Of The Decade

First Gwyneth Paltrow said Beyonce’s the “Most Talented Human Being On The Face Of the Earth” and now she’s “Woman Of the Decade”:

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February 2nd 11:15am

Black History Month: Scenes From The Harlem Renaissance

It’s a challenge for many historians to discern just when the Harlem Renaissance began and ended. No doubt that all of those who lived during that time, even in Harlem, didn’t know what they were experiencing. Imagine, realizing that one of the great African-American cultural movements was taking place in a time of extreme inequality…

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February 2nd 11:11am

Halle Berry’s K-Fraud’s Verbal Abuse: Calls Her The N-Word, B*tch, And Much More!

Halle Berry’s K-Fraud goes for the jugular, and calls her the “N” Word!

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February 2nd 11:00am

The Game Recap: Malik Wrigh Is A Mess!

Bad-Boy-Baller Malik Wright is well known for his reckless way, but rehab?

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