November 19th 4:41pm

Chelly O: Our Busy First Lady In Pictures

How much do you love our First Lady?

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November 19th 4:19pm

Look Who Tried To Sneak A Comeback Past Us!

After years of hiding from the media and his fans, except when doing perp walks and getting popped for random ridiculousness, D’Angelo is finally trying to get his sh*t together.

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November 19th 4:13pm

Nick Cannon On Marrying Mariah “All I Can Say Is Wet Dreams Come True”

Goof Troop Cannon kept it extra classy when discussing his wife in a recent interview. And when we say extra classy we mean not classy at all.

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November 19th 3:50pm

The Willie Lynch Letter and Other Controversial Texts and Ideas That Have Influenced Black Thought

There are a lot of controversial moments, works, and speeches in African-American history. Not just significant and progressive works but controversial ones that introduced a radical idea to the African-American framework, incited action and/or changed the way some interpreted the plight of Blacks in the diaspora. This list does not include the “I Have A…

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November 19th 3:47pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Kat Stacks Deportation Order CANCELLED (GO) MTV Issues Statement on ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood (GO) The Queen Channels Her Inner Lady Gaga (GO) Drake Premiers Exclusive Line Of Luxury Goose Down Jackets (GO) Christina Aguilera Gets A Man For Her Birthday (GO) Dr. Dre To Drop “Detox” In February.. Jay-Z, Eminem, La Roux, The Game…

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November 19th 3:39pm

Lil Kim Celebrates 14th Anniversary Of ‘Hardcore’, Set To Launch ‘KimSpace’ Social Network

Kimberly Jones a.k.a. Lil Kim a.k.a. the Queen Bee, celebrates the 14-year anniversary of her first solo album “Hardcore,” by promoting her new single and making appearances throughout the country.

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November 19th 2:00pm

Cry Me A River: 10 Celebs Shedding Tears

Celebrities are known for keeping their game face but what happens when the pressures of Hollywood get to be too much?

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November 19th 1:45pm

Some Afternoon Cakes

Gucci Mane’s main squeeze Keyshia Dior covers the December/January issue of the “prestigious” Smooth Magazine

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November 19th 1:36pm

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

VH1 released these promos for this year’s “Divas” concert… Is it just us, or is this something a little off with this picture?

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November 19th 1:15pm

Epitome Of A Bad Father: Quindell Sherman Claims He Threw His Son “Only Once”

We wanted to update you on the horrific story about the young Ohio father who killed his infant son by throwing him against the pavement. Quindell Sherman told Columbus police that he threw his 3-month-old son only once.

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November 19th 12:06pm

End Of Days: To Abort, Or Not To Abort SMH… Couple Posts Website Allowing The Public To Decide The Fate Of Their Fetus

A Minnesota couple has ignited a firestorm of controversy by creating a website that will determine the fate of their unborn child.

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November 19th 11:33am

Are You Feelin’ This Furry Frock???

Aubrey Ho’Day hit up the US Weekly “Hot Hollyweird Stars Who Care” event last night rocking this “interesting” number that we don’t think PETA would be too happy about.

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November 19th 11:25am

All Eyes On Her: Will Nicki Minaj’s Debut Live Up to The Hype?

On Monday,the “Harajuku Barbie” Nicki Minaj hopes to pull a ‘massive attack’ on the Billboard charts when her debut album, Pink Friday, drops. She will have some heavy competition since Kanye West is releasing his fifth and highly anticipated “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” on the same day, as well as Jay-Z’s Hits Collection Vol.…

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November 19th 10:58am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Oprah Contemplates Coppin New Crib Worth 68 Million Dollars!!

Real talk, with all the great things that Oprah does for her audience, her city, her country, and the world, she definitely deserves to enjoy the fruits of her labor. With that said, COTDAMN thats a big a** house!! According to reports, this home is the most expensive property in Alpine, NJ.

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November 19th 10:47am

Therapist Brought In For Traumatized Jurors In Gruesome Connecticut Home Invasion Murders

The jury that recently convicted Steven Hayes of the grisly home invasion murders of a Connecticut family is being offered therapy after months of listening to graphic testimony and viewing gruesome crime scene evidence that included photographs charred bodies and autopsy reports.

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