December 9th 3:05am

Oprah Finally Breaks Down: If I Was Gay, I Would Say It Loud And Proud, Stedman Lives With Me And Gayle Is…

The billionaire mogul that we all know as Oprah Winfrey has been invading the homes of America for 25 years. What better way to end it than an interview with the queen of interviews, Barbara Walters! Oprah opens up, gets personal and sheds a couple of tears (literally, two).

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December 9th 12:08am

Sopranos Banger Drea De Mateo Has A Gut Full Of Goombah

Drea De Mateo, the actress who played Adriana La Cerva in the hit HBO series ‘The Sopranos’ is said to be four months pregnant with her second child.

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December 8th 6:44pm

Yummy! Amazing Fashions Made From Food

Fine artist, Yeonju Sung, has manufactured the most delicious fashions on the planet! She can take that spring onion you had in your Chinese food this afternoon and twist it all up into a dress. Her imagination is off the chain.

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December 8th 6:22pm

UPDATE: The LAPD Has Officially Connected Harold Smith In The Death Of Ronni Chasen!!

Just now the Chief of the Beverly Hills Police Department announced that Harold Smith is now connected to the murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen.

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December 8th 6:22pm

Dude, These Athletes Don’t Need A Stylist! Forbes List Best Dressed Jocks Of 2010

Well it’s the end of the year, so you already know there’s about to be “BEST So and So” lists galore, and Forbes just dropped their list of the most fashion-forward athletes…

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December 8th 5:43pm

Happy Birthday Nicki Minaj! A Musical Toast To Onika From Queens

After seeing the amount of stress that goes into being Nicki Minaj and maintaining the happy medium between all the personalities from Barbie to Roman, we wanted to celebrate the little girl from Queens who was out to conquer the Hip-Hop Game.

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December 8th 5:20pm

For Discussion: Is The Baby Baller In Brooklyn Bad Business For Black Folks??

In a borough already known for its high racial tension over the years, a new excuse reason for black people to be pissed off.

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December 8th 4:40pm

Poor Thang!! Jessica Stam Leaves Yeezy’s A** For A White Boy

Looks like fashion “It” Girl du jour Jessica Stam realized that dating Kanye West isn’t quite the career move it used to be these days. Rumor is, she’s passed on the chance of romance with Yeezy for a ball player.

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December 8th 4:21pm

Aretha Franklin Diagnosed With Cancer

Fox 2 in Detroit has confirmed that Aretha Franklin has cancer.

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December 8th 4:10pm

Exclusive Talk With Flo Rida About Brandy And His New Thang Eva Marcille [Video]

    Click  Here To Peep The Exclusive 1 On 1  With Flo Rida On Hip Hop Wired!!

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December 8th 4:08pm

Forgiveness??? FORGIVENESS??? Dr. William Petit Jr. Tells Oprah ‘Hell Naw!!!’

Dr. William Petit Jr. has experienced things in his life that would make even the hardest of thugs shed a tear.

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December 8th 3:31pm

Some Afternoon Cakes: Cubana Lust Edition

This dot-com dimepiece has been featured on numerous sites and magazines, but we just can’t get enough of her.

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December 8th 3:25pm

Is Hair Salon Integration a Good Thing? The Recession Says So

According to the Inquirer, the recession, along with changing style trends (such as natural hairstyles), has forced hundreds of African American salons across the country to close, leaving many black stylists to take refuge in mainstream hair salons.

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