May 9th 11:53am

In White Folks Yayo Face News: Hollyweird Convicts Paris Hilton And Lindsay Lohan Beef Is A Wrap

SMH @ Paris Hilton… What’s the point of throwing shade if you’re gonna up and apologize?

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May 9th 11:29am

Can Johnson Work His Magic at Vibe?

How will Johnson’s large investment move the needle for Vibe Holdings which includes Vibe,, Uptown and Uptown Professional magazines, the Soul Train TV show and library, as well as the Vibe Lifestyle Network:a collection of some 25 websites.

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May 9th 11:21am

Kidada Jones, Pharrell, Naomi Campbell, Celebrate ‘Kidada For Disney Store’

Last week Disney celebrated the launch of ‘Kidada for Disney Store’, an exclusive collection with celebrity designer and daughter of Quincy Jones, Kidada Jones.

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May 9th 10:58am

Would You Date An Atheist?

The scope of religion has changed very much over the years

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May 9th 10:39am

More Mother’s Day Swag: Christina Milian Gets Her Mommy Banger Pampering On…

C-Milli took a break from Baby Violet yesterday to hit up a L.A. Mother’s Day celebration with her mom and sister.

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May 9th 10:15am

JoJo And FeFe Dobson Kick It At The Prince Concert In LaLaLand

We didn’t even have to make up silly nicknames for these two!

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May 9th 9:57am

Jesus Take The Wheel: NYC Woman Is Stalked, Killed, Has Heart And Lungs Removed, Husband Sues For $15 Milli

What the FAWK?!?! The widow of a slain Queens woman whose heart and lungs were carved out during the grisly attack

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May 9th 9:52am

Osama bin Laden Couldn’t Get It Up??? al Qaeda Leader Found With Viagra Pills

All these new bin Laden findings are pure comedy. Now they’re saying ole boy was using Viagra!

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May 9th 9:48am

Who Is My Hollyweird Mommy?

This precious little girl is the daughter of two Hollyweird actors

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